BCL PUREGLAM CC Cream ♡ Review

BCL Pureglam CC Cream
BCL Pureglam CC Cream
BCL Pureglam CC Cream

Spotted at Ippondo (a Japanese cosmetics store) is this diamond shaped CC cream that caught my eyes at first glance. I bought it purely based on its packaging, I mean, seriously, it is pretty inside out, how can I resist?!

PUREGLAM is part of a bigger company called BCL and it is a Japanese owned beauty brand that focus their products on facial makeup items, such as primers, foundations, BB & CC creams etc... I assume that this brand is popular among Chinese beauty lovers as most of the reviews about this brand found online is written in Chinese.

BCL Pureglam CC Cream

BCL PUREGLAM CC Cream is described as a thin, moisturizing CC cream that will cover pores, redness and sallowness and improve uneven skin tones. It has SPF25 PA++ and it is specifically designed for natural skin cover. The product is Made in Japan.

BCL PUREGLAM CC Cream claims:
♥ cover pores
♥ fragrance free
♥ liquidy sheer texture
♥ waterproof & sweat proof

BCL Pureglam CC Cream
BCL Pureglam CC Cream

BCL PUREGLAM CC Cream has a thin and liquidy texture that applies like it is almost not there, it is indeed sheer and hardly noticeable unless if packed on the products. The CC Cream covers pores okay, but it gives a weird clogging look around the nose area, within two hours of applying the product, my T-zone already feels and look oily.

I am unsure if the PUREGLAM CC Cream has more than one color option, the one I have is a light beige shade and it fits my NC25 skin tone perfectly. The CC Cream doesn't appear to improve my uneven skin tones nor cover redness which I usually get around the nose area in the morning as I still had to cover them with concealer. I like that it gives me a luminous look though, it's like naturally glowing skin without applying too much highlighter.

BCL PUREGLAM CC Cream is not waterproof nor sweat proof as it claims, it doesn't wear for too long, especially in humid days. The longest I get from wearing the CC Cream is four hours in a cold weathered day then it starts to fade and disappear.

I love medium to full coverage foundations the most and I most enjoy beauty products that are long-wearing. Since this was my first CC cream product, I didn't expect the texture to be so sheer. I like that it feels lightweight even though I have packed on a lot of layers to get more coverage and I like that it gives my skin that luminous look; but I am disappointed that it is not long wearing and it gets oily around the T-zone within hours of applying.

have you tried CC Cream?
what is your favourite brand of CC Cream?

Korean Drama ♡ Heaven's Promise Baek Dohee Inspired Makeup

Lately I have been so obsessed with this Korean drama called Heaven's Promise, also known as The Promise / 천상의 약속 / 天上的约定. It is one of those long stories drama with over 100 episodes and it is about a twin sister that was separated at birth and faith brings them together thirty years later, but one of the sisters died and the other used the identity of her twin sister to take revenge on the people who tries to ruin her life. 

It's complicated, you would have to watch for yourself to understand. Hehe ~ I must say that the plot of Heaven's Promise is super slow and boring at first, but at the same time it does gives you that excitement as if you can't wait for the next episodes. The drama only gets interesting from episodes 45 or something. 

Anyway, I have re-created the look of Baek Dohee, one of the main characters from the drama and I am excited to share with you this look that I have created. I love Baek Dohee's styles and makeup in the drama, she has that "I don't care what anyone thinks of me" attitude and her makeup is always smokey, mysteries and on point during her appearance in the drama.

Oops, apologize for my un-done and badly chipped nails... 

Korean Drama Heaven's Promise Baek Dohee Inspired Makeup

Guerlain Meteorites Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer
Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation | 
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat | 2 Luminous Ivory
Guerlain Meteorites Pearls | 2 Clair
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow 
Chantecaille Cheek Shade Elephant Fun Blush
Colourpop Highlighter | Wisp
Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush Flawless Finish Powder | 2 Medium

♥ EYES ♥
Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow | Roller Girl (in the outter v corner)
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow | Fan Girl (on the lid)
Too Faced Chocolate Palette | Candied Violet (applied over Fan Girl)
Too Faced Chocolate Palette | Triple Fudge (for the brows)
Etude House Color My Brows | 1 Rich Brown
Diamond Lash Rich Brown Series
Dolly Wink Black Mascara | 01 Long

♥ LIPS ♥
MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Lipstick | Oblivion

Korean Drama Heaven's Promise Baek Dohee Inspired Makeup
 Korean Drama Heaven's Promise Baek Dohee Inspired Makeup
Korean Drama Heaven's Promise Baek Dohee Inspired Makeup

I actually quite like how this Baek Dohee re-creation has turned out;
and I hope you guys like it ~ ^-^

Chantecaille Elephant Cheek Shade ♡ Review + Swatches

Chantecaille Cheek Shade Elephant Blush
Chantecaille Cheek Shade Elephant Blush

I am excited to share with you my thoughts and swatches of the Chantecaille Elephant Cheek Shade, this is my first time trying out Chantecaille products, it is also my first time reviewing the brand on my blog and I am already loving their products' quality. It is so high-end, luxury and it feels like million of dollars haha.

From my research (still not as familiar with the brand): Chantecaille is a luxury cosmetics line that is recognized worldwide for its technologically advance skincare and beauty products featuring high concentrations of pure, natural botanicals that nourish and revitalize the skin.

Chantecaille Elephant Cheek Shade is a Limited Edition item from the Safari Collection, the blush is described as an ultra-fine coated powder, a cheek shade that applies effortlessly and adhere beautifully. Five percent of the proceeds of this cheek shade will be donated to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organisation that rescues baby elephant.

I may not be familiar with the brand but I have seen and saved a lot of their animals embossed blushes and eyeshadows to my shopping wishlists. You can probably guessed it that I bought the Elephant Cheek Shade based on its embossed elephant packaging and you can also agree that the blush is so adorable right?! I also have the wolf blush and it is as cute as the elephant.

Chantecaille Cheek Shade Elephant Blush
Chantecaille Cheek Shade Elephant Blush

I am sorry, but I must say that the outside packaging on the Chantecaille Cheek Shade is boring and I dislike that it leaves a lot of finger prints. Without looking at online promotions or looking at the actual blush, you can probably never guessed that it's so daymn cute inside.

The Elephant Cheek Shade is small and it is refillable, as soon as you opened the compact, you will see a cute rose gold elephant with a peachy pink base. The color on the elephant is over-spray (is that what it's called?), the rose gold disappeared as soon as I have mixed and swirl the blush together. Not going to lie, it is quite a disappointment, because the elephant was what caught my attention and gave my brain the signal that I need this blush. *shrug*

Chantecaille Cheek Shade Elephant Blush

Chantecaille Elephant Cheek Shade in Fun (oh okay, there's an actual name for this blush) is described as a soft apricot with a hint of gold, it is described as a color that is suitable for a wide range of skin tones. The Cheek Shade has a peachy pink base and a rose gold elephant, once swirled together the colour is shown as a light peach. 

Elephant Cheek Shade has a 80 to 90 percent colour pay-off and it could easily turned you into a crown face if you are heavy handed, but I like that the texture is so smooth and easily blended; and it worn well for up to eight hours on me, bright but wearable and super long-wearing.

Chantecaille Cheek Shade Elephant Blush
Chantecaille Cheek Shade Elephant Blush

Chantecaille Elephant Cheek Shade is stated as a Limited Edition item on all websites that I have checked, it's been a limited item since 2012 and I bet that the company has set it as a Limited Edition item to catch your attention, because it did caught my attention!

Elephant Cheek Shade is available on a majority of high-end department stores and websites, I bought mine from Nordstrom for USD $38.00.

Chantecaille Cheek Shade Elephant Blush
Chantecaille Cheek Shade Elephant Blush

Lips wearing the combination of Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk and Kylie Liquid Lipstick Koko K, for those we wondered ~

have you tried Chantecaille products?
what is your thought on the Elephant Cheek Shade?

MAC Mehr Lipstick ♡ Review + Swatches

It feels like it's been forever since I have reviewed a permanent MAC product as all I have been writing recently are Limited Edition items. Today I have decided on a review of the MAC Mehr lipstick that I have been loving recently. It's a dirty mauve shade and it was love at first sight when I first saw a swatch on Pinterest. 

MAC Mehr Lipstick
MAC Mehr Lipstick
MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Mehr Lipstick is described as a dirty blue pink with a matte finish, the color is shown as a meidum dusty rosey mauve shade on my NC25 skin tone, it is darker than expected. When I first saw the swatch on Pinterest, I thought that it's the most gorgeous medium rosey pink and I admit I was a little disappointed when I first tried it as the color was too dark for my liking for everyday wear.

Then the more I wore Mehr, the more I fell in love with the color.

MAC Mehr Lipstick

Mehr is described as a matte finish, but the texture is soft and creamy; the lipstick glides on the lips easily with a full pigmentation, it didn't drag nor pull my lips and the formula wasn't hydrating nor drying during wear.

MAC Mehr Lipstick has worn beautifully with no featuring nor did it smudge while I had food, the longest time it stayed on was five to six hours.

Upon applying the lipstick, Mehr goes on smoothly with a subtle sheen, then the sets into a matte finish a few minutes after application. Although the formula is creamy and non drying, it does still shows the dry patches on the lips if not exfoliated and moisturized properly before use.

Mehr was easily removed with a regular makeup wipe and it didn't leave a stain afterwards.

MAC Mehr Lipstick
MAC Mehr Lipstick

have you tried MAC Mehr Lipstick?
is it suitable for your skin tone? too dark? or it's the perfect rosy shade?

Kawaii eBay Finds #1 ♡ ft. Little Twin Star + Unicorn Makeup

Kawaii eBay Finds #1 ♡ ft. Little Twin Star + Unicorn Makeup

eBay is my favourite place for buying Korean and Japanese beauty products, and I have a list of sellers who I have dealt with plenty of times in the past that I cannot recommend them enough, I can't wait to share with you all!

I decided to start a new series on my blog called 'Kawaii eBay Finds', in this series I will mainly write about my recently eBay hauls and recommendations and hopefully help people to find the cutest bargains on eBay, whether you are new to eBay or you are a regular shopper, sometimes you could get lost in the millions of listings or sometimes you may be skeptical about a seller that you have never dealt with. I am here to help you find the best kawaii deals on eBay.

Econeco Japan x Little Twin Stars Airy Touch BB Cream


The brand Econeco was a famous fairy tale illustration series in Japan, then it later turned into a makeup brand that sells the cutest packaging of products. I own a few of their products, but have yet to try them, so I am unsure of their makeup qualities; but I love their packaging, it literally screams 'kawaii' ~ Econeco collaborates with Sanrio and created a Limited Edition Little Twin Stars makeup range, the Airy Touch BB Cream is described as a face product that is long wearing and has amazing pore coverage.

Calypso Japan x Little Twin Stars Marshmallow Cheek Blush Palette
Calypso Japan x Little Twin Stars Marshmallow Cheek Blush Palette
Calypso Japan x Little Twin Stars Marshmallow Cheek Blush Palette


Calypso x Little Twin Stars Marshmallow Cheek Blush is described as a fairy tale blush palette with an ultra fine pearl powder that gives you a natural shimmer look. The blush has Little Twin Stars embossed on and the palette has a sweet lychee smell.

Econeco Japan Heart Ball Cheek Blush
Econeco Japan Heart Ball Cheek Blush
Econeco Japan Heart Ball Cheek Blush


Econeco Heart Ball Cheek Blush is described as a pot of charming blush with colorful heart patterns. These are made with sparkling pearl powders that brightens the completion with moisturizing ingredients. My first impression of these were: the balls are bigger than expected, but they are still so pretty ~ the Heart Ball Cheek Blush reminds me of the Guerlain Meteroites Pearls.

Jill Stuart Japan Jelly Lip Gloss N


I wanted to try Jill Stuart makeup for a long long time, but because it is quite an expensive brand, I haven't purchased anything until I saw that they had a more affordable deluxe travel size of lip gloss for sale. Jill Stuart is described as a princess-ish cosmetics brand that is famous in Japan and throughout the world. Jelly Lip Gloss N is described as a tube lipgloss with a smooth and jelly texture, it has subtle shimmers that will deliver a sparkling pouty lip effect.


ALPHABEAUTYUK is one of my favourite eBay seller to buy Japanese beauty products from, I have had plenty of great experiences with this stores and I highly recommend their products. 

ALPHABEAUTYUK does not offer free shipping for their auctions, whether it is a bidding listing or it's a buy now listing and they don't seem to combine postage either even if you buy a lot of products. Most of the time they offer a discount of $$ off if spend to a certain amount, but that's only if you pay all of your items together and they automatically add the discount for you in the cart.

Shipping usually takes two weeks, sometimes longer during the busy holiday seasons and sometimes parcel arrives faster than expected. Like my recent order, it took only four working days to arrive and it doesn't matter if you buy only one item or buy a whole lot of item, they always provide a tracking number to you.

Beauty Empties #9 ♡ ft. Vera Wang Princess, 3CE, Soda & Co + More

I am so glad to have emptied another bottle of perfume as it shows I am ONE STEP CLOSER to getting my hands on the Chloé 'Roses de Chloé' Eau de Toilette spray. 

These days I am trying to empty my makeup and skincare products first before I buy new ones and so far it's working well with my skincare range but my makeup obsession is not stopping anytime soon. Hehehe, can't help it ~ I am a sucker for cute packaging and Limited Edition products...

Today I want to go through a few awesome products that I have emptied during April and May, including some brands that I absolutely love and have already planned a re-purchase. I am mainly excited to share with you my newly favourite body scrub. 

Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray

♥ VERA WANG PRINCESS EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY was purchased purely based on its heart-shaped diamond-ish packaging and its name also caught my attention. I end up really liking this perfume and surprised to have emptied this within a year time. (usually perfume takes me years to empty). Let's not talk packaging because you already know I go nuts for cute ones, but my favourite thing about this perfume is that the scent is subtle, innocent, breezy flora, not boring nor over-the-top; it's not too long-wearing, nor does it disappear quickly. The smell always lingers around, if you're the one wearing the perfume, it's hardly noticeable to you, but the people around you knows that you're wearing Vera Wang Princess, or if they didn't know what perfume it is, I've been told that it has a classic girly smell.

Soda & Co Mint Burst Sugar Scrub

♥ SODA & CO MINT BURST SUGAR SCRUB is my absolute favourite body scrub! It is described as a two-in-one exfoliating sugar scrub that is infused with spearmint and peppermint to vitalize and replenish skin and it claims to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and soft and bursting with freshness. I cannot agree more with its claims! I love that this body scrub leaves my skin extremely soft and smooth after use and every single time after shower on days that I have used this scrub, I feel like my whole body is so relaxed and refreshed. If you're a peppermint lover, you will adore this scrub, Soda & Co did an amazing job creating such refreshing and breezy body scrub.

TonyMoly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack

♥ TONYMOLY TOMATOX MAGIC WHITE MASSAGE PACK is also another product that I have purchased based on its cute packaging, the product comes stored in a tomato-shaped container and it's absolutely adorable! Tomatox is described as a multi-functional massage pack that will deliver highly vitalizing, truly clarifying and magic brightening effect to your skin. I find that this massage pack doesn't do as much as its claims, it does a little brightening to the skin and the massage pack tingles and stints a bit when first applied on.

Shisedo Tsubaki Head Spa Shampoo & Conditioner

♥ SHISEDO TSUBAKI HEAD SPA SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER is an amazing set for squeaky clean, yet smooth and soft hair. Before using the Shisedo Tsubaki set I have always used Schwarzkopf shampoos & conditioners, although Schwarzkopf works amazingly, it doesn't make my hair feels as lightweight and bouncy as when I used Shisedo. I have normal hair, hardly gets greasy and not too many split ends these days, I could go three days without washing my hair and I love that a little squeeze of Shisedo Tsubaki shampoo & conditioner can wash my hair really well and my hair smells wonderful after each use.

3 Concept Eyes Full Coverage Concealer #002

♥ 3 CONCEPT EYES FULL COVER CONCEALER #002 is already a re-purchased item, I love this concealer as it covers under eye dark circle well without feeling too heavy or crease. 3 Concept Eyes Full Cover Concealer is described an excellent coverage concealer that covers skin imperfections, it claims to cover dark circles, blemishes, freckles and dark spots and it claims to brighten a dull-looking skin tone. I find that this concealer doesn't cover blemishes too well, but it works amazing to brighten and highlight the complexion.

have you tried any of the products mentioned?