Sunday, June 21, 2020

Beauty Empties May - June 2020 ♡ ft. Rawkanvas, Glow Recipe, First Aid Beauty, Glow Lab, Kylie Skin + More

We are half way through June 2020 and looking at my beauty empties basket, I am impressed with the amount of products I have emptied during May and June.

A lot of these products were mentioned in my "Current Skincare Routine" which I blogged about back in March (click here to read) and it seems that I have to update my skincare routine soon as some products has been replaced.

 RAWKANVAS PURIFYING CLEANSER, in my current skincare routine blog post back in March , I mentioned that this cleanser is really average, apart from the packaging that I love, the cleanser itself does not live up to the hype. It claims to remove makeup, but even when I tried to remove with non-waterproof mascaras, after cleansing, it leaves a dark mascara stain on my eyes, it cannot remove makeup completely and the pump totally sucks. 

 GLOW RECIPE PINEAPPLE-C BRIGHT SERUM, this is probably the only product from Glow Recipe that I like and will always re-purchase! It is a bit expensive, but the packaging is so cute and I love the smell, it reminds me of pineapple dipped in soy sauce haha. This is a product that you have to use for awhile to see results and after using for a couple of months, I start to see less redness and blemishes and my face looks a lot more glowy since using this serum. 

 FIRST AID BEAUTY FACE CLEANSER, I came across a lot of great reviews on this cleanser and I decided to try it myself. I find that it's just okay, I don't like the smell, but I like the texture, it's creamy, and it cleansed very well without over drying. 

 TOO FACED COOLING MATTE SKIN PERFECTING PRIMER, I can't remember how many times I have mentioned this primer on my blog, but this is my absolute favourite primer of all time and I cannot recommend this enough for people with oily skin. 

 ETUDE HOUSE FACE LIQUID BLUR HAPPY WITH PIGLET EDITION, similar to Etude House's Face Blur, this one has a liquid texture and I like that it brightens up my complexion and make my face looks smoother. 

 URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER HONEY EDITION, the honey one is a limited edition scent and it's currently not available to purchase, but this is no doubt my all time favourite setting spray! Honey, normal or whatever scent.

 BIORE CHARCOAL PORE MINIMISER, I am a big fan of the Biore Charcoal Cleanser and I thought I should give the other products in the same range a try. I quite like this exfoliator, it's not harsh on the skin and I like the design of the bottle and the pump, but I haven't seen much difference with my pores. 

 GLOW LAB GEL CLEANSER, I want to try out more NZ Made skincare brands and I have tried Glow Lab a couple of times now. I think their cleansers are average, but I will always re-purchase because it's affordable, easy to buy and non of their cleansers I have tried feels harsh on my skin. The only thing that puts me off from this brand is probably their scent, their products smells too floral and the scent is a bit strong for my liking.

 ONLY GOOD AWAKEN BODY WASH, this is another NZ Made skincare brand that can be purchased from the supermarket and I bought this one because it was labeled as "limited edition", I later find out that it's limited edition only because of the art paper wrap on the packaging.... LOL! Anyway, I really like the mixture of orange and ginger scent and I don't mind to re-purchase.

 KYLIE SKIN VANILLA MILK TONER, this is one of my favourite products from Kylie Skin and if I get a chance, I would definitely re-purchase! (I haven't done any overseas online shopping since the lockdown). I like the milky texture of this toner and I love that it leaves my skin feeling so soft.

 HOLIKA HOLIKA SWEET COTTON PORE COVER BB, this used to be my most reached for face product and I am only half way through the tube, but because I've had this for years, I decided to throw it out and maybe buy a new one. I love that it's a BB cream, but it has almost full coverage and it doesn't feel heavy or gives you that cake face look. It's oily skin friendly and I love that it has a long wearing time.

 CAUDALIE INSTANT DETOX MASK, this is a sample sized from one of those Caudalie Holiday Skincare Sets and I was really impressed with the amount of dirt and oil it draws out from my skin. The mask completely dries within 15 minutes and after application, my face feels soft and clean. The result is pretty amazing, but I find that every time I use this mask, I get giant pimples and I am one of those people that hardly gets pimples, unless if it's that time of the month.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Beauty Empties Mar - Apr 2020 ♡ ft. The Ordinary, Caudalie, IT Cosmetics, Maybelline, Heroine Make, YSL, Byredo + More!

It's that time of the month again!

Today I am sharing with you beauty products that I have emptied during March and April 2020.

Looking at my beauty empties basket, a few of these products are old empties that I never got around to blog about, there are also some super old products that I should have thrown away long ago like mascaras and eyeliners.

I haven't emptied a lot of products this month due to the lockdown, I just don't find it necessary to wear makeup everyday when working from home, but I have been really into my skincare and I did finished a few products that I have always raved about, so that's something I look forward to sharing with you.

 THE ORDINARY ALPHA ARBUTIN 2% + HA, I never thought that I would empty this so soon, especially when I made a claim on my Instagram that it's such an overrated product not long ago haha. I bought this around November last year while shopping with my best friend, she was looking at some The Ordinary products and I thought, oh, I've heard a lot about this brand, but never tried it myself and I wanted to see what is all the raves about. Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA claims that it will help with uneven skin tone and dark spots, I initially bought it to use on my legs as I have a lot of dark mosquito bites spots *insert laughing with tears emoji*, but that didn't work hahahaha. Then I started using it on my face, I added this into my morning skincare routines and I find that it has visibly improved the pigmentation of my skin and my face looks so much clearer now.

 CAUDALIE BEAUTY ELIXIR, this has been mentioned several times on my blog, it's my absolute favourite and I cannot live without it! Currently I am using the standard size which is 100ml, but I much preferred the mini size that is 30ml as it is easier to carry around. I love using the beauty elixir in the morning, it totally wakes me up, brighten my complexion and it makes my makeup last longer.

 IT COSMETICS CONFIDENCE IN A CREAM MOISTURIZER, this is the best moisturiser to use at night time! I have purchased this several times and I have also tried to replace it with something cheaper, but so far this it is irreplaceable to me. I love that the texture is thick, it's creamy, the product absorbs quickly and at the same time it locks in the moisture, so when I wake up in the morning, my face feels moisturised, but not oily. I don't like using this in the day time as it feels too heavy for my oily skin.

 MAC LIP SCRUBTIOUS - SUMMER BERRY, this is one of my favourite lip scrub, I have tried Summer Berry, Brown Sugar and Candied Nectar and I love them all. This ones different to other regular lip scrubs I have tried, it has a layer of shea butter on top of the scrub that leaves your lips scrub and moisturised at the same time. I love it and I would re-purchase, but I love the Lush Lip Scrub just as much and that one is cheaper than MAC.

 MAYBELLINE TATTOO BROW GEL TINT - DARK BROWN, I have used this up and re-purchased another already. I am a big fan of these eyebrow gel tint and the best one I have tried so far, is from Maybelline. I reviewed this product last year, click here to check it out.

 HEROINE MAKE LONG AND CURL MASCARA, I tell you THIS IS THE BEST MASCARA IF YOU HAVE SHORT AND STRAIGHT EYELASHES THAT WON'T STAY CURL. Sorry for all caps but I just had to. I've had this mascara for a very long time and the texture is a bit thick and dried out now, I haven't got around to re-purchase another, so right now I am using other ones from Maybelline, which seriously cannot compare. My eyelashes are short and straight and I have tried several mascaras that claims to lift the lashes, also mascara curler that claims are made especially for Asian eyes and non seem to really lift my lashes and hold the curls and if they do hold the curls, it either doesn't last long or they smudges like crazy. Heroine Make is the BEST, BEST, BEST! and the only mascara that can hold my curls for long hours and I am talking more than 10 hours wear with no smudges. The only thing I don't really like is the removable, it's very waterproof and it's not that easy to remove.

 HEROINE MAKE SMOOTH LIQUID EYELINER, for this one I had very high expectation because I swear by the mascara and I just automatically assume the eyeliner is as good. Unfortunately I had only used this twice and I just can't stand it. This eyeliner feather so badly and whenever I use, it just smudged.

 TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX LIQUID EYELINER, I wasn't a fan of this eyeliner initially, but then I fell in love with it until the brush decides to mess up... with that said, I would still re-purchase this eyeliner because it's long wearing, it doesn't smear, it's easy to draw the thin line and it's sort of a replacement for my KVD Tattoo Liner.

 COLOURPOP BROW BOSS - DARK BROWN, I have talked about and recommended this brow product so many times on my blog, it's the best for natural brows and I love it.

 FENTY BEAUTY BROW MVP - BLACK-BROWN, Brow MVP gives a stronger brow look compared to the ColourPop Brow Boss and it has become a favourite also. I love both equally and when one of them runs out, the other comes in handy. I especially love the brush on the other end, compared to the spoolie on the Brow Boss.

 GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT, I am currently testing out some masks from Peter Thomas Roth which I will review soon, but it only made me realised how amazing GlamGlow's masks are when I have tried others from different brand. With GlamGlow, I can see instant results, they are easy to remove and while on my skin I can feel that the mask is actually working. The Supermud Clearing Treatment isn't as tight and tingly on my skin as other claims, but my skin feels softer and clean after each use. This is the mini size and it last me up to five uses of full face application.

 YSL FUSION INK FOUNDATION - B20, this is actually quite an old foundation that I have emptied ages ago, I have re-purchased this foundation twice and it's one of my all time favourite. This is one of the best I have tried for oily skin, it's medium to full coverage, but it feels lightweight and it's long-wearing.

 LIVING PROOF PERFECT HAIR DAY CONDITIONER, I received a sample of this in one of my Mecca Beauty Loop box and I like it, but I don't like it enough to want to repurchase. I don't really fuss about my hair or use expensive products on my hair.

 BYREDO BAL D'AFRIQUE PERFUME SAMPLE, I received a sample of this perfume from one of my online purchases from Mecca, at first I couldn't really stand the smell, but then I kind of got used to it, the scent is definitely very unique.