Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint ♡ Review & Demo

Today I am sharing with you my review of the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint in Dark Brown.

I have used similar products in the past, the first one I have tried was the Etude House Tint My Brows Gel which I absolutely love. Then I tried the K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint which I was really not a fan of. Lastly, I have been using the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint in the past few weeks and I actually really like this product, it's not bad comparing to the Korean branded ones.


Maybelline Tattoo Brow is described as a peel off gel tint that leaves brows perfectly defined and evenly filled for up to 3 days. 

Simply apply over brows in your desired shape and let dry for at least 20 minutes, for best result, the brand has recommended to leave the gel on for up to 2 hours before peeling off.

The gel tint is available in four shades, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Grey Brown and Light Brown.


I have been using the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint for a couple of weeks now and I used it at least once a week.

I have tried both, leaving on for 20 minutes and leaving on for 2 hours and I find that the result is pretty much the same.

Leaving it on for 2 hours as suggested doesn't mean that it will last longer.

This tint last 3 days as claimed and I find that it doesn't matter how many products you have applied or how long you have leave it on, the color starts fading on day 2 and on day 3 it's literally gone.

I love the applicator and I really like how precise it applies and although the result comes out a little harsh and unnatural, it definitely helps me filling in the brows in the morning.

I have the shade in Dark Brown and after peeling off the gel, the color does match me alright, but I always find that on day 2, the color would fade and turn a little orange.

The brand has suggested to peel off starting from the inner corner towards the outside and I love how it peels off in one-piece and it's hassle free.

Maybelline Tattoo Brow cost NZD $24.99 from Farmers and honestly, I think the pricing is not bad as the tube can last awhile and the gel doesn't dry out too quickly.

Overall, I really like this product and would recommend to anyone, who doesn't have a lot of time to fuss with their brows in the morning.


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette ♡ Review & Swatches

Today I am sharing with you my thoughts and swatches of the ABH Norvina Palette.

This palette was released in 2018 and I only get to try it out recently when ABH becomes available at Mecca. I was actually deciding between the Norvina Palette and the Modern Renaissance, and I end up choosing Norvina because the shades all looks more natural and princess-ish.

I have been using the Norvina Palette for over a months now, I use it everyday, I love it, but there's a few things that ticked me off as well... and I wondered if people are experiencing the same things?

image NORVINA image

Norvina is the daughter of the founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, and this eyeshadow palette was created and named after her.

I have been following Norvina on Twitter for a very long time and I admire her styles. Her purple hair looks gorgeous and I love her makeup looks.


Norvina says she has always wanted to create a palette that embodies her spirit, she described herself as a dreamer at heart who gets lost in her own fantasy world daily... (aren't we all?!).

The Norvina Palette features 14 shades ranging from bold and bright mattes to soft pastel metallics.

It comes in a purple velvet-like packaging which feels soft and nice to grip onto, but it gets dirty so easily and it's almost impossible to wipe it completely clean because of its' velvet material.

The palette comes with a double-ended brush which I use sometimes, I am not a huge fan of it because the bristles feels a little harsh on me.

It also comes with a big mirror which is great for travelling.


The overall pigmentation of The Norvina Palette is amazing, most of the shades are very opaque and some of the metallic shades are literally jam-packed with shimmers; but a few of the metallics are quite patchy and the shimmers are quite chunky.

I love the shades included in this palette, the overall look gives you that whimsical feel. I use Base (matte eggshell, I use it as a base color), Incense (matte dusty terra-cotta, I use it as the outer corner) and Rose Gold (metallic rosewood, I use that as a topper) a lot and I love the formula, it's so soft and creamy, but it has A LOT of fall outs. The palette literally goes all dusty as soon as I dip in my eyeshadow brush and that really annoys me.


The Norvina Palette is the most beautiful eyeshadow palette at first glance, the shades included are so gorgeous and the pigmentation is amazing; but a month later, I kind of feel like, I spent $86 on this palette and I only use three shades.

I have been loving shimmer eyeshadow toppers and some of the metallics in this palettes are not as pigmented which would be perfect if using as a topper, unfortunately, the shimmers are either too chunky and or they applies patchy. 

The packaging, I absolutely adore the velvet-like feel and the purple looks unicorn-ish, but as mentioned earlier, this type of materials attracts dirts so easily and it's really hard to keep it clean.

The formula is also amazing, it's very soft and smooth, it's easily to blend and the eyeshadows stays on for hours. The only thing I dislike is, as mentioned, the fall outs and the pan becoming all dusty after one dip into the palette, If I tap off the excess and apply on the eyes, I find that they are hardly any fall outs, but it's just the pan being all dusty is what really get on my nerves.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Etude House Happy With Piglet Collection ♡ Review + Swatches

Today I am sharing with you a review / first impression of the Etude House Happy With Piglet collection. This is a collaboration between Etude House and Disney and it contains a wide range of products including eyeshadows, lip tints, primer, blusher, skincare sets and makeup tools.

I am already using some of these products in my daily makeup routine and I absolutely love this collection! Everything from the product quality to the packaging is amazing. The piglet theme is totally adorable and worth buying as collective items.

I bought two primers (Face Blur and Face Liquid Blur), two single eyeshadows (Look At My Eyes), one blusher (Jelly Mousse Blusher), one lip tint (Color In Liquid Lips Air Mousse) and one SoonJung Skincare Set 

 Etude House Happy With Piglet Face Blur is described as a light cream that provides multi-blurring effect for instant smooth, poreless and brightening skin. 

 Etude House Happy With Piglet Face Liquid Blur is described as a liquid makeup base that brightens, blurs and smooth the skin.

Both the Face Blur and the Face Liquid Blur works the same, they both live up to their smooth and brightening skin with blurring effect claims, they work well with all of my foundations and both of them keeps my makeup on all day. The only difference between the two is, Face Blur has a thicker texture and Face Liquid Blur is more watery.

Etude House Face Blur used to be my all time favourite primer, I have mentioned it a few times on my blog, including my 2015 end of year beauty favourites. I love that it brightens up my complexion, it makes my skin looks poreless and absolutely flawless after foundation applications. Although it has a thick, creamy texture, Face Blur blends like a dream! Comparing the two products, I must say that I am more a fan of the Face Liquid Blur. This is my first time using the liquid version and I love that it just melts into my skin, it makes my skin looks glowy, not oily.

 Etude House Happy With Piglet Color In Liquid Lips Air Mousse is described as a lip tint with a feather-light texture that will provide a silky finish. There are five shades available and I want them all! First of all, the packaging is SO ADORABLE! The lip tints features three piglets, one tiger and one Winnie-the-Pooh, each lip tint is designed with rubber ears sticking out and the colors range from red, orange to pink.

I bought the shade #09 Big Smile To Piglet and it's a bright berry pink. It has a very thin texture and lightweight formula that applies smoothly and evenly and it almost have an airy finish. The color is pigmented, but it can be build up to your desire intensity and the stain effect lasted hours on the lips even after lunch or dinner. This one wore well on me for approximately six hours and if I don't re-apply, it will just leave a rosy pink stain throughout the day. Although the formula dries down quickly, it does still transfer to cups within the first two hours of application and it is a little bit drying during wear.

 Etude House Happy With Piglet Jelly Mousse Blusher is described as a lightweight cushion jelly mousse blush that provides a soft and bendable finish.

I was never a fan of cream blushes, from memories they are very pigmented and hard to blend, therefore, I tried to stay as far away from them as I can; but I HAD TO get the Happy With Piglet Jelly Mousse Blusher because of the packaging! Surprisingly, I LOVE THIS BLUSH! I apply this blush mostly with my fingers and I have also tried it with a blush brush, both blends like a dream! The texture is lightweight, the pigmentation is sheer, but buildable and most importantly, it is SO EASY to apply!

There are five shades available, featuring four piglets and one Winnie-the-Pooh. I have the shade PK001 Gloomy Piggy and it gives me that natural flushed look that wears for hours.

 Etude House Happy With Piglet Look At My Eyes are single eyeshadows that I assume every makeup junkie is familiar with. With this collection, they have released a total of ten shades, including seven sparkling ones that can be used as eyeshadow toppers and three normal ones that can be used as base or crease.

I have the shades PK018 I Like You and BR429 Of Course! Rabbit, I use them both as eyeshadow toppers and I use the BR429 on a daily basis. I dab the eyeshadows on my lid with my fingers, it's quick and easy, it's sparkling, but it's not over the top and the sparkles literally stays on all day and I am talking about 12 hours long! These are absolutely gorgeous and the staying power is amazing.

 Etude House Happy With Piglet SoonJung Skincare Set is designed for sensitive skin. There is already a whole line of SoonJung Skincare from Etude House, I heard that it's really popular amongst Korean skincare junkies, every review I have come across recommends the toner and the moisturiser and with such cute packaging, I decided to try it myself.

The SoonJung Skincare Set contains five products, one 180ml of pH 5.5 Relief Toner that aims to soothes heated skin caused by external stimulation, one sample sized 15ml of the toner, one 120ml of 1-Free Moist Emulsion that aims to delivers moisture to skin quickly, one sample sized 15ml of the moisturiser and one 2x Barrier Intensive Cream that aims to strengthen skin's resistance with protein barrier.