ROMWE | Pikachu outfits

Just showing off this super cute Pikachu outfits I bought from ROMWE, since a few people have been asking me about this etc. Necklace is from eBay ^^ ~ I absolutely love the crop top, I got it in a size small and it stretch a little but fits perfectly and people often compliments me when I wear it; the skirt thou, it's not so comfortable, the skirt is super mini and keeps rolling up when wearing it =.=

My Week in Pictures ♡ Queenstown trip

I Saw Beyonce Live!!! + OOTN ♡

I saw Beyonce for the first time live on Thursday the 17th of October at Vector Arena, Auckland; and it was so so SOOOO AMAZING! I had such a fun time, I have decided to share some pictures with you all ^-^ and videos ~
Pikachu top: Romwe
Mustard skirt: Cotton On
Tattoo tights: eBay
Necklace: eQuip
Bag: Kate Spade New York
LOL when I take pictures at a concert, my pictures always comes out blurry xD but I got to stand near the front and I got a pretty good view of B ;) Check out the video below for parts of the performance I have recorded ^^