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2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag ♡ ft. Natasha Denona, IT Cosmetics, Wayne Goss, Make-Up Atelier & Z•Palette

2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag
2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag

I am so excited to share with you my 2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag!

This is my second year buying the Beautylish Lucky Bags and I am loving this year's surprises more than last year's (click here for my review of 2016 Lucky Bag). Although I didn't get the makeup items that I really wish for, I did received a bunch of beauty products that I have never tried. So these are all new to me products and I love trying new things.

Just in case that you have never heard of or purchased a Beautylish Lucky Bag in the past, it's pretty much a mystery bag inspired by the Japanese New Year tradition of fukubukuro. I have only just learnt that there is different sized Lucky Bags, the one that I purchased is a normal sized and there is a XL sized that is only available for USA customers.

The one I bought is USD $75.00 plus USD $20.00 shipping to New Zealand and I have added a total cost of items I have received and it comes to USD $190.

2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag
2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag: Natasha Denona Blush Duo


Natasha Denona Blush Duo is described as a blush with soft and silky texture that gives a natural and bright look to the skin's complexion. The duo blusher palette provides a dominant colour on the right side and a more subtle colour on the left side for blending and softening edges.

Natasha Denona is a completely new brand to me, I have only just heard about this brand recently and I haven't tried any products them yet. I did came across a few very positive reviews on this makeup brand, a lot of people seems to really enjoy Natasha Denona's eyeshadow palettes and that has made me wondered about this brand.

Although I haven't tested the Blush Duo, I already have a great impression on this product. The packaging is super cute, it has a neon pink cover and a big mirror inside. The colours I got is #02 Toutou & #09 Golden Coral and both are beautiful summery shades. The only thing that I dislike about this blush is the smell, it has this very strange smell, almost like a cheap perfume scent.

2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag: Natasha Denona Blush Duo
2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag: BECCA Backlight Priming Filter


BECCA Backlight Priming Filter is a lightweight, whipped fluid that creates a smooth canvas for your makeup, extending its wear from day to night. This product acts as an instant filter, creating a diffused, soft-focused radiance that allows your complexion to catch light for a glowing look.

I have tried this product over the weekend and I have worn this alone, without any foundations or powders on top. Although I have only tried this once, I am already loving this product and I feel so thankful to have received this in my 2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag.

I love that the BECCA Backlight Priming Filter gives me an instant healthy glow without being over-the-top sparkly and I like that it helps to blur imperfection and it seems to covers large pores very well. I have oily skin and on days that I wear completely no makeup, my face tends to get very oily and I would have to wash my face three to four times a day. I find that the Backlight Primer helps to controls facial oil very well and the product worn for eight hours on me, which is totally impressive!

2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag: Z Palette Small Palette Hot Pink


Z•Palette Small Palette can fit up to nine MAC eyeshadows in those Pro Palette Refill Pan sized, I had this palette few years ago, but I didn't find it too useful then because I didn't know how to depot eyeshadows or blushes, so I got rid of it.

This year I have received another Small Z•Palette and surprisingly I am not disappointed. I am actually glad that Beautylish has included this item in my 2017 Lucky Bag and I am more than happy that they have chosen a pink one for me.

2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag: Make-Up Atelier Eyeshadow Palette


Make-Up Atelier 5 Eye Shadows Palette comes in a sleek, travel-friendly palette that features five removable pans of pro-quality eye shadow in complementary shades. Each eyeshadow is formulated with a vivd colour payoff and a smooth, easily blendable formula with a long-lasting wear.

T15 Honey Brown Tones includes four warm brown shades and a champagne pearl shade, and these eyeshadows claims to be non-creasing during wear, water-resistant with a high-impact, full-coverage finish.

Make-Up Atelier is another completely new brand to me, I have never heard of this brand, neither seen any reviews on their product. I would only assume that this brand has been around for many years and it's mostly popular in the European countries.

2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag: IT Cosmetics Confident In A Cream


IT Cosmetics Confident In A Cream is a moisturizer that hydrate, restore radiance, reduce the look of pores, uneven texture and discolouration. It says to be suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitives.

I have seen the brand IT Cosmetics on social medias many times, but I haven't tried their products yet. I did read some reviews on the Confident In A Cream upon unboxing the 2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag and many people has raved about this product. My only concern on this product is that 100% of the reviews I have read are from people with dry skin and I know that IT Cosmetics has mentioned that this is suitable for all skin type, but usually when a moisturizer is too hydrating, it doesn't work as well on my oily skin.

2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag: Wayne Goss Brush 08


Wayne Goss Brush 08 is handcrafted in Japan and it can be used on the eyes or the brows. It claims to make tightening easy so that you can work close to the lashline without smearing colour onto the lid, and when using this brush to fill in the brows, it claims to give you the perfect natural look.

I feel like Beautylish is trying to tell me something... Like, wear more eyes products maybe?! I have received two Wayne Goss eye brushes two years in a row, and I am not complaining, because Wayne Goss brushes are totally great qualities! The bristles are very soft and they work as well as it claims.


YES! DEFINITELY! I love the surprises that I have received this year and I feel so lucky to have received the items mentioned above. 

Let's be honest, I was very scared of opening my package when it arrived because 90% of the unboxing I have seen on Weibo was such disappointment. Some people has received Lucas Papaw Ointment, brush cleaners or micellar cleanser, and I am not saying that these products are not good, but I just think that it's no surprise because you can buy these products in the supermarket. 

Also, Beautylish has promised USD $150.00 worth of full sized products and some of them I have seen don't seem to be too full sized. 

Anyway, I just feel so thankful to have a great start this year with my beauty obsession. 

did you get the 2017 Beautylish Lucky Bag?
are you happy with your surprises?


  1. What a great box! I would love to try the Becca primer.

    Abigail Alice 💕

  2. Kay, I'm so glad you did this post because I was wondering what was going to be in the box!?! I heard about it on social media but never found out what was inside. Really good products!

    1. Thank you Kim ♥︎ I think these boxes are really worth it, although my one from last year wasn't as great as this year's, but it's overall impressive!

  3. This is all so pretty. I love that palette.
    I just followed your lovely blog :)


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