Sunday, February 11, 2018

Kawaii eBay Finds #6 ♡ Japanese Beauty

Kawaii eBay Finds

It's been awhile since I have shared with you a Kawaii eBay Finds, I think the last one I have shared with you was back in 2016 and that is because I have been on a makeup shopping ban.

While I am still trying to reduce my makeup shopping habits, I have recently purchased a few Japanese makeup and skincare products from eBay and these are items that I have either been eyeing up for a long time or they are products that I actually need.

BCL Saborino Morning Mask
BCL Saborino Morning Mask

      32 SHEETS | USD $18.95 + $5.80 POSTAGE | ALPHABEAUTYUK

This is a face mask to be used specifically in the morning, it claims to freshen-up your skin within 60 seconds without having to wash your face. So, you simply just wake up, apply face mask for 60 second and you can start applying makeup.

When I first learnt of this product, I was a bit skeptical and the thought of not washing my face in the morning is totally gross, but at the same time I was curious, so I went ahead and bought this morning mask pack. 

I have used this a couple of times since my purchase and I love it. So far I haven't used it in the morning as I am always in a rush, but I have used it a few times during the day when it's very hot and humid. This mask has a strong minty scent, it feels very cooling and comfortable on the skin. 

Kao Megrhythm Good Night Steam Patch


This claims to be 'the product' for people who works long hours in front of the computer and we all know in our world these days, technology is something that many people cannot live without. This is a heated pad that you applied before bed, it claims to relax your sore areas and helps you fall asleep.

I work a full time office job and I often get very sore neck and shoulder for just sitting in front of the computer. When I came across this product, I got very excited and cannot wait to try. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything to me, it's simply just a patch that warms up my neck and shoulder.

Kao Megrhythm Good Night Steam Patch starts heating up as soon as I take it out of the packet, the hot temperature stays for approximately 30 minutes and it feels nice on the skin. The patch comes in two types, one is unscented and one is with a mild lavender scent which is what I have purchased and it smells nice and relaxing. I find that the patch doesn't stick too well to my skin and it kept peeling off by itself.

Kracie Naive Peach Cleansing Foam

      USD $7.95 + 3.90 POSTAGE | ALPHABEAUTYUK

I bought this cleansing foam simply because it's peach related.

This is a 2-in-1 cleanser that claims to remove makeup and cleanse face at the same time, a little squeeze of pea-sized amount can wash my whole face, but it's not foamy. I have oily skin and my face looks and feels squeaky clean afterwards.

Kose Precious Garden Body Mist


There is not a lot of information of this product online, but from my understanding, this is a body mist that smells looks and moisturize skin at the same time.

It has a strong peach scent that I am obsessed with and the smell last for approximately 45 minutes.

Dear Laura Rabbit Lip Gloss
Dear Laura Rabbit Lip Gloss

      PINK | USD $10.95 + $2.50 POSTAGE | ALPHABEAUTYUK

Dear Laura Eternal Basic Lip Gloss has a thick texture that feels a little bit heavy on the lips, but it makes your lips looks so smooth and plump.

Canmake Secret Beauty Powder
Canmake Secret Beauty Powder
Canmake Secret Beauty Powder

      USD $12.95 + 2.80 POSTAGE | ALPHABEAUTYUK

This is described as a translucent powder for use at anytime of the day or night, you can even wear it to sleep. I have been seeing a lot of these beauty powders around, and sleeping beauty powders seems to be the latest trend these days.

I personally don't understand why people wears makeup to sleep, isn't that bad for your skin?

Canmake Secret Beauty Powder claims to keep skin dewy and silky smooth during wear, it softly blurs any imperfection and deliver a natural finish.

I bought this because the packaging is very cute, it's also very small and handy to carry around as the compact contains a little puff and a small mirror. I actually know of this product from watching one of my favourite Chinese YouTuber's video, where she has mentioned this powder controls facial oil nicely and it makes your face looks flawless.

have you tried the products mentioned?
what is your favourite Japanese beauty product?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

3 Concept Eyes Love 3CE Collection ♡ First Impression

3 Concept Eyes Love 3CE Collection

Today I am sharing with you swatches and first impressions of the products I have purchased from the 3 Concept Eyes Love 3CE Collection. I bought these from The Cosmetics Store in Auckland and as soon as I saw these in store, I immediately fell in love because of how adorable the packaging is.

3 Concept Eyes has described this collection as an inspiration from the sunny childhood memories. The collection features a pastel theme and each compact is shaped like those flowery biscuits that I used to eat all the time in my childhood, which brings back a lot of great memories.

Love 3CE Duo Shadow #Sweets

LOVE 3CE DUO SHADOW #SWEETS is described as a dewy and translucent rosy pink paired with sensual feminine pink brown and it comes packaged in a flowery shaped plastic compact with a small mirror inside.

The longest I have worn this eyeshadow was twelve hours and I was very impressed with how well it stayed on without using a concealer or an eyeshadow primer as a base.

When I swatched these on hand with my fingers, the colours shows up as very pigmented and glittery, but when I applied these on my eyes with a makeup brush, the colours are very sheer and the glitters are not very obvious unless looked closely.

Love 3CE Duo Shadow #Sweets
Love 3CE Duo Shadow #Sweets
Love 3CE Duo Shadow #Sweets

The above photo shows that I am wearing the brown shade of Love 3CE Duo Shadow #Sweets in the outer corner and the pink shade all over the lid. Unfortunately, my camera cannot pick up the glitters, but as you can see, both shades looks beautiful when worn together, it's quite suitable for those 'no makeup' makeup days as the overall eye look is soft and looks natural.

Love 3CE Cheek Maker #Orangish
Love 3CE Cheek Maker #Orangish
Love 3CE Cheek Maker #Orangish

LOVE 3CE CHEEK MAKER #ORANGISH is described as a juicy orange glimmer with a hint of soft gold pearls and it comes in the same packaging as the duo eyeshadow shown above.

When I saw this blush in store, I immediately fell in love because of the gold shimmers in the pan. It looks absolutely gorgeous and honestly, I wasn't expecting this blush to be very pigmented because it looks quite sheer to me. The texture is kind of creamy and when I swatched the colour on hand with my finger, it shows an opaque coral with loads of shimmers, but when I applied it to my cheek with a blush brush, the colour shows up as a hint of orange and it gives my overall complexion a natural flush look.

Unfortunately, this blush only worn for three hours on me.

Love 3CE Velvet Lipstick #Tailored

LOVE 3CE VELVET LIPSTICK #TAILORED is described as a matte lipstick with a velvety finish that wears comfortably with an intense colour payoff. The texture claims to be soft and lightweight that adhere weightlessly to the lips for a feathery and almost-not-there feel.

This lipstick is very pigmented, it can be worn as a full opaque coverage look, or it can be worn as a softly tinted lip look. The way I like to wear this lipstick is to lightly dabbed it onto my lips and smudged it out for that sheer, naturally tinted lip balms looks. The longest I have worn it this way was twelve hours, it does transfer and faded a little bit throughout the day, but when it faded, it faded evenly and by the time I removed my makeup, there were still some red tints on my lips.

Love 3CE Velvet Lipstick #Tailored
Love 3CE Velvet Lipstick #Tailored
Love 3CE Velvet Lipstick #Tailored
Love 3CE Baby Glow Cushion

LOVE 3CE BABY GLOW CUSHION is available in two shades and the formula includes SPF50+ and PA++ that is perfect for summer. The texture claims to be ultra-creamy and moisturizing and the overall product claims to leave behind a baby soft skin that glows from within.

I knew that this cushion is not suitable for oily skin, but I wanted it anyway because the packaging is so cute. It comes packaged in a baby pink plastic casing that is shaped like a mermaid shell and it includes a big mirror inside.

I bought the lightest shade #001 which is described as a creamy ivory beige to illuminate light-toned skin. The shade is paler than my normal skin tone which is light to medium, the product applies uneven and it doesn't cover redness.

I have tested this cushion for a month and I dislike everything about this cushion apart from its' packaging. Usually I would apply my makeup at 7 o'clock in the morning and I find that my face gets very oily by 11am, I tried blotting my face with paper towels and part of my makeup came off. When I do touch-up during the day, my face feels heavy and it looks like I have a thick layer of makeup on.

Love 3CE Baby Glow Cushion
3 Concept Eyes Love 3CE Collection
3 Concept Eyes Love 3CE Collection
3 Concept Eyes Love 3CE Collection

have you tried Love 3CE?
what is your favourite 3 Concept Eyes product?