Beauty | LUSH BB Seaweed Face Mask, Mint Julips Lip Scrub, Aquatic Toothy Tabs

I really miss those uni days when I could just walk past Lush for no reason, go in their shop and try out new products, enjoy the good smell etc. Nowadays boohoo I work on the shore and the closest Lush shop is in town which is like 30minutes away, so there is no way for me to just pop by and get a soap or something.

Two weeks ago I was discovering new online shops and I thought of Lush, so I searched it up on Google to see if they allow online shopping. Woohoo they do! So I finally did my first Lush online shopping last week and I am impressed with their service! They even called me to check for my physical address cause they don't deliver to private bags and that is good customer service to me. Everything from their products to service is good except that their shipping was so expensive, $9.00 flat rate shipping from Silverdale to North Shore without tracking number (or maybe they do have tracking numbers but they don't provide it).

I bought three items: toothy tabs, lip scrubs and face mask. When I first saw the toothy tabs online I was shocked. *is that the right word?! hmm I don't know*. I was so surpised, excited and I thought Lush is the smartest company ever to come up with something so amazing. Toothy tabs are a solid toothpaste which they made it into a shape of a pill. I got the one called 'Aquatic', it is a sweet blend of Earl Grey, lime and jasmine. Earl Grey is my absolute favorite tea, it is even better than green jasmine tea, i love lime and jasmine is one of my favorite scent. So that is the perfect combination.

So... Honest opinion - I tried it the first night I received it and at first I really loved it, as mentioned above I love all the scents and when it combines together it doesn't smell too bad. It kind of taste like Chinese medicine, wasn't that bad cause I am used to that smell. So, what I did was I put one toothy tab inbetween my teeth and nibble it abit to break it off, wet my toothbrush and start brushing it. The toothy tab then started to dissove and started foaming real bad. Just too much foam for me, I didn't like that feeling. After I split the foam I started to feel disgusted and wasn't sure I will continue to use this, it's just gross. Oh well, it only costed $3.90 NZD; that wasn't too bad in price and it was a new experience.

Then I finally bought a lip scrub that I have been eyeing up in their shops since the begining of the year. At the time the chocolate one was so sale but I wasn't sure if that is the only scent that I want to be stuck with untill I finish the scrub; at the time they also had to pink bubble gum which I love the color but also wasn't sure if that is the scent I want. Before I placed this order I had a look on some reviews of this lip scrub, I just wanted to be absolutly sure that it work and it is something that I need since I don't actually need it.

I got the 'Mint Julips Lip Scrub' which smells and taste minty and sweet, it reminds me of these mints flavor lollies I used to love when I was a kid. I love this scrub as soon as my first tired! My lips feels so so soft, like a baby bum after I used it. For the price of only $12.50 NZD, I am totally impressed with this product and totally recommend it.

Last product I bought is the 'BB seaweed face mask'. I also did some research before I bought this to make sure I really want it because I have never used Lush's face mask before, I have always thought their face mask are expensive. So I did some research and found some helpful reviews, majority of people likeds it but hate that there's actual pieces of seaweed in this face mask. To me it doesn't matter cause I am Asian and I love seaweed. On the Lush website it describes this face mask as a relaxing and reviving, mineral-rich mask to cleanse, soften and beautify all skins. That sounds totally right to me so I bought it.

The BB seaweed face mask does look totally gross when I first opened it, it looks like those oats thing my mom forced me to eat every morning; just, gross. But surprisingly this face mask works so well, after applying this, washed it off after it dried, my face feels so soft and fresh. This tube cost $18.50 NZD and personally I think it's a rip off but since the product works well it isn't that bad. Im happy.