Kylie Cosmetics Metal Lipstick ♡ ft. Reign, Heir & King K Swatches

Kylie Cosmetics Metal Lipstick ft. Reign, Heir & King K
Kylie Cosmetics Metal Lipstick ft. Reign, Heir & King K

Ever since Sugarpill Cosmetics has created their Trinket metallic liquid lipstick, every other makeup companies seems to catch onto the trends and starts making and selling their own version. Since I wasn't quick enough to get my hands on Trinket, I decided to try out Kylie Cosmetics' Metal Lipsticks instead, seeing as I really enjoyed using Kylie Lip Kits (review here), I thought I would like these Kylie Metal Lipsticks too.

Kylie Cosmetics Metal Lipstick ft. Reign, Heir & King K

Kylie Metal Matte Lipstick is described as a long wearing, bold metallic lipstick with a creamy feel and rich mousey texture that does not fully dry down, but remain moisturizing and comfortable during wear with a shimmering metallic finish. The Metal Lipsticks are recommended to layer over other matte liquid lipsticks for an ultra dramatic look.

There are currently four shades available in the Kylie Cosmetics' Metals range, but I am only sharing with you swatches and first impression of Heir (golden metallic peach), King K (soft metallic gold) and Reign (deep metallic copper) today as I don't own Kymajesty (blackened gunmetal). These metal lipsticks are USD $18.00 each, when I bought mine I bought the bundle which was USD $54.00, it seems that the bundle option is no longer available, which is alright because there is no point in offering a bundle if there is no discount given.


described as a deep metallic cropper


described as a soft metallic gold.


described as a golden metallic peach


Hmmm... I don't know what to say about these metal lipsticks because I like them, but then I don't like them. My lip swatches looks 100 x better in pictures than in real life because in real life they look streaky and uneven. Kylie Metal Lipsticks has a creamy texture that glides on the lips smoothly, but somehow applies uneven and streaky, especially Heir as it is a lighter shade. The texture is lightweight and it wears comfortable and it smells like vanilla cakes!

have you tried Kylie Metal Lipsticks?
what is your favourite shade from this range?


  1. Oh wow, I never thought I'd like any metallic shades on my lips but they all look so good in the photos! I totally get what you mean by it's different in person. I recently tested a new foundation and in person it's just 'MEHHHH' but it looked great in photos so I'm going to have to do a bit of describing!

  2. The pictures look great though! Haha Might be the metallic effect is effing up the formula?


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