Chi Chi Cosmetics "Blood Drops" Nail Polish Swatches & Review!

I have recently bought a new nail polish of the brand Chi Chi cosmetics and I am obsessed with it! I can not stop talking about it, taking pictures of it and/or just looking at it. 

So I thought I should start off with a little introduction of Chi Chi cosmetics, they are an Australian drug store makeup brand which established in 1997 as stated on their website, they sell beauty products such as makeup, bath and body cares, tools and nail polish. In New Zealand we can purchase Chi Chi cosmetics in Farmers, the prices range from NZD$10 to $NZD50?! Something like that ~ In my opinion their prices aren't expensive because their products are truely amazing! I have loved this brand ever since my teenage years.

Anyways, I got the color "Blood Drops", a glossy rich blood red color. They are normally NZD$20.00 at Farmers but I got this at the clearance rack for NZD$15.00. *woohoo* I love sales ~~
As stated on the Chi Chi cosmetics website, Chi Chi's salon formula nail polishes are super long lasting, chip resistant and quick drying. For high intensity color, their website recommend two coats and to use their salon forumla top and base coats for the perfect fawless finish.

I totally agree to everything mentioned above and I am just so impressed with the quality. Here is the swatches of Chi Chi "Blood Drops":
I have applied the Chi Chi salon forumla nail strengthener as base coat then two coats of Chi Chi Blood Drops then the same nail strengthener as top coat.

*** PROS ***
Beautiful color
Dries super fast
Last up to a week
Acceptable price

*** NO CONS ;) ***

I recommend trying out Chi Chi's salon forumla nail polish. Chi Chi does ship internationally from AUD$25.00 to AUD$70.00.

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