Monday Food Post ♡ Churros & Branch At Ragazzi Cafe & Wine Bar

Monday Food Post: churros

The best way to cheer up my drowsy Monday morning is to look back at some of the yummiest food I had this past weekend. mmm nom nom nom 

I am not a morning person at all nor am I an easily angry person, but I get so frustrated when people knock on my door at 10 o'clock in the morning in the weekend, especially on a Sunday. Of course when it comes to food my attitudes change towards getting up early. When it comes to yummy food, I would set 10 alarms to make sure that I wake up at 9am sharp and get ready for the churros I have been waiting for all week!

Monday Food Post: Ragazzi Cafe's cappuccino
Monday Food Post: Ragazzi Cafe's cappuccino

This weekend I tried a cafe that a few people has recommended and it is the Ragazzi Cafe & Wine Bar in Takapuna. I had a medium size cappuccino and a Ragazzi Big Breakfast. The plate was too big for me that I couldn't finish, but the food is nice.

Monday Food Post: Ragazzi Big Breakfast
Monday Food Post: Ragazzi Big Breakfast

What did you get up to this weekend?

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  1. Omg'd! Your breakfast looked absolutely delicious :D Churros are so good!


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