Sunday, October 1, 2017

TAOBAO Haul ♡ ft. Kawaii Tees & Girly Bows Heels

I received an email from NZ Post stating that YouShop China will no longer be available to ship parcels from China to New Zealand after 31 October 2017... boohoo! Just when I finally find an affordable trustworthy service to use and recommend, they stop operating! Grrr ~ 

It's been a long time since I last shared with you a fashion post and I thought right now it's the perfect timing to share with you some cute cartoon tees and girly high heels because I have recently purchased a bunch of clothing and accessories from TaoBao! 

Just incase that you have never heard of TaoBao, it's pretty much like Aliexpress, but in a Chinese version. Awhile ago they have introduced global shipping, but I've always had trouble with it because the shipping price to New Zealand is just too expensive. I have tried a couple of mail forwarding companies, but I have never been happy with their fees and assisted shopping is always a hassle. I end up using YouShop China and majority of my transactions has been successful. The only time YouShop China is difficult to deal with is when I buy cosmetics, either liquid or solid products, they will always mark it as prohibited and trust me, all those emails back and forth with NZ post is a waste of time, even when I tried to argue that the items I purchased aren't listed in the prohibited items list, they will always make an excuse to say that they cannot send that parcel, because they are stubborn.

Apart from the cosmetics issue with YouShop China, I actually quite enjoy using the overall service. There is no hassle of going through an assisted shopper, you can use your own TaoBao account to shop and review items. The shipping prices to New Zealand is charged by weight, but you can get discount if you send a few parcels at the same time. It takes approximately two weeks from when you pay for the shipping cost to your parcels arriving at your doorstep. I pay for my item on TaoBao with Alipay and most of the stores on TaoBao offers free shipping to the YouShop China warehouse.


shop here14.90 each = approx NZD $3.12 | shipping to NZ $31.50 for 13 tees
all tees shown are in size M and I normally wear NZ size S/M or 8-10


shop here77.56 each = approx NZD $16.25 | shipping to NZ $45.75

I have small feet and I normally wear size 35 / UK 3 / US 5 shoes; so buying the perfect pair of high heels in NZ has always been a struggle because majority of the stores I visited only carries size 6s' as the smallest sizing. Therefore, I had to shop online for the perfect pair of shoes.

TaoBao has a lot of cute girly high heels that really fits my personality, they also have classy ones that is suitable for office wear. Most importantly, the stores carries many smaller sizes because Chinese girls has the typical small feet (hopefully none of you is offended by this, but it's a true fact). 

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have further questions regarding TaoBao, feel free to ask me and I will try my best to help you!

I also have a couple more parcel from TaoBao which I will blog about them in separate posts (I have a total of 9 parcels as I am writing this) and just incase you're wondering, I wasn't paid to post about this nor was I sponsored by TaoBao or YouShop China (I wish though, they should pay me advertisement fees haha). I share these simply because I am a shopping addict who is trying to cut down on the spending, but obviously cannot keep to my own promise because I love shopping, plus a few people has asked about where I bought all these cute clothes and sharing is caring, right?!


  1. How much are those shirts and shoes?

    1. Hi Bibay :) I have updated all the shop details, prices of the items and shipping prices to NZ in the post. Thanks for stopping by!


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