Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer First Impression & Swatches ♡ Celestial, Nova and Apocaliptic

Have you been searching for the perfect lip product that has the amazing pigmentation of a lipstick, glossy shine of a lip gloss; something that isn't sticky nor does it dry matte or dries out your lips? You need to try these Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer, they are available in twelve shades to suit every skin tone and every mood you have!

(LOL, I sound like a TV commercial don't I?!) Honestly though, these lip lacquers are really THAT GOOD! & Today I am a writing a first impression of the three shades I own: Celestial (My absolute favourite), Nova and Apocaliptic.

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer L-R: Celestial, Nova and Apocaliptic

Rimmel London Apocalips is described as a lip lacquer that has creamy conditioning formula with pure color pigments, Rimmel claims these offers the most intense lip colors and is extreme comfortable to wear with its satin smooth finish.

First of all, I LOVE the packaging! Especially its diamond cut shaped top, I haven't seen anything as unique as this before. Rimmel Apocalips comes packaged in a 'big-head-small-body' black tube with an ombre style on the bottom. The color of the ombre part is actually made of transparent plastic and the color shown is whatever color of the lip lacquer.

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer L-R: Apocaliptic, Nova and Celestial

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer comes packaged with one of those doe-foot applicator, I feel like it is not the same as ANY OTHER doe-foot applicator because this one applies so smooth and soft. It doesn't feel like one of those hard spongey types and it doesn't look like the doe-foot suck in a lot of the products.

Totally clueless! All I know is the Apocalips Lip Lacquer is perfect inside out! From its packaging to its applicator and its color choices to formula and scent! Oh My Gawh, those who loves a refreshing melon scent would adore this! I can't describe the exact scent, some says it smells like watermelon; to me these lip lacquers smells like a mixtures of melon and fresh veges!

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer L-R: Celestial, Nova and Apocaliptic

CELESTIAL - mauvey pink
NOVA - warm pink
APOCALIPTIC - deep pink

Out of all three shades I own from the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer range, CELESTIAL is the only one that I have tried on the lips and it is my favourite for a various reasons; in-depth review to come soon.

The pigmentation of each Apocalips is so amazing, the colors are so vibrant and beautiful, both in the tube and in person. These are so moisturizing and hydrating during wear, they don't dry out your lips, nor do they slides around or bleed. The formula feels lightweight and it glides on the lips smoothly.

Apocalips worn well for pretty long hours, even though I have only tried Celestial on the lips, I can just imagine the long-lasting hours Nova and Apocaliptic has to offer as they are both darker shades. Celestial worn well for six hours on me and when it fades, it leaves a pretty dark-medium pink stain.

beautiful color choices (12 shades)
cute diamond cut shaped and ombre packaging
great pigmentation & good color payoff
glossy finish without being sticky
no products slides off, around or bleeds
up to six hours wear on me
easy to remove with makeup swipes
smells like fresh melon and vege
lightweight formula
smooth and effortless application
soft doe-foot applicator
very affordable

product color name is printed on a sticker, with a barcode and it is stick between the cap and the tube, when opened the lip lacquer for the first time, you have a choice of either tearing up the sticker or remove the sticker over all; but the thing is, the sticker is the only part on the whole product with the color name. I made the mistake of removing the barcode sticker of Celestial, I didn't know and if I have remove all the stickers on all three tubes, I would have no clue which one is which. why can't they just print the color name on the tube, or something?

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer is available to purchase at beautybliss.co.nz (NZD $14.99 on sale) and/or makeup.co.nz (NZD $19.99).

Have you tried these lip lacquers? What is your favourite shade(s)?


Le Metier de Beaute Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick ♥ Marrakech Review + Swatches

Le Metier de Beaute
I have never mentioned Le Metier de Beaute on my blog before, although it is not a new makeup brand on the market, it is fairly new to me. I have came across a lot of new-to-me brands last year and I am just slowly trying out these products and reviewing them.

Today I am reviewing the Le Metier de Beaute Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick in Marrakech. This brand is not available in New Zealand, so I purchased this lipstick along with a few other Le Metier de Beaute products from BeautyBay.

Le Metier de Beaute Lipstick

Le Metier de Beaute Color Core Lipstick comes packaged in a thin, round tube; the material of its outside packaging feels like 'car tyres' types of material, black, rubber-ish. The packaging is simple and it match up to its luxuries makeup standard; not too much graphic, nor too girly, it is suitable for all age groups. 

Le Metier de Beaute Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick - Marrakech

Le Metier de Beaute Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick is described as a long-wearing, hydrating lipstick that will delivery a rich and full coverage color. The Color Core range claims its shea butter moistures and heals dryness, while jojoba protects against lip wrinkles, it will not feather nor bleed during wear and it provides a velvety finish.

There are twenty-something shades available in the Color Core Moisture Stain range and each lipstick is named after a well-known vacation spot around the world. I purchased this lipstick while it was on sale, so there weren't a lot of color choices to choose from. I did end up picking the shade Marrakech, it's a beautiful pinky orangey color with a frost finish.

** arghh ** I didn't know Marrakech is a frost finish when I bought the lipstick, but in this case it's not too bad. The color is so summery and pretty and comfortable to wear, it's alright even if it's a frost. 

Le Metier de Beaute Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick - Marrakech
Le Metier de Beaute Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick - Marrakech
Le Metier de Beaute Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick - Marrakech

One of my favourite things about this lipstick is the formula, it isn't as moisturizing as Le Metier de Beaute had claimed, but its texture is soft and velvety. Marrakech being a frost finish, I had expected it to worn off within a short time frame and I had imagined it would be hard to apply and get the color to show without layering it a million times. I was wrong.

Le Metier de Beaute Marrakech Lipstick is very long-wearing, for a frost finish; it worn well on me for approximately four hours even on days I go hiking, I sweat a lot, I drank a lot of water, I touch my lips quite often and it still stays on!

Marrakech is moisturizing, but it's not too-moisturizing like a creamy feel. Every time I wear this lipstick, not only do I adore the subtle shimmery summer color, I also love how comfortable it is; I love that it doesn't dry out my already-dried-lips nor does it crack and flake.

Le Metier de Beaute Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick - Marrakech Lip Swatch
Le Metier de Beaute Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick - Marrakech Lip Swatch

I am looking forward to trying out more shades from the Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick range, I especially want to try the creamy matte fomula they have, I much prefer matte over frost finish.

Le Metier de Beaute Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick is available to purchase at beautybay.com (AUD $42.80), they currently only have two darker shades available, not sure if they will re-stock Marrakech. This range is also available on net-a-porter (USD $42.07), I haven't done a beauty order through net-a-porter before so I am unsure how the whole shipping process works, I assume those who lives outside of US would have to use a mail forwarding service as they probably don't ship beauty items oversea.


DIOR ♥ Dior Addict #772 Exquise Gloss Review + Swatches

Today I am reviewing the beautiful Dior Addict #772 Exquise Gloss. 

Dior Addict #772 Exquise Gloss

I bought this lip gloss at a pretty good deal from fellow blogger Beauty Reductionista's blog sale, the girly hot pink shade really caught my eyes, even though I rarely wear lip gloss at the time, Exquise was calling my name! oh na na, what's my name ~ 

Dior Addict Exquise is another one of those impulsive buys turns absolutely obsessed with product, its smooth formula and beautiful color definitely won my heart and a stable spot in my makeup stash.

Dior Addict #772 Exquise Gloss is a hot fuschia Barbie pink shade, it is a Limited Edition gloss from the Dior Trianon Spring 2014 Collection. Exquise is one of the first Dior Addict Gloss I own and so far I am loving the pigmentation and the formula, I would happily collect all the shades available from the Dior Addict range if I have all that money.

Dior Addict #772 Exquise Gloss

Dior Addict #772 Exquise Gloss is described as a lip gloss with a magic formula that provides lips unprecedented mirror shine and incredible comfort. Its texture is smooth and the consistency is like jelly, this gloss offers a plump look with a hydrating feel during wear and it moisturizes lips for an intensified volume-boosting effect.

The packaging of the Dior Addict Gloss gives you an elegant feel, the gloss comes packaged in an expensive glass-looking tube with silver detailing. The name of the gloss, the size and where this product is made in (Dior Addict Gloss is made in France) is printed on a transparent sticker on the bottom. My favourite thing about this packaging is it doesn't leave any finger prints, nor is it easily scratch when I carry it in my handbag with a thousand of other weird things.

Exquise looks like a full-on hot pink from the tube, but it is quite a sheer gloss; the gloss appears as a sheer gloss with one swipe or you can swipe a couple more times to build it up into an intense pink. I love the brush type applicator, but not as much as a doe-foot applicator, I guess each have their own advantage and disadvantage.

While I adore the pretty pink color of this gloss and the moisture it offers, I am a bit too disappointed at its longevity. I don't normally have a high expectation for lip glosses, I know it isn't their fault that they don't last for the whole day; but at least stick around for awhile! I was expecting at least 3 hours wear for Exquise, mainly because it is an expensive lip gloss. Sadly this only worn one hour max on me, when it fades, it just fully disappear.

Dior Addict #772 Exquise Gloss
Dior Addict #772 Exquise Gloss
Dior Addict #772 Exquise Gloss

Overall, I am glad to have Dior Addict #772 Exquise Gloss in my makeup collection, I love it inside and out despite it's short wearing time. I adore the Barbie pink color from the tube and I love being able to wear it sheer or intense depends on my outfit of the day. Not to mention it's soft jelly-like, non-sticky texture and the plump effect and moisturizing feel it offers for dry lips. I love love L O V E this lip gloss!

Are you a lip gloss fan? Do you own any Dior Addict Gloss? If yes, do share your favourite shades!

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick ♡ Sweet Grenadine -- Review + Lip Swatch

I am totally new to the whole MAC Sheen Supreme range even thou it has been around for a long time, I guess I have been living under a rock all these time. 

Today I am reviewing the MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in shade Sweet Grenadine, I purchased this along with Playtime when I spot these in a makeup sale group back in May 2014. I have been loving and using Sweet Grenadine a lot, I give it more attention than Playtime, so I feel like it is the right time to give it a full review and let you all know what I have been loving and/or disliking about this lipstick.

MAC Sheen Supreme Sweet Grenadine Lipstick
MAC Sheen Supreme Sweet Grenadine Lipstick

MAC Sweet Grenadine is one of the lipstick released with the So Supreme collection back in 2013, there are six lipsticks from this collection, one being a permanent shade and the rest are Limited Edition.

I have double check on the MAC website and it seems like both shades I got from this collection (Playtime and Sweet Grenadine) are Limited Edition, it's no wonder I hardly see these beauties around.

MAC Sweet Grenadine Lipstick looks like a crazy bright orange from the tube, never thought I would be brave enough to wear a bright orange lipstick out. I do own a few bright lipsticks, orange, red, purple, you name it; but I have only worn it at home or when I create theme makeup looks for my blog.

The reason why I have never been afraid of wearing Sweet Grenadine out is because it has a semi-opaque coverage, you can lightly dab the color on for a subtle tint or you can build up the color to a bright orange. I have been wearing it in-between a tint and a full-on bright color and I've been getting a lot of compliment on how beautiful the color looks on my skin tone.

♥ I love that MAC Sweet Grenadine has a glossy finish, the lipstick feels very lightweight and moisturizing during wear, the glossi-ness doesn't slides around, smear and wear-off fast; so that is a big YES formula for me. Sweet Grenadine is creamy, smooth and it glides on the lips effortlessly, it smells like vanilla, like all other MAC lipsticks and this one worn well for five hours on me.

I don't think there is anything I dislike about MAC Sweet Grenadine, it's pretty much everything a dry lips girl wish for. The formula is very comfortable to wear, I could apply without the exfoliate and lip balms beforehand and it would still apply as smooth as if I have already done the exfoliate process.

MAC Sheen Supreme Sweet Grenadine Lipstick Lip Swatch
I kind of feel bad because MAC Sweet Grenadine Lipstick is no longer available to purchase on the official MAC website and I get that a lot of you hesitate when purchasing MAC on eBay or any makeup sales group, it's a big risk buying MAC elsewhere than the official website as there are a lot of fakes and you can never tell if they are real unless if you have been studying the difference of a real and fake 24/7 of your life.

I do recommend makeupemporium1 on eBay, she is based in Canada and she sells a lot of Limited Edition MAC that you can no longer purchase on the MAC website. A lot of people has asked me how do I know if the products she sells is authentic and how would I know if she's not a scammer?! I have had plenty of great experience purchasing MAC from her, all products are legit and I actually found her eBay via specktra, she was highly recommend by a lot of the MAC obsessives in the forum, so I decided to take a risk and give her a try; glad to say I am very happy with every single purchase I have made through her.

Here, if you trust me, you can purchase MAC Sweet Grenadine Lipstick from eBay seller: makeupemporium1


Karadium ♥ Ribbon Marble Blusher #2 Pink Orange

Today I have a very pretty and girl blusher to show you, it is the Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher. ♥ There are three shades available from this range, but I only have one to show and that is shade #2 Pink Orange.

Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange
Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange
Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange
Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange
Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange

I am a total newbie to Karadium Cosmetics, I don't know anything about the brand except that their products are made in Korea and their packaging is one of the prettiest I have seen! Obviously it can't be compare to well-known brands like Etude House and Tony Moly, but it's not too far off. 

Karadium first caught my eyes on BeautyNetKorea, I spot these pretty marble blushes while window shopping and my first thought was "omg look at the cat, she's winking at me" and then a voice inside came after "you don't need another blusher, especially from a brand you have never heard of". I end up with #2 Pink Orange, cause it's just soooo pretty and my makeup collection agreed they need another member in their blusher family.

Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange
Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange

Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher is described as an oven-baked blush that will apply even and looks natural, it features minerals that hydrates and condition the skin, three different blusher shades that provides the perfect glow. Karadium claims these are long-lasting, they are suitable for all skin types and will look flattering on a variety of skin tones.

There are three shades available from the Ribbon Marble Blusher range: #1 Highlighter, #2 Pink Orange and #3 Gold Peach. It was a hard decision choosing the color and since I always pick my shades based on what looks the prettiest in the compact, I end up getting #2 Pink Orange. To be honest, I kind of regret my chosen color a little, =/ It looks absolutely beautiful in the compact, it has a combination of pink, orange and champagne; the marble design is also very pretty. The downside is the blush color barely shows up on my skin tone.

Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange
Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange
Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange

Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher comes packaged in a silver mirror reflects cardboard box with a cute cat design and plenty stars, hearts and butterflies etc... The actual compact is made of hard plastic, it is sturdy and it holds the powder blush nicely without it coming loose. The compact itself also has the same design as the cardboard box except that it's printed in an ombre pink color and a white base around and on the bottom of the compact. Karadium's packaging isn't all flash and elegant, but it is good quality and their designs are really cute.

A mirror and a brush is included in the compact, the brush feels very and it has thick bristles. As you can see in the picture above and below, there is a clear plastic separator between the blusher and the brush, it is attached to the compact and I don't think it is removable unless you snap it into two.

The clear plastic separator is to protect your blush from getting dirty, also to protect your brush your scratching the product. I find it so inconvenience having to flick the separator every time I want to use the blush, I think it's good that Karadium has thought of all the hygiene facts whilst making the Ribbon Marble Blusher, but the separator is just so annoying! Who has all that free time to flick the separator?! Not me!

Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange
Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange

Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher in shade #2 Pink Orange - a mixture of pink, orange and champagne white, when swirl together it creates a peachy pink and when swatched on my arms it came up as a baby pink. It does show up as a subtle pink flush shade on my face but that is when I pack a lot the products on, otherwise it doesn't show up well.

Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange
Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher - #2 Pink Orange

Overall, it is always nice to try out new brands and new products. Karadium Ribbon Marble Blusher is available to purchase at beautynetkorea.com (US $22.50), as mentioned there are three shades to choose from from this range. If you have lighter skin tones like I do, I would suggest shade #3 Gold Peach, I haven't tried it myself, but I have seen beautiful swatches of Gold Peach on light skin girls and it looks absolutely gorgeous as a highlighter! 

Even thou the compact's design and packaging is good quality and the marble blush inside is beautiful, I will not be re-purchasing. There are much high quality blushes in the market that you can purchase with US $22.00 or less; MAC powder blushes are US $22.00 each and the quality is ten times better than the Karadium one. 

image Things I Love:
       ★ cute girly packaging
       ★ gorgeous combination of colors
       ★ comes to mirror for easy touch-ups
       ★ includes a handy, high quality mini brush

imageThings I Dislike:
        blusher barely shows up on my light-medium skin tone
        blush texture is chalky and powdery
        it is expensive
        clear separator in the compact is inconvenience

PeriPera x Disney Frozen ☆ Wholly Deep Eye Liner Kit Swatches

Remember my PeriPera x Disney Frozen Collection haul? I got to say that was one of the cutest makeup collection that I have purchased last year!

Today I want to show you all some pretty swatches of the Wholly Deep Eye Liner Kit from the PeriPera x Disney Frozen Collection, this is a Limited Edition eyeliner set and it is still available to purchase at kollectionk.com despite it was released more than six months ago.

PeriPera Disney Frozen Wholly Deep Eye Liner Kit
PeriPera Disney Frozen Wholly Deep Eye Liner Kit
PeriPera Disney Frozen Wholly Deep Eye Liner Kit
PeriPera Disney Frozen Wholly Deep Eye Liner Kit

There are five eyeliners included in the PeriPera Wholly Deep Eye Liner Kit and the kit comes packaged in a cute little blue / white tin case with Elsa and Anna posing on the front cover and Olaf on the side, there is also another adorable drawing of Olaf inside the tin, you will see the picture once you have open the case.

PeriPera Disney Frozen Wholly Deep Eye Liner Kit
PeriPera Disney Frozen Wholly Deep Eye Liner Kit

From left to right:
☆ Secret Magic - burgundy with sparkles
☆ Systers E & A - brown with sparkles
☆ Let It Go - purple with sparkles
☆ Have to Play - black with sparkles
☆ Snow Blade - champagne gold with sparkles

PeriPera Disney Frozen Wholly Deep Eye Liner Kit

PeriPera claims each eyeliner included in the Disney Frozen Wholly Deep Eye Liner Set is waterproof by running water and smudge proof by hand. This set is very comparable to the Tosowoong Makeon Princess Eyeliner Set, it also comes with five sparkling eyeliner and have its own tin case with different design.

The texture of the PeriPera Wholly Deep Eye Liner is velvety soft, it is creamy and it glides on the eyelid so smoothly. I have used Secret Magic, the burgundy one as a cream eye shadow and it blends so nicely. I have also used Have to Play, the black one numerous time and the formula just left me with a very good impression of the whole Wholly Deep eyeliner range.

These eyeliners are really as good as the brand claims to be, they are super waterproof, you could have them running in the water for as long as you want and they won't come off at all, even if you rub them over and over again, they just stay as how you have applied them. This is good for people with an oily eyelid, it won't come off unless if you remove your makeup with a waterproof makeup remover and/or waterproof makeup oil.
Snow Queen Elsa Sprite by CherushiMetsumari

Overall, this is a great eyeliner kit, whether you are a makeup artist or you are a beginner; it is a very useful set, you can create several looks with this from subtle sparkling day look to a date night smokey look. The sparkles in the eyeliners adhere very well and they don't fall off unless remove with a waterproof makeup remover.

This set is also quite handy, the tin it comes packaged in is small, you can easily pack the case with you when travelling, this way you won't have loose eyeliners lying around and the tin is pretty sturdy, they hold the eyeliners well to avoid breakage. A pencil sharpener is also included in the set.

Anyway, have you tried any of the products from the PeriPera Disney Frozen line? I have also reviewed the Magic Glam Tints in Elsa no.1 Let It Go & Anna no.2 I'm Happy, Kristoff, check them out if you are curious to know the quality and the color etc, I can tell you they are all amazing products!