Monday, February 1, 2021

Beauty Empties January 2021


very fine mist, moisturising and refreshing, especially love it this summer!

gentle on the skin, it doesn't irritates my eyes, removes makeup easily, but not completely. 

also good at removing makeup, but not completely, cannot remove waterproof makeup etc.

lightweight and moisturising, but I much prefer their confidence in a cream.

hmmm don't see much difference after using...

my all time favourite lip balm!

creamy texture, moisturising, mint choco tasted delicious haha.

this has always been my go-to brow pencil, no matter how many times I say I need a break from it.


my favourite mask sheet! Plain and Strawberry are my favourite scents.

this banana milk is far from what I have imagined... it smells like shampoo...

I have this in the cream/tube version and I much prefer that one to the sheet masks. The one that I have emptied in January is a packet that contains 5 mask sheets that are not wrapped individually, so every time I open to take out a sheet mask, it becomes less hygienic and by the time I was onto my last sheet mask, majority of the serum has dried out already.

I have never used a sheet mask with sooooo much serum in the packet as this! 

smells weird, feels sticky on the skin and it doesn't have as much serum as the above.

creamy with a slight grainy texture, feels gentle on my skin but I don't find it hydrating or anything after use.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Beauty Empties November - December ♡ ft. Coconut & Lime Waterwash, Skincare and Makeup for Oily Skin + More!


 LISTERINE ZERO ALCOHOL MOUTHWASH - COCONUT LIME FLAVOR, I bought this out of curiosity, unfortunately it's nothing as I imagined. I couldn't taste the coconut or the lime, it smells just like any other Listerine mouthwash to me. I like that it's zero alcohol and it doesn't have that burning feel after use, but I much prefer the Sensodyne Cool Mint Alcohol Free Mouthwash.

 BIORE DEEP PORE CHARCOAL CLEANSER, I can't remember how many bottles of this I have emptied, but this is the best cleanser I have tried for oily skin and it's one that I often recommend for my oily skin friends. Although I can't see much difference in my pores or blackheads, I feel like I don't get breakouts unless it's that time of the month. I love the minty cooling sensation after wash and I like that it really helps control my facial oil. My face isn't that oily now compare to the days I use other cleansers.

 ETUDE HOUSE SOON JUNG PH 5.5 RELIEF TONER, SoonJung is a very popular skincare line from Etude House. I bought this purely because of the packaging and it came as part of the Happy with Piglet Soon Jung Skincare Set. This toner aims to restore the oil and water balance of skin while hydrating it for hours and it's recommended for sensitive and oily skin, but I find it just average and I am so glad to have finally emptied it!

 ORIGINS ORIGINAL SKIN MATTE MOISTURIZER WITH WILLOWHERB, this is my go-to day time moisturizer and I literally cannot remember how many jars I have emptied this year. I love it so much because my face used to get so oily throughout the day and my eyes would stint so badly from all the facial oil, but ever since I started using this moisturizer, I no longer have to worry about my face getting oily. I love that the texture is lightweight, it absorbs quickly and it wears well under makeup.

 ORIGINS GINZING ENERGY-BOOSTING GEL MOISTURIZER, when I first started using this moisturizer, I thought the smell of oranges were too strong, but then I kind of got used to the smell and I end up absolutely loving this moisturizer! I use it as a night time moisturizer, it has a light texture, it feels hydrating, but not greasy. 

I have also tried the Ultra-Hydrating Energy-Boosting Cream and I find that one a bit too heavy for my oily skin. Currently I am using the Clear Improvement Oil-Free Moisturizer with Bamboo Charcoal, this one smells weird and it's cream texture, so it feels rather greasy. I'm thinking when I empty this one, I will go back to repurchasing the Ginzing Gel Moisturizer.

 TOO FACED PRIMED & PEACHY COOLING MATTE PERFECTING PRIMER, this is probably my most emptied and most re-purchased makeup item of 2020! I have talked about it so much, recommended it so many time and I love that, not only it smells like peaches, it keeps my face oil free for long hours. On days that I had full makeup on, I rarely had to touch-up throughout the day when I wear this primer. 

 URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER SETTING SPRAY, the cherry-scented all nighter setting spray is definitely the best one I have tried from all the scents Urban Decay has come out with, I bought a bunch and this is my last one, I hope that they bring back the cherry scent! 

 BENTON CACAO MOIST AND MILD SERUM, described as a lightweight and hydrating serum that aims to replenishes moisture to skin and keep skin feeling soft. I received this in my Hikoco Lucky Box earlier this year, I used it almost every night, but I didn't notice any difference in my skin.

 MECCA COSMETICA BRIGHT EYED EYE MASK, I received these in the birthday pack and I used it before bed. The patches feels cooling and refreshing, but unfortunately I didn't notice the great results that everyone raves about. 

 A'PIEU REAL BIG YOGURT ONE-BOTTLE MASK, I have been really loving the A'Pieu yogurt mask lately and my favourite scent is the Plain and the Strawberry. I also tried Mango the other day and it smells like shampoo. 

 GLAMGLOW BUBBLESHEET OXYGENATING CLEANSE MASK, this is my first time trying a non Korean brand bubble mask and I definitely like this more than the ones I have tried previously. It's quick and easy, mess-free and after I rinse off, I can see an instantly result, my face look so so clean!

 ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILL DIPBROW GEL, I bought this as a replacement for the Urban Decay Brow Tamer Gel that I absolutely love, but unfortunately it's been discontinued and I find that the ABH is so hard to use. The brush is so thick, the product goes everywhere and it wasn't easy to get the perfect shape that I wanted. The texture of the gel is quite thick as well and the pigmentation is too dark and powerful. 

 INNISFREE Skinny Microcara Zero, purchased out of curiously, unfortunately lashes doesn't stay curl.

 KVD VEGAN BEAUTY DAGGER TATTOO LINER, this is the best eyeliner to get that perfect cat eye look because of the angled brush tip. I love this as much as the original Tattoo Liner from KVD!

 FLORTTE EYEBROW PENCIL, this is my current favourite eyebrow pencil. 

 ETUDE HOUSE DR. MASCARA FIXER FOR PERFECT LASH, the one I am throwing out is the pink version which aims to Volume Up and the one I have always used and loved is the blue version which aims to lengthening lashes. 

and a few samples I have emptied during the months.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Perfect Diary Beauty x Discovery Explorer Eyeshadow Palettes ♡ Swatches ft. Wolf, Piggy, Cat, Panda, Puppy & Tiger

Today I am sharing with you the swatches of the six Perfect Diary x Discovery Explorer Eyeshadow Palettes that I bought earlier this year. There are a total of ten animals in this series and each animal has their own colour theme.

I assume that a lot of people who reads my blog is unfamiliar with Perfect Diary Beauty and to be honest, I am not 100% familiar with it myself, but I have been really into trying out all different Chinese beauty brands this year.

Perfect Diary is a Chinese beauty brand and it's one of the best selling brands in China. So far I have tried their Velvet Liquid Lipsticks which I thought it was quite average. 

I bought these eyeshadow palettes because I like the packaging and I honestly did not expect anything from these palettes as Chinese makeup can be a yay or nay kind of thing.

I was definitely blown away when I swatched these!!! The formula is so smooth, so soft and so silky. Majority of the shades are very pigmented, with only one or two shades being chalky. 

There are twelve shades in each palette with a mixture of textures, there's matte, shimmer and chunky glitters. It also comes with a built-in mirror and a double-sided eyeshadow brush. The palettes are made in sturdy cardboards and the photos of the animals on the palettes are so cute!

 斑虎 / TIGER 

 冰狼 / WOLF 

 小猪 / PIGGY 

 猫咪 / CAT 

 大熊猫 / PANDA 

 小狗 / PUPPY 

which one is your favourite?
Puppy and Piggy are both so cute!
but if I must choose one...
The Cat Palette may be my everyday go-to palette!