Non Beauty Related ♡ ft. Melissa Patchuli X

Sharing with you something a bit different today;
a new pair of shoes from Melissa.

Melissa Patchuli X
Melissa Patchuli X
Melissa Patchuli X

Today I am sharing with you a Non Beauty Related item, a pair of Melissa Patchuli X Wedges that I have recently purchased from The Iconic. I have been wearing these wedges every day since the purchase and I love how comfortable these are; I also get a lot of compliments while wearing these.

The Melissa Patchuli X Wedges is available in four colors, I have the glossy black as I thought that it would go well with many of my work outfits. The wedges has a peep-toe design, a slender tortoiseshell ankle strap with shiny gold-toned buckle, a matte black strip down the back, 2.5cm concealed platform and 10cm concealed wedge heel.

I used to wobble every time I wear wedges, despite how comfortable people claims they are compared to stilettos. I guess the sale was what motivated me to place the order heheh, I cannot thank myself enough for finally buying a pair of Melissa wedges as they have been on my wishlist for too long.

I love that I could wear the Melissa Patchuli X Wedges for hours and hours without getting sore feet, I could walk in them as if I was wearing flats, the rubber material isn't harsh, it is super comfortable and I absolutely adore its' bubble gum scent. I heard the Melissa shoes smells stays forever and you won't ever get smelly feet wearing Melissa shoes ~ haha.

The only negative thing I would say about the Melissa Patchuli X Wedges is that it is a little narrowed on the peep-toe area. I usually wear a size 5 in shoes and I wish that I have purchased the size 6 instead as sometimes my toes feels numb after a long day of wearing, it feels a bit tight and I doubt that the material would stretch as it's not made of leather.

Overall, I am loving these and I cannot wait to get my hands on the pair of glossy nude.

Melissa Patchuli X
Melissa Patchuli X

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