MAC Look In A Box Lipsticks ♥ MAC Embrace Me / MAC Passion Charge / MAC Soft Savour

I have three beautiful MAC lipsticks to share with you beauties today, these are from the MAC Look In A Box Sets that was released in mid 2014. I feel kind of bad that I took so long to prepare this post and introduce you girls (and boys) to these lipsticks shades so late, as they are all Limited Edition and no longer available to purchase.

Please forgive me ~ 

MAC Embrace Me Lipstick / MAC Passion Charge Lipstick / MAC Soft Savour Lipstick

MAC Look In A Box was a Nordstrom Exclusive Collection, it features a selection of makeup palettes, makeup sets and brushes sets. I thought being such a MAC addict, I would be one of the first to rush to order these sets, but I obviously was living in a pineapple with Spongebob at the time, cause I didn't know about it until it was all sold out online! I end up buying each set at twice the price, very expensive, but not regretting any bit of it!

I got the sets in All About Pink, All About Coral and All About Nude; each sets includes a full size lipstick, a full size tinted lipglass, a veluxe pearlfusion eyeshadow trio and and a full size eyeliner.

MAC Embrace Me Lipstick / MAC Passion Charge Lipstick / MAC Soft Savour Lipstick
MAC Embrace Me Lipstick / MAC Passion Charge Lipstick / MAC Soft Savour Lipstick
MAC Embrace Me Lipstick 
MAC Embrace Me is described as a bright fuchsia cream with a Matte finish. It is a Limited Edition lipstick which was originally released with the MAC Fashion Sets in 2013 and it was a Satin finish then. MAC Embrace Me has a creamy texture, despite its matte finish, it applies kind-of smooth without having to drag my lips and it offers a full opaque coverage.

Embrace Me is such a stunning medium dark Barbie pink shade, it was a little drying during wear, but it feels quite light-weight. It worn well for five hours, and after removing the lipstick, it leaves a not-so-heavy stain.

MAC Embrace Me Lipstick 
MAC Passion Charge Lipstick
MAC Passion Charge is described as a clean coral with a Lustre finish, this is one of my favourite and most used MAC lipstick during the summer; I am not a huge fan of lustre finish as I find them apply streaky, uneven and they are not long wearing, surprisingly I am a huge fan of Passion Charge, it was like, love at first sight ~

MAC Passion Charge is a glossy and bright, but wearable peachy pink shade, it applies evenly with a semi-sheer coverage and it can be layer to achieve a bright coral shade. I believe this is a Limited Edition lipstick and it was not released with any previous collection.

Passion Charge was very comfortable to wear, it was moisturizing and it did not dry out my lips. The lipstick glides on the lips smoothly and it worn well for four hours on me before it fades into the lip lines, when the colors fades, it leaves no stain.

MAC Passion Charge Lipstick
MAC Soft Savour Lipstick
MAC Soft Savour is described as a midtone beigey pink with a Lustre finish, I wasn't too sure about this lipstick when I first tried it; it doesn't apply with an even coverage, the light shade hardly shows up on my naturally pigmented lips and it wasn't long wearing. I was having mix feelings about Soft Savour until after wearing it for a couple of times that I completely fell in love! MAC Soft Savour end up being another of my favourite MAC lipsticks during the summer; I carry it everywhere with me.

MAC Soft Savour is another Limited Edition lipstick that I am sure it was not released in any previous collection. The color is a warm-toned pink with a bit of glossiness, it looks absolutely beautiful, totally my color in the bullet, but it has a semi-sheer coverage, plus the color is quite light, it barely shows up on my lips, unless if I pack on the product. Lipstick application was easy, it glides on the lips smoothly; the formula is moisturizing during wear, not drying at all and it only worn for two hours max on me.

Now you may be wondering, Soft Savour doesn't sound too good at all, then why am I crazy about it and name it one of my summer favourite?! I feel like this is the perfect "no-makeup, makeup lips", something I can throw on while I am in a rush, or when I can't decide on a lipstick shade, but I can't leave the house without wearing lipstick; Soft Savour is perfect ♥, I especially love it when paired with the Feeling Fine Lipglass that came in the All About Nude set.

MAC Soft Savour Lipstick
I love everything pink, but you would be surprised that I hardly reach for MAC Embrace Me, I just feel like the bright pink shade is only suitable for weekends, and when it comes to choosing lipsticks to wear in the weekend, I have a lot of options, therefore, Embrace Me is currently not a favourite of mine.

MAC Passion Charge is not a shade that I would usually wear, I had gone through a coral phase, I remembered buying so many coral shades lipsticks to admire, but I never really got a chance to wear them because coral and orange are out of my comfort zone. I was glad to take a step with Passion Charge, it is a beautiful peachy shade, and the best thing about it is the pigmentation is semi-sheer and it can be layered to a desire shade, so it's like, I can take baby steps with this lipstick.

Last but not least, a lipstick which I wasn't expecting to like at all due to its color and formula, ends up being one of my absolute favourite! The thought of finishing MAC Soft Savour and not being able to buy it again because it is a Limited Edition product, kind of hurts a little.

which is your favourite?

click here to view my MAC Look In A Box haul ~


  1. The last two look a lot more pink than I was expecting, but all of them are so gorgeous. I love lustres for normal day lipsticks because they add shine, some moisture, and color.

  2. wow the color on the last one is perfect!

  3. wow so beautiful colors and a great blog you have =) <3
    maybe you have a loss on f4f? would be happy

  4. Oh dear god! I absolutely am in love with soft savour and embrace me! I mean, HOW COULD I SAY NO TO A PINK LIKE THAT? However I totally wasn't expecting the color of soft savour to translate to what it did on your lips and it's just so beautiful and easy to wear! I really need some mac lipsticks in my life!


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