Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Project Pan 2020 ♡ High-End Lip Products including Charlotte Tilbury, Pat McGrath Labs, MAC, YSL Beauty, FRESH, Kiehl's and Fenty Beauty

Today I am sharing with you eight high-end lip products that I have been loving in the past few months and with my plan to use more and buy less beauty products in 2020, I have decided that I am starting a project pan and I aim to use up all eight lip products by the end of this year.

Of course I can't promise anything, as I have never actually used up a full-sized lipstick before, but I can see myself using up majority of these as they are currently my favourites and I seem to reach for them a lot even when I buy new products.

I probably won't be updating the progress monthly, or even quarterly, but I will update the progress once I see results.

I'm so excited!

From left to right:

 CHARLOTTE TILBURY HOT LIPS 2 - AMAZING AMAL, this tiny lipstick came as part of the Charlotte Tilbury Mini Hot Lips Charms Set and Amazing Amal is described as a soft, berry pink. It has a semi-matte formula that wears comfortably throughout the day, the texture is lightweight, it's not very creamy, but it glides on the lips effortlessly. This one doesn't wear all day (approx 12 hours), but I only had to touch-up once and it's mostly after lunch.

 PAT MCGRATH LABS LUXETRANCE LIPSTICK - REALNESS, when I first started using Pat McGrath Labs Lipsticks, I thought the brand is overrated and their products are quite average, but when I started to realised how much I love their lipsticks, I was already halfway through the product. Never have I ever thought that I would end up liking the actual lipstick, apart from its packaging. Realness is a rosey-nude and it has a one-swipe opaque pigmentation. The formula is creamy, but it's not heavy, it applies evenly and smoothly, and this one can wear up to 10 hours on me which is quite impressive.

 MAC X DISNEY ALADDIN LIPSTICK - PRINCESS INCOGNITO, I was never really a fan of Aladdin, until I watched that movie in 2019 and when MAC launched the Disney Aladdin Collection, I thought the packaging was ugly and the overall collection was boring. Princess Incognito is the only one that caught my attention, it is a medium pink shade and the pigmentation is quite opaque. This is the lip product I reach for when I have bold brows and I needed a more natural lips look. I feel like this one drags a bit during application and I had to touch-up twice in a day.

 CHARLOTTE TILBURY HOT LIPS - SECRET SALMA, Secret Salma is a rosy-mauve and I have been loving these types of lip colours in the past few years. This is a matte lipstick, but the formula is not drying at all. This one wear all day on me and it is more of a winter lipstick, when I wear this in the summer days, I can feel that it's a little too heavy, but I love it regardless.

 YSL ROUGE VOLUPTE SHINE - NO.45 ROUGE TUXEDO, I think the shade No. 45 Rouge Tuxedo is permanent, but the packaging of this one is limited edition, it is from the Rouge Volupte Shine Hearts & Arrows Collectors Collection. I own a few Rouge Volupte Shine, but I am not a huge fan of this range because of the balmy after-taste, so I bought this for the packaging and I end up absolutely loving it! This is all I have been wearing starting summer 2019. I love that it makes my lips looks so juicy, it wears almost all day on me and when he color fades, it fades into a tint. All YSL Rouge Volupte Shine smells delicious and I was surprised to find that this one doesn't have that after-taste as all my other ones. 

 FRESH SUGAR LIP TREATMENT - ORCHID, I have been wanting to try these for a very long time and when I finally did, these did not disappoint! Orchid is a vibrant fuchsia and it's very pigmented for a lip balm. The smell of these lip treatments reminds me of a childhood memory, it smells like some candies from the 90s and it is so delicious. The formula is hydrating during wear, it has a smooth texture that applies evenly and effortlessly. Orchid is literally like, one-swipe pigmentation and it wears for approximately two-three hours on me.

 KIEHL'S BUTTERSTICK LIP TREATMENT - SIMPLY ROSE, this was one of those impulsive buys, but I end up absolutely loving it! The Kiehl's Butterstick is a lot sheerer compares to the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and the texture is not as creamy, but it is hydrating and it's one of those lip products that you can swipe and go. I usually wear this when I go to the gym or on days when I go out without makeup.

 FENTY BEAUTY GLOSS BOMB UNIVERSAL LIP LUMINIZER - FENTY GLOW, Fenty Glow is a shimmering rose nude and it looks so flattering on, doesn't matter if wearing on its' own or on top of other lip products. The texture is thick, but it's not sticky. My lips feels moisturising during wear and it gives me that pouty juicy lips look. I think that lip gloss is not ideal for New Zealand's weather and I only wear this when I walk into the office or an indoor place that I know I will stay for awhile. 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Beauty Empties Jan - Feb 2020 ♡ ft. Sand & Sky, Caudalie, YSL, Sephora Collection, Kiehl's + More!

Here are a few skincare and makeup products that I have emptied in January and February, including some new-to-me brands and products that have become a stable in my collection.

 KIEHL'S CALENDULA EXTRACT TONER, I am so glad that I finally emptied this bottle and I'm not saying that this product is not good, but 500ml is just too much for someone who likes trying new things! This toner was recommended to me because I have oily skin, it has a chrysanthemum scent to it which I absolutely love, it smells fresh and clean. The calendula was what caught my eyes in the first place, the bottle looks so pretty when it's full. Kiehl's Calendula Toner didn't wowed me, nor disappointed me, it was quite average, it didn't irritate my skin, but I feel like it's just another toner to me.

 CORSX AHA/BHA CLARIFYING TREATMENT TONER, this is also another toner that didn't have any wow-effect on my skin, despite all the good reviews, I honestly think that this is overhyped. The Corsx AHA/BHA Toner aims to enhance skin flexibility and remove dead skin cells, once again I think this one is just average.

 MARIO BADESCU FACIAL WATER WITH ROSEWATER, I love the smell of roses and I love the smell of this facial spay, this is probably the best one out of all the Mario Badescu Facial Water. I definitely think this product is overhyped and I dislike the stickiness it feels on my face after the spray.

 CAUDALIE BEAUTY ELIXIR, this is definitely a stable in my collection, I am obsessed with the beauty elixir! When I started using this product, I could not stand the smell, it just smells so weird and it's not a good smell too, until I started using it more often, that I got used to the scent and now I love it so much. The product itself is amazing, it wakes me up every morning, so refreshing and healthy looking.

 COLOURPOP ALL STAR FACE SELLING SPRAY, the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray has a special place in my heart, so I always think that nothing can compare with it, until I started using the ColourPop All Star. I like that it keeps my makeup in place all day (approximately 8 hours wear) and it smells like mandarin. I swapped the nozzle to the Urban Decay one as the ColourPop nozzle broke within a few uses.

 SEPHORA MELTING SHOWER JELLY - PILLOW BATTLE, I love the design of this bottle! It's definitely an unique one, you twist it first then squeeze out the amount of shower gel you need, this way it keeps you from wasting products and when you twist it back, it doesn't leak at all! Pillow Battle is described as a dose of sweetness and a touch of folly scent, I like the smell, but Beach Vibes is my favourite.

 YSL BLACK OPIUM EAU DE PARFUM, this perfume is intense and it's definitely very different compared to other perfumes. Black Opium is described as warm and spicy, it's very sexy and mysterious, but still wearable in a day time. The scent lasted hours on my skin and sometimes it lasted days on my clothing. I love it and I finally understand all the hype!

 BLISTEX INTENSIVE REPAIR LIP BALM, ever since Farmers stopped selling Carmex lip balms, I have been buying the Blistex ones instead. The smell is so intense, but I love the cooling effect on my lips, it's very moisturising and a must-have.

 LANEIGE LIP SLEEPING MASK, this came as part of the Laneige Kiss Me Day & Night Skincare Set which I briefly talked about in my previous Sephora haul. I love this but I cannot justify spending $30 for a lip balm which delivers the same result as other affordable lip balms, like Blistex.

 LANOLIPS 101 OINTMENT - STRAWBERRY, I am obsessed with this strawberry scent and I loved this product so much, until I started using the other scents like peach and apple. Peach and Apple both smells very artificial, which makes me never want to buy this ointment again because the scent makes me want to throw up every time I apply. I have only used this as a lip balm, it's great, the texture is thick and it really moisturise your lips, but if Blistex is cheaper and it does the same job, there's no point on spending more money on the same type of products.

 COLOURPOP BROW BOSS PENCIL - DARK BROWN, I honestly have talked about this product so many times and it has been featured in almost all of my beauty empties in 2019. I have since found another brow product that I love and it's the Fenty Beauty Brow MVP. ColourPop is more natural looking and less pigmented compare to Fenty Beauty, I still love both.

 SAND & SKY AUSTRALIAN PINK CLAY POREFINING FACE MASK, I have always wanted to try this mask, but at the same time, I have many doubts about its quality because all I have been seeing was influencers saying how good this product is, but never a normal, non-influencer person talked about it. Lucky enough, I was sent a sample in my latest Mecca Beauty Loop Box (level 3). I used it and I love it! Clay mask tends to be very drying when it dries down, but this one didn't feel too drying on my face, it was quite comfortable and after washing off, my face was instantly brighter and healthier looking. My skin felt so soft, clean and smooth.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Danse Lente Phoebe Bis Accordion Leather Bag Review ♡

During the New Years sale at Sak Fifth Avenue, I have purchased my first Danse Lente bag.

I have been using this bag for two weeks now and I have a lot of thoughts on this bag. While it is the most instagramable bag and it is very stylish, is it functional too? Let's find out!

Danse Lente (pronounced as 'dons lont', not 'dance lantte' 😂) is a French word for Slow Dance. The brand is based in London and they specialized in handbags and small leather goods.

I love designer bags, but I am not much a fan of big designers brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. I much prefer bags that are simple and stylish, rather than having a brand's logo plastered all over the bag.

I have been eyeing up a Danse Lente bag for a year now and I initially wanted (still do) the Mini Phoebe, but at the time of my purchase, the Phoebe Bis was the only style that was on sale. If you didn't know, these bags are actually very expensive, they are around NZD$800 when not on sale (or maybe more), so I was very glad to have grab one at half price.

Before I placed my order online at Saks, I did a little research and watched a few Danse Lente bags unboxing on YouTube. All of the bags comes with a dust bag, so when mine arrived without one, I was concerned, I immediately emailed Saks' customer service and asked if I was suppose to get one. Long story short, I was told that I have to physically go to their store in Costa Mesa, California to get a dust bag 🙄.... really?! You want me to fly all the way around the globe to get a dust bag which I was supposed to received one at my purchase anyway?! 😤

Luckily, Danse Lente were kind enough to send me a dust bag at no cost when I emailed their customer service and explained the situation, so thank you very much Danse Lente! ❤️

The dust bag itself is very different to all other dust bags I have from other brands, it's definitely very unique and super cute. I am not sure why, but it reminds me of a diaper bag.

Here I have the Danse Lente Phoebe Bis Accordion Leather Bag in the color Orchid and it is described as a luxe structured leather bag that is defined by twisted metallic and a marbled front clasp.

The bag features:

Top metallic twisted handles.

Dual interior compartments and one interior open pocket.

Adjustable and removable leather shoulder strap.

The bag measures about 8" W (20.32 cm) x 8.5" H (21.59 cm) x 5" D (12.7 cm).

The Danse Lente Phoebe Bis bag is big enough to carry the daily essentials, like cellphone, wallets (long wallets doesn't fit), keys, some makeup items, but the opening of the compartments are quite narrow, making it hard to find items if needed.

The compartments in the back is my absolute favourite, I love how easy it is to open and fish out the items needed, it is also secure, so I often put my most used stuff in this compartment, like my phone and earphones.

One tiny thing that annoys me with this back compartment is that, my earphones always gets stuck and tangled by the removable strap every time I try to take it out of the bag.

With the front compartment, I feel like, whatever I put into the bag has to be organised, otherwise the bag won't close properly as seen below. Sometimes carrying too much things in the bag, the magnetic clasp also won't close at all. So I had to limit the things I carry with me every day.

Below is a photo of me carrying it as a shoulder bag, I am about 161 cm tall and I think the length is perfect.