Pearl Princess Inspired Makeup Looks 【还珠格格化妆】

Happy New Years lovelies ^^

I get two weeks of holidays off work during this Christmas and New Years holiday and I have been staying home doing some DIYs which I ended up making a hat thing as seen in the TV show Pearl Princess. I assume most of you have seen Pearl Princess because it is a really famous Chinese show but if you haven't, I am happy to explain what it is to you.

As Wikipedia stated: "Pearl Princess is a Chinese-language television series which is also known in Singapore and the Philippines as 'My Fair Princess', it is a costume, historical fiction, romance drama". It is abit hard to explain what it is if you have not seen it... Ummm there's 3 seasons of the original show and after that directors starts directing new Pearl Princess series which aren't as good as the original. If you're curious what this whole thing is about, you can search "huan zhu gege" or Chinese "还珠格格" into YouTube and it will comes up with all the seasons from episode 1.

Okay, back to my Pearl Princess inspired look, I recently did a Xiao YanZi (she's one of the main character) inspired look, I DIY her hat thing and then I decided to do a inspired makeup look too, let me just show you a picture of her first.
She's so pretty right?! I love her costume and makeup look etc ^^ I couldn't make her costume so I just did the hat only, I made my hat with cardboard and black fabric, fake flowers, gems and other accessories. *below*
Above is just some picture of me posing lol, I love my selfies ^^ that's never gonna change haha no matter what year we're in! That cute little red dress is from ASOS and the shoes and Vivinne Westwood. Below is a picture of all the products I have used in this Pearl Princess inspired look.


  1. wow beautiful!! i wish someday I can wear dress like that too!! found ur blog from will follow you do u mind follow back at ?

    1. You have a lovely blog and you're totally gorgeous Cindy, you'd look good in anything ;) and thank you for your compliment x


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