Kawaii eBay Finds #4 ♡ ft. A'Pieu x Rilakkuma, TonyMoly x Pikachu, Etude House & Canmake Blusher

Today I am sharing with you my last Kawaii eBay Finds of the year and I am so happy to let you all know that I feel like this is the most successful blog series I have ever started on my beauty blog.

In the past years I have started a few blog series which I thought they were kind of a fail because I just lost interest in the topics and I feel the success in the Kawaii eBay Finds series not because of how many people views these post, but because of the numbers of readers who has came back to me and tells me how much they love and enjoyed reading these kind of post.

It really put a smile on my face for me to know that my Kawaii eBay Finds series helps you to find the cutest accessories and beauty products for you and your friends and I get really excited every time I sit down and start drafting these post!

Anyway, today I am sharing with you a bunch of new kawaii makeup that I have recently purchased from eBay and this haul includes the prettiest floral blushes from Canmake, Rilakkuma lip tints from A'Pieu, Pikachu cushion from TonyMoly and many many more!

Kawaii eBay Finds #4 ft. TonyMoly, A'Pieu, Etude House, Canmake
 Kawaii eBay Finds: TonyMoly Panda's Dream Dual Lip & Cheek #2 Pink Baby
  Kawaii eBay Finds: TonyMoly Panda's Dream Dual Lip & Cheek #2 Pink Baby
 Kawaii eBay Finds: TonyMoly Panda's Dream Dual Lip & Cheek #2 Pink Baby

USD $7.20 | F2PLUS1

Any panda lover reading this?! You're gonna adore this product even if you are not a fan of cream blushes nor a lip palette fan. This adorable lip & cheek duo comes packaged in a slim, handy to carry around compact that is shaped like a panda's head. The compact features a big mirror and two pretty lips and cheek shades for touch-up on the go. The only thing I wish that they have included in this duo set is an application! Cause not everyone likes applying their makeup with their fingers.

TonyMoly Panda's Dream Dual Lip & Cheek is available in two colour options: #1 Bubble Red or #2 Pink Baby. I bought the pink one and the colours looks vibrant in the compact, but once applied and blend out on cheeks, the colours sheer out and shows up as a natural flush.

  Kawaii eBay Finds: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Chiffon #BE110
  Kawaii eBay Finds: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Chiffon #BE110


Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Chiffon is one of the new releases from Etude House this year, it features a creamy texture, vivid colours and a pink princess packaging. There are over 10 shades from the range (12 to be exact) and this time I only bought one colour in #BE110 which is a mixture of terracotta brown and wine red.

I love the packaging and I like the texture, it glides on creamy and smoothly and the colour is pigmented. The downside of the formula is that if you do not exfoliate and care for your lips prior to applying the lipstick, it would layer on very patchy.

   Kawaii eBay Finds: TonyMoly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion #01
Kawaii eBay Finds: TonyMoly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion #01


If Pikachu was in the Chinese zodiac, this would probably be the Year of Pikachu! Firstly everyone in the world was obsessed with Pokemon Go, then the makeup lovers including myself was re-creating makeup inspired looks from Pokemon, then... makeup brands starts releasing Pokemon makeup.

I think Pokemon is totally awesome and it would never go out of style! Pikachu is one of my childhood favourite characters and I love it when he goes "PIKACHUUUU", so adorable!

TonyMoly x Pokemon Collection features a bunch of cute products ranging from sheet masks, hand creams, nail polish, cushion blushes, cushion compact and powder pact.

I bought the Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion in shade #01 and when I received the product I was quite surprised at how small the cushion compact is. It is half the size of normal sized cushion compacts, I haven't used this product, but TonyMoly has described this as a cushion compact that offers a smooth and flawless skin with a whitening effect plus strong UV protection.

 Kawaii eBay Finds: A'Pieu Rilakkuma Water Light Tint CR01 Unripe Grapefruit
 Kawaii eBay Finds: A'Pieu Rilakkuma Water Light Tint CR01 Unripe Grapefruit


I have been eyeing up the A'Pieu x Rilakkuma collection on eBay for a long long time and I finally decided that I need the Water Light Tint in my life! I love Rilakkuma and I like the packaging, but I wish that they would make them in a clear tube instead. I bought the shade in CR01 Unripe Grapefruit and it is a gorgeous coral colour that can be applied lightly and blend for a wash of colour, or it could be applied fully for a vibrant coral.

Kawaii eBay Finds ft. Etude House, A'Pieu & TonyMoly
     Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Blushes, Highlighter and Bronzer

Canmake is one of my favourite Japanese beauty brands! Not only is their prices affordable, their quality is amazing too. Also, their packaging are just so girly and pretty. I have reviewed a few of their products including lipsticks, lipgloss and foundation compacts on my blog, but I haven't properly tried their other products, so I decided it's time to try some bronzer, powder blushes and highlighter from their Glow Fluer range.

  Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Nose Shadow Powder
  Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Nose Shadow Powder
 Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Nose Shadow Powder


Honestly, I don't think I need a special duo of highlighter and shading powder just to contour my nose, but I bought the Canmake Nose Shadow Powder anyway just because a lot of Asian beauty gurus that I have watched online has recommended this.

  Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Nose / Face Shadow Powder Shading #01 Danish Brown
   Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Nose / Face Shadow Powder Shading #01 Danish Brown
  Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Nose / Face Shadow Powder Shading #01 Danish Brown


Canmake Shading Powder is available in two colours and I bought #01 Danish Brown which is described as a yellowish brown to create a soft and natural shadow. 01 Danish Brown is recommended for those with a fair complexion and those who are new to the art of shading.

This is another product from Canmake that is highly raved about, so I am curious to see why is it so good?!

   Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Glow Fluer Highlighter #01 Planet Light
    Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Glow Fluer Highlighter #01 Planet Light
   Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Glow Fluer Highlighter #01 Planet Light


There are two colours available for the Canmake Glow Fluer Highlighter and I bought the shade in 01 Planet Light which contains pure white, blue, mint and lavender shades, and blue pearls that reminiscent of stardust.

When it comes to highlighters, I like the GLOW-IN-YOUR-FACE type of highlighters, but I don't expect that from Planet Light because a majority of Asian brands highlighters I have tried are quite subtle. I still want to give this a try as it looks so glittery and pretty in the pan.

    Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Glow Fluer Cheek Blush #02 Apricot Fluer
     Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Glow Fluer Cheek Blush #02 Apricot Fluer
    Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Glow Fluer Cheek Blush #02 Apricot Fluer


Canmake Glow Fluer Cheeks is one of my longest watched items on eBay, I have always wanted to try this, but I always end up buying something else instead.

This is also a Canmake product that is always being raved about, it has flowers and bows embossed on the actual powder blush and the range is available in seven shades.

I wanted to try one shade first before I buy the whole range and the first colour that I bought is 02 Apricot Fluer which is described as a coral that provides a gradual flush that will suit everyone.

     Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Mat Fluer Cheek Blush Matte Girly Rose
      Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Mat Fluer Cheek Blush Matte Girly Rose
     Kawaii eBay Finds: Canmake Mat Fluer Cheek Blush Matte Girly Rose


Canmake Mat Fluer Cheek Blush is a matte version of the Glow Fluer Cheek Blush and I think this may be a newer product from Canmake as I haven't seen this until recently.

Mat Fluer Cheeks is available in three shades and I bought 02 Matte Girly Rose which is described as a rose pink that fans of pinks will adore. I definitely adore this ~ I love the flowers embossed on the blush and I love the mixture of different types of pinks. Also the colours are so pigmented and the texture is so smooth.

     Kawaii eBay Finds: Faux Fur Bunny Bag Charm Grey **before**
     Kawaii eBay Finds: Faux Fur Bunny Bag Charm Grey **after**

NZD $5.37 | 2015CNRONGG

I was out shopping one day when I saw this cute and fluffy bunny bag charm that hangs on a pretty LV bag this girl was carrying. Being a bag lover I was surprised that my eyes weren't set on her LV bag, instead I was getting excited about that bunny.

As soon as I saw that rabbit bag charm, I browsed eBay and came across many that were selling the same thing! There were so many different colours of bunny available and there were big size and small size to choose from. I end up buying the grey one that I assume looks exactly the same one as I saw on that bag earlier and I got the larger sized in 14cm tall one.

When I received the bunny I was literally speechless! It was squashed, the bunny has no eyes and nose and it looked nothing like what I have imagined (as shown in first photo of bunny). Then I decided to fix it by giving it a hair cut (as shown in second photo of bunny), well the eyes and the nose shows and the whole thing is no longer as squashed, but I wish that I didn't try to cut off the fur cause in real life the bunny's face looks flat.

     Kawaii eBay Finds: Kobayashi Japan Medi-Shield Liquid Bandage Plaster


This is a clear and colourless liquid bandage plaster that is ideal for cut, scratch, chap or crack skin. I bought this out of curiosity and upon first use of this product, it has given me a first impression that it's just like a clear nail polish. It has a very strong nail polish scent and an applicator that looks exactly like a nail polish, it brush on the skin clear and it dries into a thin transparent film.


F2PLUS1 is one of the most talked about eBay sellers on my beauty blog, I have recommended this store numerous time and I will continue to rave of this eBay store because they have left such great impression on me! F2PLUS1 is based in Korea and they sells only Korean beauty products. I find that their prices are not super cheap, nor too expensive, their prices are just like everyone else's, but their customer service is always a win and parcels usually arrive in NZ within 2 weeks.

SEOULCOSMETICS, first time shopping from this eBay store, I bought my item on sale with free shipping, the item took nearly a month to arrive and the parcel didn't include any samples. The seller is based in Korea and they sell mainly Korean beauty products.

BRINGBRINGSHOP, I think this is the same store as RINISHOP and ROSEROSESHOP, which I am a regular shopper at. My parcel arrived within three weeks, it was packaged well with bubble wraps and there were three hand cream pokemon samples, I like that the samples goes with the theme of the product that I purchased.

IBUYBEAUTI is not just an eBay seller, they have an actual website that you can create an account and shop without going through eBay, but I find that their prices on the website is always more expensive than eBay, even with their regular discounts, it is still expensive, so I have chose to shop from their eBay store instead. This is my first time shopping from IBUYBEAUTI and it has left me with a good impression. Korea based online beauty store, my parcel arrived within 2 weeks, well packaged, nothing was damaged, nor lost.

JAPAN-BEAUTY-OF-QUALITY, new to this eBay store, but purchased five items all at once because their pricing is good compared to others. Japan based seller, selling mainly Japanese beauty products, and also some other home & garden, clothing & accessories, electronics etc... stuff. My parcel was packaged well and it arrived just over three weeks. I have received a tracking number for buying five products all at once, but the tracking number given didn't work at all. I am glad that it did arrived safely though.

2015CNRONGG, hmmm what should I say?! Not too happy with my item as the bunny arrived squashed and it is not as shown in the photo. Their promotional photo shows a girl holding a bunny that is fluffy and super cute. My one arrived flat with no nose or eyes shown. In the end I fixed it, but I wasn't too happy either because I trim too much of its' hair and the bunny face looks even more flat now.

ALPHABEAUTYUK is another of my all time favourite eBay seller! Based in Hong Kong, their eBay store is full of Japanese beauty and non beauty products, authentic and good quality. I have purchased from ALPHABEAUTYUK plenty of times and I have also recommended their store many many times, they just never fail to impress me. My parcel arrived within 1 week, it was packaged well and the product is as described.

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