MAC Fast Play Lipstick ♡ Review + Swatches

When I bought MAC Fast Play Lipstick, I wanted to try a MAC lipstick color that is less known and less talked about, as I feel like I have been keeping with the latest trends too much these days and all I have been buying is products that are in everyone's must have, but it's not necessary the right shade or product for myself.

I wrote down a list of MAC lipsticks that is not so well-known, some of them I didn't even know exist; and I chose Fast Play because the color looks pretty and trendy on the website. Fast Play is described as a neutral pink with an Amplified finish. 

My first impression of MAC Fast Play when tried it on the lips was, it's not my style! It's a pretty color, but it's too dark for my liking, I wear mostly nudes and light pink shades and when I wear Fast Play, I felt like it was out of my comfort zone. So after that I just left Fast Play in my makeup draws and forgot all about it.

MAC Fast Play Lipstick
MAC Fast Play Lipstick

My perspective changed towards MAC Fast Play last week when I was browsing a lipstick to go with my winter outfit. Last Thursday I worn a grey dress with wine red stocking and an autumn red cardigan; and as soon as I put on the lipstick, I thought "omg, this is perfect", "it goes perfectly with this outfit", "it's my perfect winter lip shade".

Hehe, I can't remember the last time I was this obsessed with a MAC lipstick!

MAC Fast Play Lipstick

I am excited to share with you my new thoughts of MAC Fast Play, as per usual, I will be going through the product description, color, formula, application, longevity and overall rating. I will be skipping the product packaging and scent for this one as we know for non Limited Edition MAC lipsticks, they all comes packaged in the standard bullet with a vanilla scent.


MAC Fast Play Lipstick is described as a neutral pink with an Amplified finish.

MAC Amplified Creme finish is described as ultra-creamy, quietly shiny and color-packed.


MAC Fast Play Lipstick shows up as a mauve pink on my NC25 skin tone, The color is absolutely gorgeous when worn in winter with the right outfits, in summer and/or hotter days, Fast Play doesn't seem to fit in with my style.

I love that Fast Play is very pigmented, it adds subtle shine on the lips which makes the lips looks a little fuller.


The formula of an Amplified Creme finish is so soft, smooth and amazing. It is moisturizing during wear and the lipstick doesn't settle into lines.


MAC Fast Play has a creamy texture which let the lipstick glides on the lips smoothly. Application was semi-even, I guess it all depends on your skill with applying darker shades of lip products. To me, Fast Play applied easily, smoothly, evenly, but sometimes I had to press my lips together a couple of times to get that precise line on the bottom lips.


One of my favourite things about MAC Fast Play Lipstick is that the formula is creamy, but it doesn't completely wipe off or smear all over when I eat or drink. There is minimal transfer on cups and food and I love that it wears for a very long time, leaving a berry tint when the color fades.

8:15 AM - I applied MAC Fast Play (I didn't exfoliate, only applied lip balm beforehand and wiped off lip balm before application). 10:00 AM - I had breakfast, I ate two custard tarts and had a cup of coffee (checked myself in the mirror after breakfast to see that the lipstick stayed in place, it looks as if I had just applied). 12.50 PM - I had lunch, rice with fried capsicum and braised pork and I had a chocolate marshmallow pie afterwards (the rice wasn't too oily and the chocolate pie was a little messy. After lunch I checked in the mirror to see that the lipstick stays in place and only the middle of inner lips seems a little faded). 4.15 PM - My lips felt slightly drying (checked in the mirror again to see that the middle of bottom lips as a berry stained line, the overall lips is no longer shiny, the lipstick looks matte on at this point and the color has faded a little into a medium berry stain). 6.00 PM - I got home, took some selfies, heheh and then removed my makeup. Prior to removing my makeup, I had the lipstick on for nearly 10 hours and I didn't re-apply during the day as I wanted to see how well it wears. Finally before I removed my makeup, my lipsticks has faded some, it didn't faded very evenly, nor did it faded un-evenly. It wasn't as pigmented, but it leaves a pretty berry shade stain.

MAC Fast Play Lipstick
 MAC Fast Play Lipstick
MAC Fast Play Lipstick


My final thoughts on MAC Fast Play Lipstick is totally positive. It may not be too impressive during the first impression, but upon trying for the second time in a different season, I fell completely in love. I love the moisturizing, and smooth formula and I love that the mauve pink shade looks perfect in winter. I also love that it is long wearing and the creamy texture doesn't transfer too much.

I would have given Fast Play a five hearts rating because everything from its formula, color, scent and longevity is amazing, but I have given it a four hearts because it's not a color I would wear all year round. Although it is a gorgeous everyday shade, it seems to only look good on me in winter.

have you tried MAC Fast Play?
what is your thoughts on the color?


  1. It's super pretty on you though! I love the shine it gives :)

  2. It looks so much like my favorite everyday lippie MAC Cosmo, but just a smidge darker.
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    1. Cosmo ♥ I'd love to try that too, thanks Hollie x

  3. Oh wow, I absolutely adore the shade you picked! :) I agree with what you said about bloggers usually reviewing only the most popular shades, so it's a lovely breath of fresh air to read about a slightly less well-known shade. The colour is perfect and I can deffo see myself wearing this on a daily basis. :) <3 And of course when it comes to formula, you can't go wrong with MAC lippies! x Thanks for sharing hun x


    1. Thank you for dropping by Kay ♥ (oh hehehh yayy for same name!)

  4. This is such a pretty shade, it looks really good on you! I'm glad that you rediscovered it! I bought Craving last week which is the Amplified finish, and I love how moisturising and long lasting it is!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks Alice ♥ great suggestion ^-^ I will try Craving ~ this is my first time hearing about this lipstick.


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