Beauty Empties #6 ♡ ft. Bath & Body Works, LUSH, Guerlain + More [2015]

"Time flies when you're having fun", I must say it is so damn true! Time goes by so fast and I can't believe it's May tomorrow! I have emptied quite a few beauty items and hygiene products during March and April, I have also tried some new products that I have been loving. Today I am so excited to share with you some of these new things I have used and products I have emptied during these past few months.

Months ago I purchased the Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom gift set which includes a trio of shower gel, body lotion and a fragrance mist in travel sizes. This gift set comes bundled up in a cute flora box and the scent Japanese Cherry Blossom claims to be America's #1 Fragrance Collection.

I am not exactly sure what Japanese Cherry Blossom is suppose to smell like, but I quite like the scents of the shower gel and body lotion; the scent is not too strong nor smells chemically, I like the subtle floral smell and I quite enjoy the softness the body lotion made my skin feels.

LUSH Snowman Shower Jelly is one of the cutest item from the LUSH Christmas Collection, it is designed in a snowman shape (click here to view the image of snowman jelly from my Lush Christmas haul). I am a huge fan of Lush Shower Jellies, I love how they are so wobbly and they make every shower seems so much fun.

The scent of the Snowman Shower Jelly is hard to described, I wasn't a fan at first because it smells sweet and weird at the same time. Lush has described it as a refreshing and sweet scent, which I didn't find refreshing at all. The snowman head and body came apart after a few wash and afterward the heads and the body breaks into little pieces of jellies; I think it is because the snowman is so small so it breaks easily.

These two Guerlain Secret de Purete Cleansing Cream comes from a Guerlain gift set which I have received from when I spent over $200 at the Guerlain counter in Smith and Caughey's. I feel so lucky to be able to try these before I decide on a full size as Guerlain's skincare range is pretty expensive.

This is only a sample and each tube lasted me more than three weeks of everyday use, I only need to use a pea size of product each time to wash off my makeup (even waterproof mascara) and I love that it makes my skin feels very hydrating after each wash and it smells beautiful!

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation is my current HG foundation! It is one of those products that I can apply in a rush knowing that I will not mess up during the process and it would last me through the day. I have oily and combination skin and it made my face looks flawless after each makeup applications, I may have to blot my face once or twice during the day as my T-zone tends to get quite shiny during the day; but I like that even on days that I have no time to touch-up, I would still come home with a flawless face.

I have recently tried a mini sample of MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage and I have enjoyed using it so much I went and purchased the full size; now it is another of my current HG products that I just can't live without! I love that it feels very light-weight, foundation goes on flawlessly and makeup last all day!

I remember wanting this toner so badly ever since I saw it on the Memebox website, it must be the kisses design on the packaging that really attracts me; I finally grabbed the Memebox Office Essential Box (click here to view my unboxing) despite non of the products in the box I was interested in except for this toner.

Label Young Shocking Toner is described as a three-in-one skincare product which can be used alone as a toner or mix with BB cream and foundation. I used this toner at night before bed time along with all my other skincare routine and I find it really hydrates my skin and keep my face soft during the night. This toner has a liquid-y gel-ish texture, it comes in a pretty transparency purple-ish color with loads of tiny beads inside and it smells like grapes.

I don't often fuss over my hair because it is already very healthy, but since I received a Schwarzkopf Moisture Gloss 10 Days Shine Mask to try from my first Beauty Review Beauty Box (click here to view my December beauty box unboxing), this product has become a re-purchase item in my hair care stash.

I tend to emptied this hair mask quite fast, on the box's description it has suggested to use this product as much as I want, so I use it every time I wash my hair. I love that it makes my hair feels silky smooth, I hardly get my hair all tangled these days and my hair smells gorgeous after each wash!

Secret Key Color Recipe The Pink Cream is described as a moisturizer that targets winkle and fine lines on your face, it claims to lift up and tighten dry and saggy skin for a youthful looking complexion. This is one of the product that came in the Memebox Superbox Pinkaholic Box (click here to view my unboxing).

I am currently in my early 20s and I often gets mistaken as a high school kid, there is currently no signs of winkles, fine lines or saggy skin on my face; so I couldn't really see the difference this moisturizer make on my skin.

I have used The Pink Cream during my night time skincare routine before bed, the texture is like gel and it is sticky when applied to the face, it even feels sticky the next morning. I like that it is pink inside out and the texture feels like jelly.

A month or two ago I was gifted The Naked Bee Hand & Body Lotion from my sweet friend Mary (the American friend who often spoils me with beauty goodies), it was my first time trying anything from the brand The Naked Bee and I absolutely love, love it! Since I have emptied this lotion, I had a look online and couldn't see any online stores that has a reasonable price offer and that ships to NZ at the same time. *boo-hoo* ~

I love the strong lavender smell all over my body after each use, this lotion really moisturizes my skin and keep my skin feeling soft.

Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Gingered Peach is one of my favourite hygiene product I have used during the past few months, and I totally regret not buying a few more when I did my BBW order! Don't blame it on me ~ It was my first time using BBW products and I didn't know if it's worth it, but I must say it is very affordable, minus the mail forwarding shipping price.

Gingered Peach smells exactly like peaches, sometimes I would wash my hands just so I could smell the peachy scent ~ lol can't help it, I am a peach fan!

This mini kabuki face brush comes from the ELF Disney Ariel Bronzed Beauty Set, I had maybe ten uses of it until it falls apart (well, nearly, closed to shedding its hair everywhere). I have used it to apply BB cream and while its bristles feels very hard and scratchy, it did delivered a flawless finish.

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.

Dry Bar Sake Bomb Nourishing Shampoo & Hydrating Conditioner.

NARS Double Refining Exfoliator.

Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Dairy Facial Scrub.

Diamond Lash falsies.

Not sure what the name or the product is called, I bought this at Rona Makeup in Mid-City Auckland; it is kind of like a Japanese version of the Konjac sponge. I have always loved these as they are a lot more affordable than the Konjac sponge and these works just as good!

SNP Animal Panda Whitening Mask, this is the cutest new facial mask I have recently tried, it smells like lemonade and the sheet mask has a panda face on it.

(click here to view my Instagram shot of me wearing the panda mask) ~ A lot of people has asked where I have purchased the SNP animal masks since I put up a picture on my instagram; these are available to purchase from Rona Makeup or Vanessa in the Mid-City Auckland, and I am sure they are available online too.
Have you tried any of the products mentioned in my March and April beauty empties? Be sure to link me your monthly empties post in the comment, so I can check it out too.

DIOR ♥ Dior Addict #981 Ensorcelante Gloss Review + Swatches

I went through a phase of dark lippies obsess last winter and until now the thoughts of a dark lips look still lingers around from time to time. I have always been a pink, girly girl kind of person, I am not sure what is with the sudden personality change? Haha ~ 

Today I will be reviewing this beautiful, vampy shade of Dior Addict #981 Ensorcelante Gloss

Dior Addict #981 Ensorcelante Gloss

#981 Ensorcelante is another Dior Addict Gloss that I purchased from fellow blogger Beauty Reductionista, I had previously reviewed the same gloss in shade #772 Exquise.

Both #981 Ensorcelante and #772 Exquise are the first and only Dior Addict Gloss I own, I absolutely adore these glosses inside out, from its elegant packaging to its smooth and comfortable formula. Don't you just wish Dior beauty products' pricing aren't like, sky high?!

Dior Addict #981 Ensorcelante Gloss is part of the Dior Mystic Metallics Fall 2013 Collection, it is a Limited Edition gloss that is described as a plum shade. The color is a deep plum with a brown and red undertone and pink shimmers, it is quite vampy, yet wearable.

Dior Addict #981 Ensorcelante Gloss

Dior Addict Gloss comes packaged in a glass-like' tube with silver detailing, the details such as the name of the gloss and where this product is made (Dior Addict Gloss is made in France) is printed on a transparent sticker and it is stuck on the bottom of the gloss. This lip gloss comes with one of those brush type applicator for an easy and even application, the packaging overall looks and feels very high quality and elegant.

#981 Ensorcelante has a thick texture, it offers a semi-opaque coverage with one swipe and of course you can layer it for a more intense darken plum look. Ensorcelante looks true-to-color on the lips as from the tube, except that the pink shimmers shown in the tube is not visible on the lips, well, not really unless if you look closely.

This is the perfect lip color for winter and autumn, not sure of its formula though as it is always very windy in New Zealand. It doesn't matter how good quality a lip gloss is, gloss and wind can never be friends. #981 Ensorcelante is also a pretty shade to wear on a night out in summer, some people just prefers to be vampy all year round and there's nothing wrong with that.

Dior Addict #981 Ensorcelante Gloss definitely worn better than #772 Exquise, the gloss worn well for approximately three hours on me, I have only worn Ensorcelante without eating, not sure how it would last if I have lunch or dinner while wearing it. After three hours it does leaves a bit of stain before it fully fades away.

Dior Addict #981 Ensorcelante Gloss Lip Swatch (outdoor)
Dior Addict #981 Ensorcelante Gloss Lip Swatch (outdoor)
Dior Addict #981 Ensorcelante Gloss Lip Swatch (indoor)

Things I Love 
smooth texture and easy application
wearable dark plum winter shade
offers a nice plump look
beauty and elegant packaging
high shine glossy finish
semi-opaque coverage with just one swipe
thick texture yet comfortable to wear
no scent, I think
worn for longer than expected

image Things I Dislike
#981 Ensorcelante is no longer available to purchase as it is a Limited Edition gloss from the Dior Mystic Metallics Fall 2013 Collection. It could be hard to find and if available on eBay or Amazon, people may charge you double to original price.


Are you a Dior fan? Do you own any Dior Addict Gloss? What is your must-have shades from the range?

MAC Look In A Box Lipsticks ♥ MAC Embrace Me / MAC Passion Charge / MAC Soft Savour

I have three beautiful MAC lipsticks to share with you beauties today, these are from the MAC Look In A Box Sets that was released in mid 2014. I feel kind of bad that I took so long to prepare this post and introduce you girls (and boys) to these lipsticks shades so late, as they are all Limited Edition and no longer available to purchase.

Please forgive me ~ 

MAC Embrace Me Lipstick / MAC Passion Charge Lipstick / MAC Soft Savour Lipstick

MAC Look In A Box was a Nordstrom Exclusive Collection, it features a selection of makeup palettes, makeup sets and brushes sets. I thought being such a MAC addict, I would be one of the first to rush to order these sets, but I obviously was living in a pineapple with Spongebob at the time, cause I didn't know about it until it was all sold out online! I end up buying each set at twice the price, very expensive, but not regretting any bit of it!

I got the sets in All About Pink, All About Coral and All About Nude; each sets includes a full size lipstick, a full size tinted lipglass, a veluxe pearlfusion eyeshadow trio and and a full size eyeliner.

MAC Embrace Me Lipstick / MAC Passion Charge Lipstick / MAC Soft Savour Lipstick
MAC Embrace Me Lipstick / MAC Passion Charge Lipstick / MAC Soft Savour Lipstick
MAC Embrace Me Lipstick 
MAC Embrace Me is described as a bright fuchsia cream with a Matte finish. It is a Limited Edition lipstick which was originally released with the MAC Fashion Sets in 2013 and it was a Satin finish then. MAC Embrace Me has a creamy texture, despite its matte finish, it applies kind-of smooth without having to drag my lips and it offers a full opaque coverage.

Embrace Me is such a stunning medium dark Barbie pink shade, it was a little drying during wear, but it feels quite light-weight. It worn well for five hours, and after removing the lipstick, it leaves a not-so-heavy stain.

MAC Embrace Me Lipstick 
MAC Passion Charge Lipstick
MAC Passion Charge is described as a clean coral with a Lustre finish, this is one of my favourite and most used MAC lipstick during the summer; I am not a huge fan of lustre finish as I find them apply streaky, uneven and they are not long wearing, surprisingly I am a huge fan of Passion Charge, it was like, love at first sight ~

MAC Passion Charge is a glossy and bright, but wearable peachy pink shade, it applies evenly with a semi-sheer coverage and it can be layer to achieve a bright coral shade. I believe this is a Limited Edition lipstick and it was not released with any previous collection.

Passion Charge was very comfortable to wear, it was moisturizing and it did not dry out my lips. The lipstick glides on the lips smoothly and it worn well for four hours on me before it fades into the lip lines, when the colors fades, it leaves no stain.

MAC Passion Charge Lipstick
MAC Soft Savour Lipstick
MAC Soft Savour is described as a midtone beigey pink with a Lustre finish, I wasn't too sure about this lipstick when I first tried it; it doesn't apply with an even coverage, the light shade hardly shows up on my naturally pigmented lips and it wasn't long wearing. I was having mix feelings about Soft Savour until after wearing it for a couple of times that I completely fell in love! MAC Soft Savour end up being another of my favourite MAC lipsticks during the summer; I carry it everywhere with me.

MAC Soft Savour is another Limited Edition lipstick that I am sure it was not released in any previous collection. The color is a warm-toned pink with a bit of glossiness, it looks absolutely beautiful, totally my color in the bullet, but it has a semi-sheer coverage, plus the color is quite light, it barely shows up on my lips, unless if I pack on the product. Lipstick application was easy, it glides on the lips smoothly; the formula is moisturizing during wear, not drying at all and it only worn for two hours max on me.

Now you may be wondering, Soft Savour doesn't sound too good at all, then why am I crazy about it and name it one of my summer favourite?! I feel like this is the perfect "no-makeup, makeup lips", something I can throw on while I am in a rush, or when I can't decide on a lipstick shade, but I can't leave the house without wearing lipstick; Soft Savour is perfect ♥, I especially love it when paired with the Feeling Fine Lipglass that came in the All About Nude set.

MAC Soft Savour Lipstick
I love everything pink, but you would be surprised that I hardly reach for MAC Embrace Me, I just feel like the bright pink shade is only suitable for weekends, and when it comes to choosing lipsticks to wear in the weekend, I have a lot of options, therefore, Embrace Me is currently not a favourite of mine.

MAC Passion Charge is not a shade that I would usually wear, I had gone through a coral phase, I remembered buying so many coral shades lipsticks to admire, but I never really got a chance to wear them because coral and orange are out of my comfort zone. I was glad to take a step with Passion Charge, it is a beautiful peachy shade, and the best thing about it is the pigmentation is semi-sheer and it can be layered to a desire shade, so it's like, I can take baby steps with this lipstick.

Last but not least, a lipstick which I wasn't expecting to like at all due to its color and formula, ends up being one of my absolute favourite! The thought of finishing MAC Soft Savour and not being able to buy it again because it is a Limited Edition product, kind of hurts a little.

which is your favourite?

click here to view my MAC Look In A Box haul ~

NYX BUTTER GLOSS ♥ 16 Shades Swatches

Buttery soft and silky smooth, taste as sweet as sugar cookie and make your lips look downright luscious ~ NYX Cosmetics has described their Butter Gloss as everyone's favourite creamy sheer to medium lip gloss that is not sticky and it totally just melts onto your lips! 

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss

NYX Butter Gloss is available in twenty-two shades ranging from the palest nude to the vampiest red; I currently own sixteen gloss from this range and some of the shades worn well, providing a great full coverage while the lighter shades looked awful on me.

The texture of the NYX Butter Gloss is soft and creamy, even with the driest cracked lips, these could still glides on smoothly without emphasizing lines and dry patches. Each butter gloss has a yummy caramel scent that I am obsessed with and the formula feels light-weight and comfortable to wear, they are a little sticky; but they are also very moisturizing during wear. Most of the darker shades could last up to five hours with a stain after removable and the lighter shades could only last up to half an hour.

NYX Butter Gloss Swatches
NYX Butter Gloss
image BLG02 ECLAIR
described as a pink / the color looks gorgeous, but not very pigmented / worn for one hour.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a pink lilac / applied uneven / worn for one and a half hour.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a brown / looks like a gorgeous pink brown / worn for three hours.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a mauve / opaque color payoff / worn for three hours.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described an orange / great pigmentation / worn around three - four hours / left a coral-ey stain.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a deep peach / looks like a peachy pink / worn for three hours.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a true nude / palest color of all / worst application / worst pigmentation / I didn't give it a chance to see how long it wears as it looks awful on me.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a mid-tone nude / gorgeous peachy nude / worn for two hours.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a true mauve / one of my favourite / worn for four hours.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a deep nude / looks like a brownish nude / one of my favourite / worn well for four hours.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a chocolate brown / another favourite, I love this color / worn for four hours.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a hot pink / uneven application / the color is not as neon as the tube / worn for two hours.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a bright fuchsia / as not bright as it claims / good pigmentation / worn for three hours.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a deep red / very pigmented / one of my favourite / worn for five hours / leaves a strong red stain behind.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a violet / looks like a sheer purple / worn for three hours and leaves a fuchsia stain.

NYX Butter Gloss
NYX Butter Gloss
described as a deep plum / very sexy vampy color / full coverage / worn for five hours and leaves a stain.

NYX Butter Gloss

what is your favourite shade?