Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Beauty Empties July - August ♡ ft. Caudalie, Some By Mi, Guerlain, MAC, Estee Lauder, Fourth Ray Beauty + More!

I'm a bit early, today I am sharing with you the beauty products I have emptied in July and August, including a few makeup items that I have completely used up, which I am really proud of! 
 CAUDALIE NOURISHING BODY LOTION, if it wasn't on sale, I would probably never thought of spending that much on a body lotion! I have been really loving Caudalie, majority of their products works wonders on me, so I want to try as many products as I can from this brand. I love this body lotion, I love that it instantly hydrates leaving my skin feeling so soft and of course there are a lot of body lotion on the market that delivers the same result for a cheaper price, but this one smells so good, the cream feels so luxurious and it doesn't feel heavy or sticky after application. I actually can't find this body lotion at Sephora anymore, I'm not sure if it's discontinued or out of stock, but if it becomes available again, I would definitely re-purchase, only if on sale. 
 CAUDALIE INSTANT FOAMING CLEANSER, I got this in one of those holiday skincare sets and although I'm obsessed with Caudalie right now, I'm not really a fan of this. I don't like it and I don't dislike it either, but I would definitely not re-purchase this because I'm not a big fan of foam cleansers.
 COSRX PROPOLIS LIGHT AMPULE, I love Korean skincare products, but I have always tried to avoid the brand Cosrx, I have tried a few Cosrx products in the past and I find that non of them works on me, not necessary giving me breakouts etc, but I feel like they do nothing on my skin. I received this from the last Hikoco lucky box and it is suppose to protect skin from external environment and help maintain healthy skin. My skin hasn't changed at all since using this product, it could be a good or a bad thing, but I also find that this used up so quickly.

 URBAN DECAY BROW TAMER - NEUTRAL BROWN, this is one of the best brow gels I have tried, unfortunately it's now discontinued. I love that it sets brows quickly, without being flakey, the brush is the perfect size to brush through individual hairs without smudging and the pigmentation is just right, it's not too pigmented, but I can still use it on those no makeup days. 

 FENTY BEAUTY BROW MVP - ASH BROWN, this is one of my favourite brow products and I usually use the shade "Black Brown". I was recommended Ash Brown to match my natural black hair, but I don't like it as much as it looks ashy on me. I will continue to purchase this, but in black brown.
 ORGANIK BOTANIK SEA SALT COCONUT OIL BODY SCRUB, Organik Botanik is an Australian skincare brand that I have been trying out lately. I quite like their scrub, my skin feels so smooth and hydrating after use, but I don't really like the smell, it smells like cardboard boxes.
 ORIGINS GINZING ULTRA-HYDRATING ENERGY-BOOSTING CREAM, Origins has become another favourite skincare brands of mine this year, majority of the products I have tried from this brand works amazing on my skin. I only use this at night time as the texture of the cream feels a bit too heavy on my skin, but it is super hydrating. The scent is too strong, but it smells like orange juice, so if you are an orange fan, you will love the smell. Currently I am using the Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer and I love that one more.

 TONYMOLY PEACH HAND CREAM, I can't remember which year this hand cream was purchased, but I must've been using it for a few years now and I finally emptied the whole thing! I'm a big fan of TonyMoly's hand creams, I have tried the banana, the mango and the peach and they all smells so delicious and the packaging is totally cute!
 CANMAKE MAT FLEUR CHEEKS - 02, this blush was featured in one of my "Kawaii eBay Finds" series back in 2016, I hit pan on it around 2018 and I have recently just used up the whole thing, which I am totally proud of! This is one of my favourite blushes, I love that the texture is smooth and soft and although it seems quite pigmented when I swatched it on hand, it goes on the face naturally, like a natural flush look.

 FENTY BEAUTY KILLAWATT FREESTYLE HIGHLIGHTER - HU$TLA BABY, this is the mini highlighter from the Bomb Baby Mini Lip & Face Set. I love this highlighter so much, that I went and bought the full sized Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo when I completely used up the mini. I love that Fenty Beauty's highlighters can do glam or can be subtle, the texture is easily blended and the highlight is so beautiful, it just gives the right amount of glow.

 GUERLAIN METEORITES PEARLS - 2 CLAIR, I can't believe that I've had this powder for nearly six years! The Meteorites Pearls first appeared on my blog in a birthday haul back in 2014, I use it on and off, hit pan in September 2018 and I completely used it up in July 2020. This is no doubt one of the best face powders I own, it's expensive, but it's worth every penny. 
 MAC PREP + PRIME FIX + PINEAPPLE, I bought plenty of fix + in my life time and until now I am still not completely sure what these are used for?! I have tried it as a setting spray, but I find that it ruins my makeup rather than sets it, then I tried it as a refreshing mist, which I find is alright, I use it mostly on days that I'm not wearing makeup. Pineapple smells yum, but I really should stop buying these just because they smell nice. 
 URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER SETTING SPRAY - CHERRY, I bought a bunch of the Cherry Scented All Nighter Setting Spray when it launched two years ago and right now I am down to my final one. I love the smell of this and I hope they bring it back!

 ESTEE LAUDER GENTLE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER, this is my first time trying out Estee Lauder's makeup remover and from the reviews I have came across, it seems like everyone likes it, but I find that it's just average. Yes it is gentle on the eyes and yes it does remove eyeshadow and mascara as claimed, but for something so expensive, you would expect it to remove waterproof makeup too, right?!

 SOME BY MI AHA BHA PHA 30 DAYS MIRACLE TONER, I received this in my Lucky Koco Box from Hikoco back in February and at the time I was disappointed that my box was full of skincare rather than makeup products that I was hoping for, then I started using this toner to find that I actually really really like it. 30 Miracle or not?! I'm not sure, but I like that it leave my skin feeling clean and smooth, I also love the smell, it's smells minty and refreshing.
 FOURTH RAY BEAUTY BFD CLEANSING OIL, I bought this product as soon as ColourPop announced the launch of their sister brand Fourth Ray Beauty, it's been two years and it feels like a drag trying to use this up. I like the idea that the pump can be closed to prevent leakage, but the product itself is just oily and doesn't remove makeup completely, not even non-waterproof ones. The worst part is, imagine  your vision going all blurry because of how oily the formula is.
 IT COSMETICS CONFIDENCE IN A CLEANSER, I have been a long term fan of the Confidence in a Cream and I thought I would try the cleanser as well. I like that it leaves my face feeling moisturized and plump. The texture is creamy, but not thick and it smells lemon-ish.

 BLISTER INTENSIVE REPAIR, Blister is my alternative for Carmex.

 CARMEX LIP BALM, I hope that Carmex will never discontinued their lip balms.

 16 BRAND MASK PACKS - PEACH & APPLE, HIBISCUS TEA, PEPPER MINT TEA, STRAWBERRY & BANANA, I have been loving mask sheets lately, I find that they are less hassle compared to the wash-off masks. 16 Brand mask packs used to be a favourite of mine, I love that the sheet masks are thin enough, but not easily tear apart, it's a tad sticky after use, but feels very moisturizing and each of them smells so nice, my favourite is the Peach & Apple!
 PAPA RECIPE BOMBEE HONEY MASK, Papa Recipe sheet mask is my all time favourite! The honey scent smells amazing and my skin feels so plump and moisturized after use.
 KAO MEGRHYTHM GENTLE STEAM EYE MASK, last time I talked about this product was in one of my beauty empties back in January 2019, I had a little break and now I'm back to using the self-warming steam eye mask again, I always get a good sleep when I use this.

 WISHFUL CHIN LIFT SCULPTING SHEET MASK *NOT PICTURED*, this is a $21 mask that is suppose to lift your chin, it was a fun experience, but I didn't see any noticeable different. 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Flower Knows x Pretty Rock Baby Unicorn Collection ♡ First Impression + Swatches

I have been testing out a few Chinese beauty brands lately and I came across the brand, Flower Knows, which is created by two popular cosplayers, Hana and Baozi. I'm not familiar with Anime or Cosplay, but both of them seemed pretty well-known both in China and internationally. 

I first came across Flower Knows from a few Chinese beauty bloggers on Weibo, the brand has an overall cute and girly theme that totally fits my style. 

This is my third time buying from this brand, I've always had a good experience shopping from them and today I am sharing with you some new products I have purchased from their new unicorn collection.

Flower Knows has so far released two unicorn collections, the original and the 2.0 and the one I am sharing with you is the original collection. From what I have gathered, the unicorn collection is a collaboration between Flower Knows and Pretty Rock Baby (a Lolita clothing brand) and the collection includes a loose powder, four eyeshadow palettes, six blushes, six tinted lip gloss, a mirror and a headband.


There are four eyeshadow palettes in the original collection and I bought two, one is a neutral brown and another contains some pretty peachy shades. The packaging is made from durable cardboard and plastic, the design looks absolutely gorgeous inside out, but the overall material feels quite cheap. There is a mirror inside and the texture of the eyeshadows are buttery smooth and soft, most of the shades are quite pigmented, except the chunky glitter one in the middle, it's almost the same as ColourPop's pressed glitters, very hard to pick up colours or glitters. 


There are six blushes in this collection and I only bought two, Pursuit of Rose is a plum-ish rosey shade with gold glitter flicks and Ms. Peach is a peachy apricot shade. The texture is very smooth and soft, the pigmentation is not very opaque, which I think it's perfect for blushes. The packaging is definitely something that I haven't seen before, the compact is made out of plastic, but it overall feels more high quality than the eyeshadow palettes. The blushes has a very unique design both outside and inside and what I love most about it is the opal-like background on top of the compact, the color theme is different accordingly to the shades of the blushes.


I have seen a lot of bloggers raves about how amazing the loose powder is from this collection, saying the puff is very soft and the powder itself will instantly mattify any oily skin without looking cakey, but I'm not too fuss about the quality as I only bought this for the packaging. Again, it's made from durable cardboard and the unicorn on top is made of plastic, the overall design is cute and girly, it's magical and it looks good when placed on the vanity.


There are six tinted lip gloss in this collection and I bought three, Little Rose is a rosey shade, Little Milk Bottle is a nude shade and Little Honey is a orange-ish red. When I saw the packaging, it instantly reminds me of the Jeffree Star's Magic Star Concealer, it's similar, but not quite. The design of the packaging is like a magic wand, it's totally magical and girly. It's again, made of plastic, it looks pretty, but it feels cheap. I love the colours that I picked as three of them are all wearable on a daily basis. I bought these with no expectations, but they have definitely surprised me, the texture is not too sticky, the lip gloss is tinted and it's actually quite long wearing. The only thing I dislike is the overpowering scent, it smells like a mixture of floral and candy and it's a bit too strong for my liking.

Lastly, I received the mirror as a gift for purchase over a certain amount. The mirror has a Marie Antoinette (the movie) vibe, it's a handheld mirror and it feels like kids toy haha.