My AllCosmeticsWholesale First Shopping Experience

My first impression of the AllCosmeticsWholesale website was "it's too good to be true!" Just like everyone else, my first reaction was "is this site a scam?". They sell MAC lipsticks for as low as US$11.99, Bobbi Brown face palette for around US$30 and YSL lipsticks US$24.99!!! All the things I have just mentioned cost at least $40.00 over here. I thought the products they sell must be fake. So I googled allcosmeticswholesale review and tons of negative reviews came up :( mostly from people who had a bad experience but there's also some positive reviews from well known beauty gurus. Those reviews were 50 / 50 and I thought if I don't try out ACW I will never know if they are a scam or not! 

On 13/08/2013 I placed my first order from allcosmeticswholesale. I bought 1 x Hard Candy eyeshadow in 025 Vice, 1 x Playboy first blush in Cabana Boy, 1 x Playboy lipstick in 54 Starlet, 1 x Too Faced lip bronzer in Sun Bunny and 1 x Playboy kissing gloss lipgloss in Not In The Mood.

On 14/08/2013, ACW sent me an email to advise my parcel is on its way.

First Class International shipping cost US$17.75 and I received my parcel on 26/08/2013, it took less than a week to get to me. All products came wrapped in bubble wraps, non were damaged in the post, I was very impressed with the fast shipping.

PLAYBOY First Blush - 18 Cabana Boy - US$4.99
PLAYBOY Kissing Gloss Lipgloss - 52 Not In The Mood - US$2.99
PLAYBOY Lipstick - Stiletto Sheer - 54 Starlet - US$2.99
TOO FACED Lip Bronzer - Sun Bunny - US$3.99
HARD CANDY Eye Shadow In The Shadows Collection - 025 Vice - US$2.49

Obviously, I can not give a proper review right now because I have just received it on Monday (but I will once I start using them). I have tried them and test them out etc when I received them and non of these products looks fake to me. 

Overall I am happy with my purchase and that was a very good shopping experience, except for the fact that I tried to sign up an account with allcosmeticswholesale and they won't let me do so =/ 

My rating is 4 out of 5:
❤ ❤ ❤  

Dinner At Vue Restaurant Auckland

My friend Amber and I dinned at the Vue Restaurant which located on the top floor on the Mercure hotel awhile ago and we had the best experience. Just thought I would share ;) because not only we saw some amazing view of the harbour, we also had some great food and drinks.

typical New Zealand grey clouds and blue sky, picture was taken when
we arrived  at around 6pm when it was still light outside.

we both ordered a cocktail each and I can't remember what that was,
I don't usually drink.

just me ^-^

can't remember what that was but it was sooo nice! 

and this was the best dessert I have ever tried! 
Till this day I am still talking and obsessing over it.

another picture of the view of the harbour when it was getting dark outside;
so beautiful right?!

saw this area when we were leaving, I thought it was so pretty I had to take a picture ;)

Service was good and we spent about $70.00 each, so that was not bad; we both had a really good time and that's what it matters.

My rating for this restaurant is 5 out of 5
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

SANA Baby Animal Super Quick Matte Liquid Eyeliner

A month ago I bought this eyeliner from the new Japanese store in Albany Westfield mall which I often raves about.  I have been searching for a brown liquid eyeliner for a long time, I wanted a brown one because black looks way too harsh for a natural makeup look, I wanted to try something different. The super kawaii packaging really caught my attention so I picked it up, I think it was around $25-30NZD?! 

I love that the brush is soft and easy to draw a perfect wing line, it dries fast, matte and waterproof. Easy to wipe off with a makeup remover towelette  

Pagan Marie NZ Makeup Haul ~ Lime Crime & The Balm Cosmetics

Pagan Marie NZ is an online fashion & makeup store in New Zealand, they are based in Christchurch. I first heard about them via their facebook and later on one of my good friends told me about her shopping experience with this store and that she highly recommends it so I went and checked it out.

I guess I am not a fan of their clothing and accessories because they are just way out of my budget, but I am in love with their makeup products. Pagan Marie NZ sells both Lime Crime and The Balm Cosmetics. I have heard so much about The Balm Cosmetics but I have never tried or own any of their products, most of the online stores (both New Zealand and United States) sells them very expensive like in my opinion I don't think it's worth it.

Surprisinly The Balm Cosmetics is not that expensive on Pagan Marie NZ, so I went ahead with my first order. I bought The Balm Meet Matt(e) NUDE Pallette - $59.00NZD and Lime Crime Pallette D'Antoninette - $49.00NZD -

Pagan Marie NZ offers free overnight shipping within New Zealand so that was totally worth it. Their customer service is very good as well, I didn't paid attention to the above palette when I click add to cart I wasn't aware that it was out of stock; but thanks to Pagan Marie they emailed and let me know the product is on their way and I would be able to get it by the end of the month (July), or else I would probably wondered why they takes so long to get here.

So I was very happy about my order, I went back and place my second order ;) I don't need them, oh *sigh* ~~ but I just had to... I bought the following: 3 x Lime Crime eyeliener, 2 in 6th Element and 1 in Citreuse - $25.00NZD each - 5 x Lime Crime lipsticks in Countessa Flourescent, Great Pink Planet, New York City Yellow, Chincilla and No She Didn't Blue - $27.00NZD each - 1 x The Balm Translucent Powder in Sexy Mama - $29.00NZD - and 1 x The Balm Blush/Shadow in Cabana Boy - $29.00NZD -

I love that Pagan Marie NZ packs their orders so well :") They came wrapped in bubble wraps and baby pink tissue wrapping paper.

Pagan Marie NZ also ships outside of New Zealand and they have this reward points system where you collect 1000 points and you will get a $100 voucher to spend in their store, every $1 spent earns you 1 reward point; That is one of the reasons I signed up to their site cause I know I will end up spending loads and loads on their sites hehhe ;)

☆.¸¸ PROS:
- Fast overnight delivery
- A+++ customer service
- Being able to pay via internet banking
- Reasonable prices

☆.¸¸ CONS:
- Incorrect picture display for products - As I mentioned earlier I am a total newbie of The Balm Cosmetics so when I purchase the Matt(e) Nude palette, on their website it shows the original Matt(e) palette instead. As a newbie I had no idea what the difference between the two palettes and what the colors looks like so I assume what I bought is the color that was shown on the website. When I received it, I was a bit disappointed because the color I wanted wasn't on my palette :(

Anyways, beside the teeny tiny cons mentioned above, I do really love this store. I am happy to give this store a ★★★★★ and I would highly recommend this store to anyone that's reading this post ^-^ Check out the store here.

Katy Perry - Meow Perfume Review

Celebrities perfumes were totally my thing back in high school, I remember my first and favorite perfumes were Paris Hilton and Curious Britney Spears. Back then I was only working part time in this jewellery warehouse and I was studying so I didn't have much income and those perfumes were the only ones I could afford. Not saying that they're cheap, I still love those perfumes; but as I get older I start collecting high end perfumes and now I just completely stop buying celebrities perfume until I decided to place an order on the Katy Perry Meow.

I did my research before buying the perfume (as usual), everyone on youtube was raving about this perfume and I just had to buy it to see what's all the fuss about & it seems like almost all beauty gurus have great taste in perfumes ;) haha cause it is really an amazing product!

The Katy Perry Meow perfume is sooooo kawaii, comes in a shape of a cat in lavender and baby pink with a M collar, 3D tails and rhinestones eyes; there is the word 'meow' printed on the cat's belly.

According to Fragrantic, Katy Perry Meow is developed by Givaudan perfumes. The fragrance opens with notes of tangerine, pear, jasmine and gardenia; the heart are honeysuckle, lily of the valley and orange bossom, while the sweet base features aromas of amber, vanilla, sandalwood and musk. Meow smells very sweet and last approximately 5 hours. I get so many compliments when I wear this to work, almost everyone here wanted to know what's the smell and where it's coming from :p

☆.¸¸ PROS:
- Unique bottle design

- Super sweet and nice smell
- Reasonable price
- Long lasting
- Gets so many compliments when wearing this

☆.¸¸ CONS:
- NOTHING! Iam totally in love with meow ~~