Monday, January 27, 2020

Danse Lente Phoebe Bis Accordion Leather Bag Review ♡

During the New Years sale at Sak Fifth Avenue, I have purchased my first Danse Lente bag.

I have been using this bag for two weeks now and I have a lot of thoughts on this bag. While it is the most instagramable bag and it is very stylish, is it functional too? Let's find out!

Danse Lente (pronounced as 'dons lont', not 'dance lantte' 😂) is a French word for Slow Dance. The brand is based in London and they specialized in handbags and small leather goods.

I love designer bags, but I am not much a fan of big designers brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. I much prefer bags that are simple and stylish, rather than having a brand's logo plastered all over the bag.

I have been eyeing up a Danse Lente bag for a year now and I initially wanted (still do) the Mini Phoebe, but at the time of my purchase, the Phoebe Bis was the only style that was on sale. If you didn't know, these bags are actually very expensive, they are around NZD$800 when not on sale (or maybe more), so I was very glad to have grab one at half price.

Before I placed my order online at Saks, I did a little research and watched a few Danse Lente bags unboxing on YouTube. All of the bags comes with a dust bag, so when mine arrived without one, I was concerned, I immediately emailed Saks' customer service and asked if I was suppose to get one. Long story short, I was told that I have to physically go to their store in Costa Mesa, California to get a dust bag 🙄.... really?! You want me to fly all the way around the globe to get a dust bag which I was supposed to received one at my purchase anyway?! 😤

Luckily, Danse Lente were kind enough to send me a dust bag at no cost when I emailed their customer service and explained the situation, so thank you very much Danse Lente! ❤️

The dust bag itself is very different to all other dust bags I have from other brands, it's definitely very unique and super cute. I am not sure why, but it reminds me of a diaper bag.

Here I have the Danse Lente Phoebe Bis Accordion Leather Bag in the color Orchid and it is described as a luxe structured leather bag that is defined by twisted metallic and a marbled front clasp.

The bag features:

Top metallic twisted handles.

Dual interior compartments and one interior open pocket.

Adjustable and removable leather shoulder strap.

The bag measures about 8" W (20.32 cm) x 8.5" H (21.59 cm) x 5" D (12.7 cm).

The Danse Lente Phoebe Bis bag is big enough to carry the daily essentials, like cellphone, wallets (long wallets doesn't fit), keys, some makeup items, but the opening of the compartments are quite narrow, making it hard to find items if needed.

The compartments in the back is my absolute favourite, I love how easy it is to open and fish out the items needed, it is also secure, so I often put my most used stuff in this compartment, like my phone and earphones.

One tiny thing that annoys me with this back compartment is that, my earphones always gets stuck and tangled by the removable strap every time I try to take it out of the bag.

With the front compartment, I feel like, whatever I put into the bag has to be organised, otherwise the bag won't close properly as seen below. Sometimes carrying too much things in the bag, the magnetic clasp also won't close at all. So I had to limit the things I carry with me every day.

Below is a photo of me carrying it as a shoulder bag, I am about 161 cm tall and I think the length is perfect.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Beauty Empties #17 ♡ ft. Omorovicza, Fourth Ray Beauty, Glow Lab, Biore, Sephora Collection, Caudalie + More!

My last beauty empties of 2019!

 OMOROVICZA MOOR CREAM CLEANSER, received in one of my Mecca Beauty Loop Box this year, which I am super thankful for cause this cleanser is hella expensive! I like that it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, with a refreshing minty feel and I love the smell, it's kinda herbal-ish. I like that a little goes a long way, only a pea size is needed, but no matter how much cleanser used, this product doesn't seem to clean well with makeup on, like, it doesn't remove makeup completely, but when washing with minimal to no makeup, it does leave my skin very clean.

 FOURTH RAY BEAUTY AM TO THE PM GEL CLEANSER, as we all know, ColourPop is an amazing makeup brand, their products are very affordable and their quality is top-notch! So I had high hopes for Fourth Ray Beauty, but this cleanser was just okay for me, I felt like it didn't do much and comparing to the cleansers I can buy from the supermarkets here, there's really no point buying it oversea.

 GLOW LAB CREME CLEANSER, New Zealand made, affordable, can be purchased in local supermarkets and that is a total win win! I have been trying more products from Glow Lab and I quite like them, except that their products are a bit overly fragranced.

 BIORE DEEP PORE CHARCOAL CLEANSER, one of my favourite skincare products of all time! I love that it leaves my skin super clean and totally refreshing, it's so far the best cleanser I have tried for oily skin.

 SOAP & GLORY CLEAN ON ME SHOWER GEL, this product is known for its delicious smell and it is one of the reasons that my best friend recommended to me. I personally find that it's quite average, I like the creamy consistency and that it leaves my skin smooth.

 SEPHORA MELTING SHOWER JELLY BEACH VIBES, purchased based on its simple and cute design, I end up absolutely loving this shower jelly! I am currently using the Pillow Battle (pink one) and it smells sooo good! Both the Beach Vibes and Pillow Battle are my favourite scent out of all the other ones they sell. I like the design of the bottle, it's secure and quite unique. The product itself is like a clear gel, it lathers nicely, it's not overly moisturising and it's just perfect.

 THE GOOD VITAMIN CO. GOOD BIOTIN FOR SKIN HAIR NAIL, this has been mentioned in my past beauty empties and at first I liked it as I saw results with my hair growth, but then I started to become disappointed with it as my nails were growing too but at the same time they were very weak. I stopped taking this vitamin for a month or two and my hair is still growing fine, my nails are very strong now as I get them done monthly. So vitamins are... if you believe in it, then it works, but if you don't believe in it, then it doesn't work, ya'know?!

 MAC LIP SCRUBTIOUS SWEET BROWN SUGAR, this is my favourite lip scrub of all time. I love that it's gentle on the lips, it scrubs away the flaky skin and still moisturize my lips.

 ORIGINS MEGA-MUSHROOM RELIEF & RESILIENCE SOOTHING TREATMENT LOTION, one of my good friends has acne skin and this is literally the only skincare products she uses, so out of curiosity, I bought it to try as well... and of course, it didn't react on my skin and I am thinking, it's probably because I don't have acne skin haha.

 CAUDALIE BEAUTY EXLIXIR, purchased out of curiosity as a lot of people has recommended the brand Caudalie. I ended up ABSOLUTE LOVING IT and I cannot recommend this enough! At first, I couldn't really stand the smell, but then I started getting used to it and now I love the smell! I find that both the scent and the mist are refreshing and I love that it hydrates and gives my face that glowing look without being oily. I use it in the morning before applying primer and at night I use the Caudalie Grape Water which I totally love as well.

 TOO FACED PRIMED & PEACHY COOLING MATTE PRIMER, this is my favourite primer of 2019 and it is literally the best primer I have tried for oily skin! Mentioned in a few of my previous beauty empties, I love the peach scent, it's sweet, but not overpowering and I love that it keeps my face matte all day.

 FREEMAN BEAUTY COSMIC HOLOGRAPHIC PEEL-OFF MASK, this is probably the messiest and worst mask I have tried in 2019.

Last but not least, here are two of my most used and absolute favourite brow products of 2019!

 FENTY BEAUTY BROW MVP ULTRA FINE BROW PENCIL & STYLER, I needed a brow pencil that is affordable, easy to use without too much effort, one that is able to deliver a natural brows look and most importantly, a product that I can buy locally, (as you know, I have been using the ColourPop Brow Pencil for most of 2019, but ColourPop is not available in NZ, I always had to order it in advance and wait a week or two for the parcel to arrive, it can be a bit of a hassle sometimes). I love that this brow pencil is so easy to use and it is able to deliver that natural brows look effortlessly. I especially like the brush on the other end of the pencil, it's not your typical spoolie and it blends the product beautifully.

 COLOURPOP BROW BOSS PENCIL, mentioned in most of my beauty empties throughout 2019, this is my most used brow pencil of 2019 and it is one of the best for natural brows look. I only replaced it with the Fenty Beauty Brow MVP because ColourPop is not available in NZ.

2020 - My goal for the new year is to use more and buy less!

Friday, November 22, 2019

ColourPop She's A Rainbow Palette ♡ Swatches

Today I am sharing with you a swatches of the ColourPop She's A Rainbow Palette. This is a pre-made palette containing 24 eyeshadows in three finishes, including:

 Pressed Powder Shadow, described as a highly pigmented shadow that feels ultra-velvety and silky. The formula contains a combination of soft powders that adheres easily to the eyes, giving a soft focus effect and it claims to blends smoothly and evenly.

There are 12 Pressed Powder Shadows in this palette.

 Pressed Pigment, described as a vibrant and creamy formula that aims to create an intense look.

There are 9 Pressed Pigments in this palette.

 Pressed Glitter, described as a self-adhering pressed glitter that applies effortlessly onto the skin and stays on all day and night.

There are 3 Pressed Glitters in this palette.

Whatever finishes, I love ColourPop eyeshadows, they are affordable and the formulas are so creamy and velvety, blends like a dream and stay on all day. I also had previous great experience with their Pressed Glitters formula, they are so amazing! The glitters grab onto the skin without having to add glue, it has a little bit of fallouts during application, but the glitters stays on for very long hours and it's really impressive.

This is one of those build-your-own palettes, except that the colours are pre-made, but you do still have to put the palette together when it arrives as it all comes in single packets of eyeshadows and an empty palette.

I had fun putting together this palette and I love the colours included. The only annoying thing is that, the empty palette it arrived in is totally different to the one shown on their website. The one I have received is okay, it's not ugly and it's not the prettiest, but I much prefer the one shown on the website with the palm trees. That one has such a summer vibe and it goes perfectly with the colours in this palette.

ColourPop She's A Rainbow Palette includes these shades:

 Brick Road, described as a vivid pinky red.

 Sandbar, described as a matte hot pink.

 Big Sugar, described as a bright bubblegum pink with a silver sheen.

 Worth It, described as a baby pink.

 Hard Place, described as a bright red orange.

 Sunkiss'd, described as a neon tangerine.

 Boombayah, described as a vivid orange.

 Centerfold, described as a matte vibrant coral.

 Palooza, described as a bright yellow with a copper duochrome shift.

 Sweet Spot, described as a matte primary yellow.

 So Meta, described as a metallic marigold.

 Totally Buggin', described as a matte butterscotch yellow.

 Mary Jane, described as a metallic chartreuse.

 No Scrubs, described as a pastel lime.

 Fyre, described as a holographic lime.

 Looking' Fresh, described as a pale mint.

 Right Tempo, described as a dark blue with silver flecks.

 Fine China, described as a matte vibrant cobalt blue.

 Tide Pool, described as a metallic cerulean.

 Moonlite, described as a matte baby blue.

 Do or Dough, described as a metallic bright lavender with blue duochrome flip.

 Seeing Stars, described as a vibrant blue violet.

 Hold Me Down, described as a metallic vibrant pink with blue flecks.

 Kittenfish, described as a matte cool lavender.