Beauty Empties #5 ♡ ft. Tony Moly, Batiste, Elizavecca + More [2015]

Beauty Empties // January & February '15

I spent most of January on holiday, so no complaint here; and February has been a good month, I have purchased a few beauty items and at the same time I have emptied out a lot of skin care and hair products. Ever since I made a plan of using up the products that has already been opened and not wasting things; I have been doing quite good; pretty impressed with myself.

I usually write up an empties post at the end of each month, but January was all about the holiday and relaxing time, I admit I was a bit lazy. So today I am combining the two months - January and February - and show you all the products I have emptied during these months.

Beauty Empties // January & February '15

TONYMOLY Red Cheeks Girl's Patch was mentioned in my recent Memebox unboxing (My Cute Wishlist 3), this product is described as a patch that hydrates and soothes the cheeks. One pack comes with two pink patch for each cheek and all you need to do is apply and leave on for 20~30 minutes.

I personally think a cheek patch is not necessary in your daily / weekly skincare routine, cheeks patches are not much difference to a lips patch in material and performance, both are very cute in packaging too; the only difference is, I can usually see an improvement lips patch makes as it soften and smooth my dry crack lips, but a cheek patch didn't make a difference at all! I didn't feel it hydrating nor soothes my skin and while using it, it keeps sliding down so I had to tilt my head back and not look down.

Maybe a full facial mask does a better job at soothing your cheek area than the actual cheeks patch.

Anyway, not bashing and talking down on the product; I still think the packaging is really adorable and I love that it's pink! If the product doesn't work for me, it does not mean it won't work for you!

Tonymoly Red Cheeks Girl's Patch is available to purchase at hikosencara and they are NZD $3.50 per pack, each pack contains two patches for each cheek. I may re-purchase this, even though it didn't do much to my cheek area, I love that it's adorable and very affordable.

Beauty Empties // January & February '15

I have very straight and very stubborn hair that won't curl, but at the same time it is very smooth, soft, fly with the wind (you know what I mean?!) and very healthy; apart from getting its split ends trim once a month, I hardly fuss with my hair or spend a fortune of hair products that doesn't work on me.

Surprisingly I have been loving the BATISTE Dry Shampoo, this product is kind of expensive for the big size, but it lasted me through nearly six months with regular use. Batiste dry shampoos comes with a few flavors and every single one of them smells amazeball! The best thing about this is I could go three days without washing my hair and without feeling gross. On day 3 it pretty much felt like I just washed my hair the night before.

SCHWARZKOPF Moisture Gloss 10 Days Shine Mask is another of my favourite hair products lately, I received this in my Beauty Review December Beauty Box and when I first saw it I was like... "mehh~ me no like hair stuff". Then as soon as I tried it, I instantly fell in love! On the packaging it suggested to use this product regularly, so I use this hair mask whenever I wash my hair. I already have shiny, gorgeous, smooth and soft hair, and after using this product; my hair has gone the softest it could get, but still healthy and not breaking etc... The hair mask smells so good too!

Batiste Dry Shampoo is available to purchase at Farmers, in-store only, and the price ranging from NZD $7.99 ~ $23.99. Schwarzkopf Moisture Gloss Hair Mask is available at Countdown and it is very affordable, only cost NZD $9.99 each. I have and will continue to re-purchase both hair products mentioned and I highly recommend them to anyone who loves their hair.

Beauty Empties // January & February '15

I have raved about the PURE SMILE Choosy Lip Masks many many times on my blog, even did a review on this product; it is one of my favourite lip masks of all times as it hydrates and smooth my dry crack lips. Choosy lip masks are very affordable and they come in various flavors, so far peach is my absolutely number one!

Choosy Lip Mask is available to purchase at Ippondo, Albany / Auckland CBD, not sure on the exact price as I have always purchased them in bulk; hmm it cost approximately NZD $15 for 10 packs, each pack contains one lip mask. I have already re-purchase this plenty of times and I will continue to re-purchase it, I love it so much!

Beauty Empties // January & February '15

As you can tell, I have been really into my sheet masks lately; I spot this MY BEAUTY DIARY Puffiness Intensive Care Eye Mask at the Japanese Mart in Albany and while looking at the ingredients etc... I saw the picture of the mask, it looks like one of those masquerade party masks and the first thought that came to my mind was... "it's so princess-y"! So I bought it based on the look hehe.

If I wasn't full of curiosity and didn't pick up the product to check its ingredients, I probably wouldn't know such amazing product exist! This product is described as a mild eye mask that contains double nourishing ingredients, vitamins and plant essences; it claims to soothes eyes from tiredness and avoid puffiness. Ever since using this eye mask, my eyes doesn't look as tiring now even though I often stay up late and hardly get any sleep, it avoids puffiness and my makeup doesn't crease around the under eyes like it used to.

My Beauty Diary Puffiness Intensive Care Eye Mask is available to purchase at the Japan Mart in Albany Mall, I am unsure of its exact pricing as it was purchased awhile ago; but I think it is something around the NZD $15 price mask per pack, each pack comes with five sheets of eye masks. I love this product, not only of how amazing it works for my skin, also of its butterfly shape, very girly and princessy, so pretty and I will definitely re-purchase!

Beauty Empties // January & February '15

I purchased the AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Lotion, all because I had a $5 off voucher. The product claims to improved the health of dry skin and to protect dry skin for up to 24 hours! I have always been lazy and avoid moisturizers, my legs are the worst, they look cracked and they are very dry. After using up the bottle of Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion, I see a huge improvement, my legs are getting better, no longer have cracked skin here and there and also super moisturizing at the same time! The lotion is not sticky and when applied on the night after shower, it could last till the morning / afternoon of next day.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is available to purchase at Countdown and the price is NZD $10.99 each. I would happily re-purchase this lotion, it is very affordable, amazing product that I highly recommend to all that has dry skin.

Beauty Empties // January & February '15

My love for Lush started when I tried the SNOW FAIRY Shower Gel, it is a Limited Edition product that is only available during the Christmas seasons. This past Christmas I bought a bunch as a back-up, hehe I don't want to ever feel like I am panicking because it's running out soon! Snow Fairy looks pink, my favourite color and it smells like marshmallow; arghhh how perfect can it get?

Next to Snow Fairy is ULTA Travel Size 3-in-1 Beauty Smoothie in Yum Yum Yumberry, it act as a shower gel, bubble bath and shampoo. This product is free of Parabens, Phthalates, DEA & Gluten, it claims to leave skin and hair smooth and soft very every yummy cleansing. My favourite thing about this is the smell, it has a very gorgeous and rich berry scent.

I received the ELIZAVECCA Collagen Ceremide Coating Protein Treament in the Memebox Rapunzel Princess Edition box and I didn't really enjoy using it until I had nothing, no hair oil or treatment to use while I was on holiday at Mount Maunganui. After using it a couple of times and realizing my hair is softer than ever, I kind of just fell in love, I guess. This hair treatment is to prevents dry, damaged hair and split ends.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel is available to purchase at Lush, both online and in-store, its pricing ranged from NZD $14.50 ~ $35.90 per bottle depends on the sizing. Ulta Beauty Smoothie was gifted to me by my girly friend from the America, pretty sure you've all heard about Mary, I have mentioned her a lot on my blog; it is available to purchase at Ulta and it is USD $4.00 each. Elizavecca Collagen Hair Treatment was from a Memebox, not sure where this is available to purchase, sorry.

I look forward to every Christmas, just so I could stock up on the Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gels ^^ so YES! I would definitely re-purchase. Since both the Ulta Beauty Smoothly and the Elizavecca Hair Treatments are not easy to get my hands on; I won't be re-purchasing both items.

Beauty Empties // January & February '15

ROOIBOS Aqua Sprinkler Gel Cream was from the Memebox Herbal Cosmetics box, and it claims its sparkling water will deliver nutrition rich minerals and deep hydration to your skin. This product can be use as a toner or an overall facial moisturizer and even though it has a pudding-like gel texture, it can be sprayed like a mist. I have tried to sprayed it directly to my face, but the gel is too powerful, it often hurts my face, felt like something was shooting at me.

NEUTROGENA Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover claims to be that one product that can remove waterproof eye makeup the gentle way, it is oil-free, non greasy, and it is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearer. This product is what it claims to be and I love that it removes makeup, even waterproof ones easily with just one cotton pad and it doesn't make my face feels oily.

I am on my third bottle of THE BODY SHOP Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, and it is one of my absolute favourite, must-have skincare products! This is a cleansing gel-based facial wash that is subtle for every day use to help prevent blemishes. My face looks a lot clearer since using this facial wash and I hardly break out these days!

DDOBYUL Plant Stem Cell Anti-Aging Solution came from my first ever Memebox, can you believe this little thing lasted me one year?! This product claims it increases collagen production to fight the appearance of aging, winkles and enhances skin complexion. Obviously I see no difference because I am still young in age and I still look like I am under 18 (got asked for my ID everywhere I go, including R18 movies =.=). What I like about this product is the bottle, lol seems like it's always about the packaging! Also the product itself feels hydrating during wear.

Both Rooibos Gel Cream & Ddobyul Anti-Aging Solution came from Memebox beauty boxes, and I have no idea where they are available to purchase and how much they would cost; I also wouldn't re-purchase neither of them, as they did not perform as good as it should on me.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover is available to purchase at Countdown, Pak'n Save, New World and I think they are all priced differently, but the pricing is around NZD $10 ~ $15 per bottle. The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash is available to purchase at The Body Shop NZ website, or in-stores and it cost NZD $18.95 per bottle, usually one bottle can last me up to three months of every day uses. I love both of these products and I would love to re-purchase them over and over again!

Beauty Empties // January & February '15

I got a mini sample of the NEUTROGENA Deep Clean Gentle Scrub to try from the Beauty Review December Beauty Box, I have grown up using this product as a teenager and I love how it leaves my face very soft. To me it is one of those products that is not a must-have for me, at the same time I don't mind buying and using it.

TONYMOLY Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub has to be my all time favourite facial scrub! The product came packaged in a mini coffee mug, the texture is thick like a jelly / gel type and it has a very strong smell of coffee! This facial scrub claims to remove dry and dead skin cells as well as providing nutrition to the skin. (click here to read my full review).

VELLA Fresh Creamy Soap is a not-so-coffee item that came in my Memebox Cafe Box, it contains donkey milk, honey complex and flora extracts. When using this product, it feels like taking a scoop of cream cheese and smooth it all over my face, and after cleansing, it gives me that "very very clean, absolutely no oil left on your face" feel.

I have tried one of those foil packet samples of the ANTIPODES Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream that came from one of those non-Asian beauty boxes (either Goodie Box or Sample Bar), obviously I really enjoyed it, so much that I went and purchase the full size! It is really an amazing night cream, a little goes a long way and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft the next day!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub is available to purchase at Countdown, Pak'n Save, New World and any other supermarkets, different stores have different pricing, I haven't purchase one in so long, I am guessing it would be around NZD $10 per tube. As mentioned above, it is not one of those must-have items, I would re-purchase the full size if I feel like. Tonymoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub is available from eBay, prices ranging from NZD $13.93 ~ $40.66 o.O! I have already re-purchased the Tonymoly scrub, how can I say no to coffee? I love Memebox, but they always includes not popular brands that you can't buy anywhere unless if you buy from their store, which they charge an expensive amount per item! Because of that, I can't tell you how much the Vella Fresh Creamy Soap cost and nor would I know where to purchase it, now that Memebox only delivers within US. Antipodes Nourishing Night Cream is available to purchase at Antipodes (NZD $65.50), Feel Unique (AUD $63.67) or Beauty Bay (AUD $58.80). As you can see, it's VERY expensive! That little thing lasted me for the whole six months and I used it every night before bed, I would definitely re-purchase, but since it's not as affordable, I may have to think twice before placing an order.

Beauty Empties // January & February '15

SALLY HANSEN Salon Effects Nail Strips is my absolute summer favourite! It is so easy to apply, I don't have to wait around for hours to my nails to dry, and they last up to 10 days without chipping! I have received sooo many compliments whether if it's out shopping or at work.

I bought a bunch of HURRAW Lip Balms when Oh Natural was having a $5 dollars sale on all Hurraw lip balms, and so far I have used up the Night Treatment Lip Balm. I love the smell of this, but I can't describe it, the lip balm is very moisturizing, the texture is thick and creamy and that little tube lasted me two months and I used it every night before bed.

I buy all of my Sally Hansen Nail Strips from Trademe sellers driina (NZD $6.00 per pack), these nail strips are also available to purchase at Farmers, not sure on the exact price, but I think it should be somewhere around NZD $15 ~ $20. Hurraw Balms are available to purchase from Beauty Bliss (NZD $6.95 ~ $7.50) or Oh Natural (NZD $6.95).

Both products mentioned I will happily re-purchase again! They are each amazing in their own way.

Beauty Empties // January & February '15

I purchased a few PUREDERM Nose Pore Strips to try from a makeup sale group on Facebook and I have no idea where I can purchase them >.<; these are one of the most amazing pore strips I have tried, remove my blackheads very well and doesn't leave my nose sore after use. I would love to re-purchase, could someone please let me know where I can buy at a reasonable price?

I have tried a foil pack sample of the WEI Lady Berry Instant Line Repair, I received it as a complimentry sample from a Mecca Cosmetica order. I am not a fan of this, the texture is very thick, hard and it didn't apply smoothly; my face felt very heavy throughout the whole day while have this on. This product is available to purchase at Mecca Cosmetica (online or in-store) and it cost NZD $94.00, pretty expensive, for a product that didn't work for me, I would definitely not purchase the full size.

I bought a few packets of the Etude House Collagen Eye Patch to try when I did my Etude House order (should show you guys the haul soon ^^), I love love LOVE this product! It hydrates and brighten up my under eye area, I hardly get dark circle these days. It is available to purchase at Etude House and it is so affordable, only cost USD $1.00 per packet, each packet includes two eye patch for each eye.

Hope you all enjoy reading my January & February beauty empties, sorry for such a long article heheh; I wanted give you all as much information about the products as possible, so if you were interested in one of these products mentioned, you won't regret your purchase after.

Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack ☆ Chic Purple Review & Swatches

One of my readers has emailed me and requested for a review of the Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack in the shade Chic Purple, and that is what I am doing today. 

I have had plenty of experiences with this, including dripping it all over the carpet in my makeup room...  *oops* please don't tell my dad! The product is a very cool concept, I haven't come across anything like this before, I think it's fun, but at the same time it is kind of messy.

Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack Chic Purple
Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack Chic Purple

There are three seasons available in the Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack, the first two season only have two colors available in each season and each of the lip tint packs only contains 10g of product. I guess the whole idea of a peel-off lip mask tint is very popular, Berrisom has released a season three with eight new stunning vivid colors and the size of the tube has upgraded to 15g.

Berrisom claims the Oops My Lip Tint Pack are very moisturizing during wear, the brand also claims these lip tints has a high pigmentation and each of the colors offers a long wearing time, they claims it could last up to 12 hours wear!

The color I am reviewing today is Chic Purple, it is described as a burgundy purple color that is a perfect match with smokey makeup. I personally thinks it looks nothing like burgundy, it doesn't have any types of red and/or berries in it, the color looks to me like a violet purple.

Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack Chic Purple
Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack comes packaged in a nice size handy tube, the color of the packaging is designed to suit the color of the actual product inside. The tube is one of those squeezy types and it has a plastic applicator.

I love the designs on the packaging, it has all types of lips, sheer lips, pigmented lips printed all over the tube. In the front it has Berrisom's logo printed in white on the bottom, a graphic of a juicy plump lips printed in the middle along with OOPS! coming out of the lips in a word bubble and on top it has My Lip Tint Pack and Chic Purple (the color of the lip tint) printed in white.

Right at the very top of the plastic it has the product serial number engraved on.

At the back of the tube it has some information printed in Korean (which I don't understand a word), this tube contains 15g of product, the packaging is recyclable and it is Made in Korea.

Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack Chic Purple
The texture of the Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack is very thick and sticky, it has a same consistency of a peel-off facial mask and it felt like packing on layers and layers of super glue when applied on the lips.

Chic Purple smells like rubbing alcohol. I am not sure if all the Berrisom My Lip Tint Packs smells like this or just the one I own, but it's not a very nice smell. I was expecting a fruity grape flavor scent, since the one I own is purple; and when it comes to Korean cosmetics, these brands always pack their products with a sweet fruity, or at least a nice flora smell.

PhotobucketHOW TO USE 
1. Cover your lips with the lip tint pack, be careful not to apply it outside of your lip.
2. Let it dry for about 5 ~ 10 minutes.
3. Peel off the lip tint pack from the corner of your lips once it is dried.
4. Remove all left over dried pack from step 3.

First of all, step 1 was very messy and it is messy every single time! It is hard to avoid applying the lip tint pack outside of your lips, unless if you were going for the gradient lips look. Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack does not dry within 10 minutes as it claimed in step 2, unless if you have applied a very very thin layer, which never really works with thin layer. For me personally, I always feel like I am not applying enough product and it looks uneven during application; the uneven-ness does matter, because on the spot that you have applied more lip tint pack, the after result is more pigmented and on the spot that you have a thin layer on, it will show as a more sheerer tint. The lip tint pack was not hard to remove during step 3, all you need to do is lift up the corner and peel off the mask, it doesn't hurt while peeling off, and step 4 is just removing left over packs that step 3 could not pick up in one go.

PhotobucketARM SWATCH (DEMO)
Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack Chic Purple Lip Swatch Demo
The application tip is pointy and it is easy to apply, what made the application hard was the consistency of the lip tint pack; the texture is very sticky and I always fear that I will either apply too much and it takes too long to dry or I will apply it outside of my lips, and by the time it dries, I won't be able to remove the purple stains outside of my lips until it wears off hours later.

During application, my lips feels very tingly, like that feeling as if I was applying a plumping effect lip gloss.

While the lip tint pack is drying, it feels like the product has suck out all the moist on my lips, it is very drying even though I have exfoliate and apply lip balms beforehand. Before it is fully dried, I have to constantly have my mouth open to avoid my lips sticking together.

PhotobucketLIP SWATCH (DEMO)
STEP 1: Cover lips with Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack. 
STEP 2: Let the product dry. (It took 15 minutes for me during this demo)
STEP 3: Peel off the lip tint pack from the corner of the lips once it is fully dried.
NOTE: The lip tint pack will pull and drag your lips.
NOTE: It doesn't hurt during peel off of Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack.
STEP 3: Done.
STEP 3: Once peel off the bottom lip tint pack, do the same to the upper lips.
NOTE: It pulls and drags during peel off for upper lip, but it wasn't as bad.
STEP 4: Remove / Peel off any left over lip tint pack from the previous step.
FINAL RESULT: Gorgeous sheer lavender purple and very drying.

My arm swatches lasted over eight hours and it was easily removed with body wash and a few rubs.

My lip swatches lasted just over four hours and I have only drank water during the whole wear.

I would have to disagree with a lot of the things Berrisom claims about the Oops My Lip Tint Pack.

Berrisom claims it is moisturizing during wear and from my experiences with this product, there were never once it feels moisturizing; during application it felt like the product has suck out of all the moist from my lips and after removing the lip tint pack, my lips feels very very drying. I could never rock this on its own because of its dryness.

Berrisom claims it is highly pigmented and I am not sure if I should agree or disagree?! It is very pigmented when first applying the lip tint pack, but once peel off the pack, it shows up as a sheer tint. I actually quite like the sheer tint because I am too shy to wear such a bright purple out of the house, hehe.

Berrisom claims it has a long wearing time of up to 12 hours, and that one is a false claim my friends... I have worn the Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack for a couple of times now and each time it lasted around four to five hours, there were never a time it lasted more than six hours on the lips.

To avoid the uncomfortable feeling of drying lips after peeling off the Oops My Lip Tint Pack, I loving paring it with MAC Tinted Lipglass in Lovechild, Chic Purple and Lovechild together is such a beautiful combination. 

Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack Chic Purple & MAC Lovechild Tinted Lipglass

Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack is an awesome product to try. It may seems like there is a lot of things I dislike about this product, but the whole peel-off lip tint concept has won my heart. Even though the application was messy, it smells like rubbing alcohol and it is super drying, I am still impressed by the result and I love how fun it is!

I have never come across a peel-off lip mask and this is my first time trying out such a cool thing, obviously I get very excited every time I use it. Plus, the sheer purple is gorgeous!

PhotobucketWHERE TO BUY:
RONA Makeup (Mid-City Auckland) - NZD $13
VANESSA (Mid-City Auckland) - NZD $12
WISHTREND (online) - USD $8.99 // on sale

have you tried Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack?


Memebox Superbox #61 My Cute Wishlist 3 ♥ Unboxing + Initial Thoughts

Memebox Superbox #61 My Cute Wishlist 3

As you all know I am a huge Memebox fan, I have cancelled all other beauty box subscription, just so I could focus on Memebox; but sometimes you just kind of need to give it a rest before losing interest, and that was what I have planned for 2015.

I wanted to give Memebox a rest, not because I think I will lose interest in their boxes, but because I have received so many products from Memebox and I feel like I can never finish up a product and all I do is open an item, try the item and left it to waste.

Anyway, things never go as planned when it comes to beauty, I end up with two new Memebox this year, which I will unbox and review this week. I swear, after these unboxing, I am really REALLY going to stop.

Another reason I am having a break with Memebox is because they have came up with a new layout for their website since new years and I feel like it's very complicated, I feel like the whole website is all about their American fans and the main focus is on the shops, not the boxes. There is not a lot of boxes available on their website like they used to have and their prices are also not as affordable anymore.

Please tell me I am not the only one who feels like they have changed.

Memebox Superbox #61 My Cute Wishlist 3

MEMEBOX Superbox #61 My Cute Wishlist 3
This is a box full of precious packaging, fun and cheeky names, and all things that are as cute as a button; it is a must-have Memebox for all the girlies that loves a cute packaging product.

Memebox has previously came out with two other My Cute Wishlist boxes, but they were all sold out within minutes and I was not able to get myself one; so I am very glad to finally own one of these. All the products that came within the box are so adorable and all six of the products included are very useful.

Price Per Box: USD$29.99 including $6.99 standard postage.
Shipping Time: took approximately 11 days including weekends to arrive.

Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm // 01 Stawberry
Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm // 01 Stawberry

HOPE GIRL Tinted Lip Balm 5g
Full size product: 5g ($12)
Randomly selected from 01 Strawberry, 02 Love Peach & 03 Hot Cherry.

Product Description:
Scented with a delicate strawberry fragrance, Hope Girl's Tinted Lip Balm is both a lip tint and a lip balm. While the co-enzyme Q-10 and shea butter formula deeply nourishes your chapped lips, the lovely pink tint will stein your lips with a long-lasting, colorful radiance!

How to Use:
Apply the tinted lip balm with your finger and blend it into your lips.

Have I Tried It?:
Not yet, only been swatched on hand and the color is so pretty!

Initial Thoughts:
I adore the packaging! This tinted lip balm comes packaged in a little pot with a pink leopard prints design lid; so glad I have received the pink one, it is such a gorgeous girly color and it has a not-over-the-top sweet strawberry scent.

Shara Shara Fairy's Make-up Synergy Sun Cream SPF45 PA++ 
Shara Shara Fairy's Make-up Synergy Sun Cream SPF45 PA++ 
Shara Shara Fairy's Make-up Synergy Sun Cream SPF45 PA++ 

SHARA SHARA Fairy's Make-up Synergy Sun Cream SPF45 PA++ 30ml
Full size product: 30ml ($21)

Product Description:
The Fairy's Make-up Synergy Sun Cream not only provides a strong protection against UV-A and UV-B but it also creates an amazing synergy effect with base makeup and works to balance out uneven skin and texture. Plus, its light formula absorbs quickly and adheres to skin without feeling heavy or sticky.

How to Use:
Apply the Sun Cream evenly over your face before base makeup application.

Have I Tried It?:
Not yet.

Initial Thoughts:
Another absolutely gorgeous packaging! The Sun Cream comes packaged in a 3D girl design, she is wearing an aqua top, a pink skirt and she is holding a flower. The girl has one of those most stylish top knot hairstyles that's been quite popular in 2015, girl is on trend! The packaging looks very tall and bulky, but the sun cream is actually packaged in the girl's skirt. I don't wear sun cream in a daily basis as I am always in-door anyway, but if going out on a trip, this may come in handy as the sun in New Zealand is scary! Lesson learnt in Mt Maunganui during the summer holiday, never gonna repeat the same mistake, again. Hahah ~

ddung Family Foam Cleansing Cream // 01 Fruits

DDUNG Family Foam Cleansing Cream 120ml
Full size product: 120ml ($12)
Randomly selected from 01 Fruits & 02 Milky.

Product Description:
The Family Fruits Foam Cleansing Cream is enriched with various fruits extracts - plum, grapefruit, peach, apple, tangerine and blueberry - and is extremely gentle and moisturizing while its abundant, fine bubbles works to remove all skin impurities clogging up your pores. The Family Milky Foam Cleansing Foam is just as gentle in its formula packed with milk protein extracts, chamomile flower extracts, lavender extracts, pepper mint leaf extracts and rosemary leaf extracts.

How to Use:
Lather the Cleansing Cream with your hands and gently massage into your face. Rinse off with warm water.

Have I Tried It?:
Yes! It smells so good~

Initial Thoughts:
I have received the fruity one and I love it! Not only is the packaging totally kawaii, it also smells gorgeous, reminds me of a subtle, but very juicy smell of pears. The cleansing cream turns foamy when massage it onto my face and it feel squeaky clean after use.

Shara Shara Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub
Shara Shara Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub

SHARA SHARA Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub 10g
Full size product: 10g ($7)

Product Description:
The grains of sugar and walnut shells works as natural scrubs, gently rubbing away any dead skin cells on your lip. This buttery Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub is also enriched with honey extracts, avocado oil, argan spinosa kemel oil and various vegetable oil complex which deliver an intensive moisture and nutrition care for softer, suppler lips.

How to Use:
Take a small amount of the lip scrub on your finger and gently rub it over your lip and rinse off with warm water.

Have I Tried It?:
Not yet.

Initial Thoughts:
This lip scrub comes packaged in a small tint that is very convenience to take every where with you, I adore the cute design on the lid and the product itself looks like oats.

Youngwoosa Oh! It's Lovely and Soft Cream

YOUNGWOOSA Oh! It's Lovely and Soft Cream 45g
Full size product: 45g ($47)

Product Description:
Youngwoosa chose to only concentrate on the ability of its moisturizing cream to instantly fill in deep hydration and to prevent moisture loss by creating a protective barrier over your skin. Experience the wonders of 2X moisturizing system of Oh! It's Lovely and Soft Cream and how it'll make your skin softer, silkier, smoother, and healthier overall.

How to Use:
Apply the cream evenly over your face and pat in for a full absorbence.

Have I Tried It?:

Initial Thoughts:
This looks just like any other moisturizers, but the product is actually pretty amazing. The texture is thick and soft, and it feels very smooth on my face.

Tonymoly Red Cheeks Girl's Patch
Tonymoly Red Cheeks Girl's Patch

TONYMOLY Red Cheeks Girl's Patch 1ea
Full size product: 1ea ($2)

Product Description:
This hydro-gel type cheek patch is specifically designed to deliver an intense moisture relief and a soothing effect to dry, rosy cheeks. Enriched with rose flower, cherry blossom apricot, aloe vera, cucumber and green tea extracts, it's extremely gentle to skin and scented with a sweet fruity fragrance.

How to Use:
After cleansing, place the two patches on either cheeks. Remove them 20~30 minutes later and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbance.

Have I Tried It?:
Yes! So glad to finally try this.

Initial Thoughts:
I have been wanting one of these for a long time and I am so glad it is included in the My Cute Wishlist box. These cheeks patch feels like jelly, smells like fruity candy and they comes in a pinky color. I don't have dry flaky skin around my cheek area, so I couldn't see if the cheek patch has done anything good to my skin, it just feels very refreshing after use.


Overall, I am glad everything included in the MEMEBOX SUPERBOX #61 MY CUTE WISHLIST 3 box are things that I know I definitely will use, none of these will go to waste as each and every one of them is an useful daily product.

My favourite from this box is definitely the Tonymoly Red Cheeks Girl's Patch, even though it didn't do anything to my skin, it still feels refreshing to use and I reckon these cheeks patch are good to use for people who wears blushes on a daily basis, it's good to take a break from all that cosmetics and let your skin breath for once.

Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm & Shara Shara Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub are two of the items that are a must-have in any dry-lips girls makeup stash. I currently use the LUSH lip scrub and it is kind of getting to the bottom of the jar, so I am very looking forward to using the Shara Shara Lip Scrub!


Did you guys know?! Memebox has came up with a MEMEBOX APP that is available for both apples and androids. I am not sure about the one for androids, but the apple one is only available for the American itunes store. If you are not from America and you want to download it, all you need to do is create a new apple ID with an American address.

The mobile app is pretty much what you see on their website, except it is in a mobile version and sometimes Memebox offers 'App Only' deals on their boxes and products.


Add your links in the comment below, share your recent Memebox unboxing with me! I would love to see.