Sunday, April 5, 2020

ColourPop Just A Tint Lip Crayon ♡ Coconut About You Review + Swatches

ColourPop released a bunch of lip crayons in 2019 and they are called the Just A Tint Lip Crayons. These are available as duo sets or they can be purchased individually.

The initial launch includes 12 shades, but they have since expand their shade range and I've lost track of their new releases haha... These are described as jumbo-sized lip crayons that delivers a sheer wash of colour in a lightweight, super moisturising formula.

I have the lip crayon bundle in Coconuts About You, which includes the shades:

 Gimme S'More, described as a sheer nude-ish pink.

 Cherry Pickin, described as a sheer honey nude.

ColourPop Just A Tint Lip Crayon is a glossy finish and it is made with ingredients such as passion fruit oil, coconut oil, marula oil and shea butter, these ingredients will provide hydration for a healthy, glow lips look with a hint of tint.

Remember when Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms was a thing and everyone was obsessed with it?! Well, I remembered trying a few and I was never a fan. Lip crayons are just not my thing, but I surprisingly really like the Just A Tints.

The formula is quite different to other lip crayons I have tried and although these are described as a sheer wash of tint and they are buildable in pigmentations, I find both shades in the Coconuts About You bundle are quite pigmented. The texture is creamy, it feels hydrating on the lips and these smells SO GOOD!

I love the packaging as well, these are twist-up lip crayons, so there is no need to sharpen them. I especially really like the cap, it will click when you push it down and it prevents the cap being loose and falling off on its own.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

TAOBAO Haul ♡ ft. Zeesea x The British Museum, Mille x Line Friends, Florasis Beauty, Miffy + More!

When I first started my beauty blog in 2013, I was really against buying makeup products that are made in China, I would avoid it at all costs even though majority of them are from a big, well-known, trusted European brand.

As we all know, China is well-known for their replica... I guess I was afraid of the ingredients that are used in the fakes, because it's makeup, it's skincare, it's products that you are using directly on your skin, so we always have to be very careful of what we are putting on our face.

Nowadays, there are still a lot of replica in China, but I must admit that the beauty industry in China has definitely stepped up their game! I have since discovered a lot of amazing and affordable Chinese made beauty brands while browsing TaoBao.

This is the first part of my recent TaoBao haul, I bought a bunch of new makeup and other stuff, but they are taking longer to arrive due to the recently COVID-19. I hope everyone is staying home and staying safe!


 ZEESEA CUPID HIGHLIGHTER, there are two shades available and I bought shade #01 which is a soft luminous white colour. The packaging is simple, but super cute and it looks like one of those highlighters that will give you that subtle, natural glow.

 ZEESEA OIL-CONTROL MATTE FACE POWDER, this product has over 1 Million reviews and majority of the reviewer claims that it is a must-have for oily skin, it's long-wearing, it doesn't look or feel cakey on the face and it's suitable for people with sensitive skin. The powder is available in Zeesea's standard packaging and the one I have is from the Zeesea x The British Museum collaboration. 1 Million reviews is definitely a WOW from me! 

I have combo oily skin and I have tried plenty of face powders, but to this day, the only powder that I have hit pan on and continually to re-purchase is the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder. As we all know, Charlotte Tilbury is very expensive, this powder is USD$45 (approx NZD$77) and the Zeesea powder only was RMB60.77 (approx NZD15).


There was a time when The Forbidden City and Chinese beauty brands collaborations was very popular and that was when I came across Florasis Beauty. Their packagings are probably the most beautiful I have seen within the Chinese beauty industry. I have seen a few bloggers talked about the eyeshadow palette I bought and overall their products seems pretty amazing, so I decided to try it myself.

Mind you, Florasis Beauty is a lot more expensive compared to other Chinese beauty brands, they are probably classed as a high-end brand within the Chinese beauty industry.

 FLORASIS BEAUTY FLORASIS PEONY EXQUISITELY CARVER FLOWER PATTERN EYESHADOW PALETTE, ohmygosh that is such a long name, haha... This palette looks absolutely beautiful inside out, the patterns carved on the eyeshadow is definitely unique, it's not something that you see everyday, although, MAC has recently released something similar for their Luna Illusions Collection.

This eyeshadow palette comes packaged in a plastic type of tin material, it has a big mirror inside and the packaging outside, on the front is very pretty, but the overall feel of the palette is quite cheap. The palette has a total of eight eyeshadows and one blush, the pigmentation is not bad, but some of the textures are quite drying and the blue shade on the far left stains the skin. The red shade in the middle can be used as an eyeshadow or a blush, it looks quite scary in the pan, but it's actually quite subtle when swatched. My favourites shades has to be the two highlights shade next to the red, they are both very smooth and pigmented.

This palette was RMB259 (approx NZD$62) and the duo eyeshadow brush was gifted.

 FLORASIS BEAUTY FLOWERS GALAXIE LIPSTICK, there are a total of 18 shades to choose from and four different patterns. I have the shade M122 and it is one of the most purchased color of this range.


Mille is a beauty brand from Thailand and it seems quite popular in Asia. I only know of this brand from browsing TaoBao and their collaboration with Line Friends is totally cute!

I bought a matte liquid lipsticks and two lipsticks.

 MILLE X LINE FRIENDS ICONIC MATTER LIQUID LIP, there are six shades available from this range and I have the shade in #6 Moon. The color is pigmented, but it applies a bit streaky. It claims to be long lasting and moisturising during wear, but I haven't actually tried it yet, so I can't speak on that. The packaging is super cute, but the smell is horrible... The smell is very strong, it smells like shampoo and it lingers around for ages, I can't stand it.

 MILLE X LINE FRIENDS ICONIC LIP COLOR, there are also six shades available from this range and I have the shades #2 Cony and #6 Moon. Comparing the shades #6 Moon in the liquid lip and the lipstick, the shades aren't the same. These lipsticks are pigmented, they are creamy and glides on smoothly. Thank goodness, it doesn't have the horrible smell as the liquid lip and #6 Moon looks very dark, almost like a brown red, but when swatched, it appears more like a berry red.


 NIVEA X LINE FRIENDS LIP HOLDER AND BALM, I bought this for the lip holder thinking that other lip products will fit in it, but nope! Only the Nivea lip balms can fit haha and I don't even like Nivea lip balms... But, these holders are so cute and I want to collect them all!


 MIFFY CARD HOLDER, remember the Danse Lente bag I purchased awhile ago?! After testing out the bag for two weeks, I come to the conclusion that the bag is big enough to carry all the daily essentials, but it is a pain to take out items because the top of each compartments is quite narrow. So I decided to buy a card holder and this may save a lot of time fishing out things when using that bag. I love the designs on this Miffy card holder, it has 7 card slots and it's approximately 0.5cm thick.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

My Current Skincare Routines ♡ AM & PM ft. Kylie Skin, Caudalie, IT Cosmetics, Rawkanvas, The Ordinary, Glow Receipe + More!

I came across the Routine Megathread in Reddit's SkincareAddiction and it gives me an idea to share my own skincare routine on the blog.

 CAUDALIE GRAPE WATER (AM + PM), this is probably the best facial sprays that I have ever purchased. The mist is so fine and it makes my face feels very hydrating and refreshing. I used to (and still do...) think that facial sprays are overrated and it's not a must-have product, but ever since I tried the Grape Water, I haven't stopped buying this product. I use it both in the AM and PM, and whenever my face is feeling heated and/or itchy, the grape water immediately calm down my face and I love it.

 RAWKANVAS PURIFIED: PURIFYING CLEANSER (AM), I started seeing this brand all over my Instagram feed and I decided to give it a go. I have a lot of mix feelings about this product, it's not awful and I don't regret the purchase, but I don't love it.

First of all the packaging is very simple, which is something I like, the bottle is made of glass, it's heavy and it feels high-end. I've had a problem with the pump, where it drips down the bottle every time I push the pump and it's suppose to squeeze out the products onto your hands. I have contacted Rawkanvas and they have suggested to twist the pump a bit, which fixed the problem for a few days then it went back to being annoying again, eventually I gave up trying to fix the problem.

Secondly, the cleanser itself is so average and it definitely does not match up to its' price tag. (NZD $55 for a cleanser is consider expensive to me). It cleans like any other cleansers that you can buy from the supermarket, but it does not removes makeup.

I like the smell and I like the jelly texture. It doesn't leave my face feeling tight or dry after cleansing, which I like as well. I use this mostly in the AM and usually I would get rid of products that I don't like as much, but I decided that I am going to use this up completely and share with you an updated review on this cleanser in my next beauty empties.

 KYLIE SKIN VANILLA MILK TONER (AM), I bought this bottle in May 2019, I use it every morning before applying makeup and now nearly a year after my purchase, there is still plenty left! I love this toner, it has a milky texture that leaves my face feeling soft and clean.

 THE ORDINARY CAFFEINE SOLUTION 5% + EGCG (AM), this is definitely overrated in my opinion! I have read many reviews where people says it reduce their dark circles and puffiness, so far I have been using it for months (a tiny drop under my eyes every morning) and I don't see any results?!

 THE ORDINARY ALPHA ARBUTIN 2% + HA (AM), I have been using this for months and I used to think that it is overrated. Until recently, I have been using it every morning before makeup applications, for two months now and I start to see the results. Although I don't have any scars on my face, I sometimes have uneven skin tone and I find that after using it every day, it visibly improves the pigmentation of my skin. My face looks much clearer now and I am more confident going out without wearing any makeup.

 BLISTEX INTENSIVE REPAIR LIP BALM (AM + PM), I use this mostly before bed time and it hydrates my lips throughout the night. I also use it in the day time and whenever my lips is feeling dry. I love the refreshing mint scent and the texture is not too oily, nor too thick.

 GLOW RECEIPE PINEAPPLE-C BRIGHT SERUM (PM), I never thought I would like this product, apart from the smell, but now I absolutely love it! My face feels smoother and looks brighter after continuously using it every night before bed and I have been using it for six months now. A lot of people may not like the smell, but I love it! It reminds me of eating pineapples with soy source haha.

 IT COSMETICS CONFIDENCE IN A CREAM (PM), this is my favourite moisturiser of all time and I only use it at night time because the texture is very thick and the formula is a bit heavy. I like that it absorbs fairy quickly and it keeps my face hydrated during the night, my face feels so soft every morning.

 MARIO BADESCU GLYOLIC EYE CREAM (PM), I don't have much to say about this eye cream as it didn't feel as luxurious on my under eye area as it claims. Although I didn't get any irritation using this product, I feel like this eye cream didn't do anything at all.

 ETUDE HOUSE WONDER PORE FRESHNER AND MONSTER MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER (AM + PM), I received a sample of these to try along with the Etude House Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Pads, one of them is to be used in the AM and another to be used in the PM. I have previously tried the Monster micellar water and I thought that it's average because I am not a big fan of micellar water. I have always wanted to try the Wonder Pore Freshner and I thought that it's just okay. The charcoal cotton pads are pretty amazing though.