My Phone Cases Obsession.

I previously own a Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 and I was obsessed with phone cases, everytime I order a new phone case on eBay I always have to buy at least 5 of them and/or if it's an expensive phone case from these bling companies such as Lux Addiction then I order one or two. I also love Japanese decodens, whipped cream cases which can be found mainly on Etsy ^-^

I don't even know when I started this phone cases obsessions... I want to stop collecting and spending a huge amount of money on something that I am not going to use but I just can't seem to stop, if it's cute, I got to have it! *sigh* Do not follow in my foot steps, it will leave you broke sooner or later ~~ So.. I have just received eight (8) new super kawaii phone cases in the mail last week but just a week later I have upgrade to an iPhone 4s *DOH* ~~~ OMG ~~~ So, here I have a full box of both new and used phone cases that I am not sure what to do with :S Anyways, I just want to show off my crazy Galaxy S2 phone cases obsessions and if you know of anyone who have this same phone and wants loads of kawaii phone cases, I am happy to give these away ^-^ SO KRAZZZYYYY ~~

Momo Tea Albany

[image source from Google]

The below pictures were taken back in June not long after Momo Tea opened a new store in Albany. 

[Taro milk tea with jelly] <<-- I asked for taro milk tea with $1 topping of pearls and they gave me jelly instead >.<
[lamb sticks]
[I think this was squid?!]
[chicken wings]
[mango jelly with toppings: pearls, nata and jelly] << my favorite!

Japanese DIY Candy - Popin' Cookin' Sushi | Step-by-step how to. . .

I have recently received my parcel from tofucute which I bought this Popin' Cookin' Sushi DIY candy kit, the octopus DIY candy and also other kawaii stuff. I have been wanting to try these DIY candy kits for a long time and after watching a huge amount of youtube videos, I decided to buy and try them out myself!

Today I am blogging a step-by-step pictures of how to... make Popin' Cookin' Sushi DIY candy. The DIY candy kit does come with instructions at the back of the box, but unfortunately it's all in Japanese (I can't understand it >.< eek), so I watched this video and it helped a lot :) Please note: I took some informations from that video but all pictures are mine ^-^ and also this will be a long post but it will show you a step-by-step from begining to end of how to make your own Popin' Cookin' Sushi :")

TADA ~~~ and we are done ^-^ so easy isn't it?!