PolishMeSilly ♥ Mermaid Tears Nail Polish Swatches + Review

Have you seen Aquamarine? It's one of the cutest chick flicks around! My favourite part of the movie is when Aquamarine changes her nail polish colors based on her mood. ♥

Ever since watching Aquamarine, I have been wondering is it possible? The idea of having nail polish that changes color based on your mood is really awesome! So one day, I came across these color changing thermal nail polish by PolishMeSilly on Etsy and I have ordered 3 mini sizes (9ml, USD$7.80 each) in 3 different shades; but today I will only been showing swatches and review of Mermaid Tears and will also give you a preview of the other shades I purchased.

Mermaid Tears is a gorgeous teal shade in the bottle with loads of tiny glitters, PolishMeSilly has described it as a greenish / dark teal jelly based color. Mermaid Tears is one of their unique color changing thermal polish which change to a limeish green color when your body is warm and changes to a beautiful deep teal / forest green color when your body is cold. 

Most of the time, my manicure is showing as two-toned with both colors; which gives that very pretty ombre effect ~ This nail polish has a mixture of different sizes of teal holographic glitters, it has a gorgeous sparkle throughout it which can be worn alone or with other polishes. Applying a top coat or base coat won't affect the color changes.

Above is a swatch of Mermaid Tears on a nail swatch wheel showing the deep teal / forest green color, this is the base color and it is also the color when your body is cold; and below is a swatch of Mermaid Tears on my nails when my body is warm, as you can see it changes to a limeish green color.

I used three coats for the picture above (swatches on my nails) and a base & top coat using Essie Help Me Grow. I felt like Mermaid Tears isn't showing up as much as the other color changing polishes I bought, I had to apply a few coats to make it not-so-see-through.

Here is a picture (took from my instagram) showing Mermaid Tears in the ombre effect while changing nail polish colors, my nails are usually in this shade when I am in door or when I am not cold nor hot, just normal temperature.

One thing I really love about this nail polish is the drying time, SO quick! Usually I would do my nails then go for a half an hour run on the treadmill and sometimes when using other nail polishes like OPI or China Glaze, after each run, my nail polish would always end up smudged. When I use these PolishMeSilly nail polishes, they never smudge and always look as perfect as I first applied it. The glitters aren't hard to remove as well, just a little bit of nail polish remover on a cotton is enough to remove 5 fingers! 

Overall: Amazing customer service, fast shipping, affordable and beautiful polishes!

I tried to make a gif showing you how cool it is when Mermaid Tears changes color from forest green to limeish green (below) but due to it taking awhile to change color (cause it was a hot day) and I wasn't able to make a long gif so here is what I can show you, hopefully you can see some changes.

Preview of the two other color changing thermal polish by PolishMeSilly

PolishMeSilly - Grape Intentions (changes to a fuchsia shade when body temperature is hot).

PolishMeSilly - Sizzling Sunset (changes to a coral shade when body temperature is hot).

What do you think of these color changing nail polishes? Which one of the previews would you like to see next on my blog? ^^


  1. Oh very cute nail polish!


  2. wowwww they are very cool :D! Would love to try them!
    I wonder if the color change is still obvious after layer a few coats for opacity.

    Xo Denise

    1. I think the more layers you have on, the more obvious it is. Hmm or it depends on the shade.

  3. whoah ai never heard about this color changing nail polish before n I must admit that the idea is really brilliant... I also love this mermaid tears color too... thanks for sharing this awesome post n nice to meet you too... ;)


  4. I'd love the green one! I've never tried anything like this but would really love to try it!


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