KIKO Milano Haul ♡

Kiko Milano Haul

I bought a bunch of Kiko Milano Makeup while I was in Milan last month and upon my first visit to the store, the brand has already given me such a great first impression! When I was there, almost everything in-store was on sale, apart from their newer collections, but it didn't bothered me because their prices are already so affordable even when they're not on sale; plus, the quality is unexpectedly amazing! The lipsticks are so creamy and smooth and the other stuff are all very pigmented.

Today I am sharing with you my Kiko Milano haul. I had previously read some product reviews on the brand from European bloggers and I have always wanted to try their makeup, but the brand is not available in New Zealand; so I was very excited and Kiko Milano was the only makeup brand that I bought while I was in Europe.

Kiko Milano Haul: Rebel Bouncy Blush #04 Passion Red Wine
Kiko Milano Haul: Rebel Bouncy Blush #04 Passion Red Wine

KIKO REBEL BOUNCY BLUSH |  4.90 is described as a lightweight powder blush with an extra soft consistency that applies evenly, blendable and it creates a satin matte finish. It is available in four shades and I picked up #04 Passion Red Wine, which looks like a dark rosy pink in the pan, but once blended on the cheek it turns into a sheer, natural flush.

Kiko Milano Haul: Design Flower Enriched Bronzer #02 Couture Sienna
Kiko Milano Haul: Design Flower Enriched Bronzer #02 Couture Sienna

KIKO DESIGN FLOWER ENRICHED BRONZER | € 16.90 was the most expensive item from this haul and I probably picked up the wrong shade as the bronzer looks a little too orange on me, but no regret, because this bronzer smells gorgeous, like roses! This is a bronzer that combines two different shades into one single product, it has a fine, creamy and velvety texture that blends extremely easy. This bronzer has a lightweight formula and it creates that natural satin finish. It is available in two shades and for some reason I picked up the darker shade #02 Couture Sienna.

Kiko Milano Haul: Velvet Loose Mineral Beauty Powder "Very Light"

KIKO VELVET LOOSE MINERAL BEAUTY POWDER | € 3.90 is described as a loose, illuminating mineral powder with silky formula that gives skin a touch of radiance, it is available in four shades and I have the colour Very Light, which looks more like a blush, than a illuminator.

Kiko Milano Haul: Long Lasting Lip Maker #107 Plum & #108 Hot Pink
Kiko Milano Haul: Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner #403 Hazelnut

KIKO LONG LASTING LIP MAKER |  6.90 is a water-based lip product that guarantees a natural tattoo effect and a pleasant weightless feeling on lips. It claims to offer maximum comfort during application, immediate adherence and an adaptable intensity colour release. The Long Lasting Lip Maker is available in eight colours and I have #107 Plum and #108 Hot Pink. Both colours are gorgeous when swatched on hand, but they didn't leave a great impression upon lips application. I find that the liquid colour dries too fast and application was very patchy and uneven.

KIKO EVERLASTING COLOUR PRECISION LIP LINER |  6.90 is an automatic lip pencil that has a light and creamy texture with a matte finish that claims to be very long-wearing. This lip pencil features a build-in sharpener and applicator and it is available in sixteen shades. I only picked up one of these because I am usually not a fan of automatic lip liners, I got #403 Hazelnut and I love that the lip pencil applies very smoothly and it is very pigmented.

Kiko Milano Haul: Pencil Lip Gloss #00 Multicolour Ice & #12 Wine Red

KIKO PENCIL LIP GLOSS | € 3.90 has an extremely comfortable texture with a full brilliant colour selection, there's a total of fourteen shades available and I have the colours in #00 Multicolour Ice and #12 Wine Red. These are called a lip gloss, but they are actually not much difference to a lip crayon.

Kiko Milano Haul: Smart Lipsticks #924, #917, #931, #916, #909 & #934

KIKO SMART LIPSTICK | € 3.90 is described as a rich and nourishing lipstick with full colour and total comfort. These lipsticks have an ultra-silky and smooth-gliding texture that made application easy and wears comfortably throughout the day. The Smart Lipstick is available in thirty-two shades in three different textures. Currently I have the following shades: #924 Almond, #917 Mauve Pink, #931 Plum, #916 Golden Beige, #909 Red and #934 Wine.

Kiko Milano Haul: Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick #318 Burgundy

KIKO VELVET PASSION MATTE LIPSTICK | € 10.90 is described as a creamy lipstick with an easily blended texture that gives the lips an intense matte look. It is available in twenty shades and I bought #318 Burgundy.

Kiko Milano Haul

have you tried KIKO Cosmetics?
What are your thoughts on their products?


  1. One of my blog buddies from Italy sent me some Kiko products and I was very impressed! I loved everything. You chose some really nice products & shades Kay. Enjoy :D

  2. Ahh! So much great stuff! Yes, thanks to a blogger friend from Germany I've tried their lipsticks, cream shadow sticks, blush and powder and pretty much have loved everything. Love the range and colors!


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