YY Kawaii Decoden Phone Cases Review ♥

Back when I had my Samsung Galaxy S2, I came across this super kawaii decoden phone cases shop on Etsy, the name is YY Kawaii, it is a United Kingdom based online handmade kawaii decoden phone cases shop. When I saw this Alice in Wonderland teacup whipped cream case I just had to have it, it is the cutest decoden design ever! (It's got an Alice in Wonderland teacup with a tea / coffee spill effects and on top of the teacup it's got loads of cute decoden like the "eat me" biscuit, sweets, coffee cup, flowers etc). So cute ~~ omg I wanted one so badly so I contacted the store owner Yik-Yan and told her I want the exact same case but on a S2 instead and I also want the drippy effect on the side of the case.

I ordered my case on July 20th and I was previously told it would take up to 4 weeks max for the teacup decoden to arrive, I was fine with that ^-^ During this waiting time I completely forgot that I ordered this new decoden case so I didn't check my etsy mail until like August 21st, but during this time I have received updates of my phone case and I received my phone case sometimes around the end of August.

I was so happy and impressed when I received this case, most kawaii thing ever right?! yes yes~ It's done on a white case and the drippy blue effects on the side glows in the dark :p I absolutely loved it! The phone case came wrapped in bubble wraps to avoid it being damaged and YY Kawaii / Yik Yan includes a looking after your phone case tips, YY Kawaii business card, a personal written message and a lollypop.

So, I was happy with the case and it was all going well until a week after I received it, everything on the phone case came off :"( & no I did not do any damage to it, it just came off and I was so sad ~ I contacted Yik-Yan and told her what happened to my phone case, she replied straight away and apologize for the phone case that fell apart and she offered me two new cases. I just seriously could not believe the good customer service. I am not saying that because she offered me new cases but the fact that she took this whole breakage seriously just it's really important to me when it comes to shopping.

More than a week ago I received these two adorable new cases from YY Kawaii, one with a Care Bear and another a Hello Kitty ♥ I did not pay for any of these two cases nor the shipping which cost USD$10.00 for my first YY Kawaii order.

I have upgrade from a galaxy S2 to an iPhone 4s since a week ago, so sucks that I don't get to use the Care Bear case cause I really like it :( I have place them on my beauty area as decoration instead :p They are just too cute to look at, always brings a smile to my face every time I look at these phone cases. I have since super glue back all the pieces from the Alice in Wonderland case and it is also part of my beauty area decorations ^-^

YY Kawaii does custom made phone cases and also sells pre-made cases and decoden, prices range from USD$8.00 - USD$45.00.

Postage prices are USD$6.00 within the UK and USD$10.00 to ship internationally, usually arrives within a week or two, depends on where you are located in.

Excellent customer service, worth dealing with. Very friendly owner ~

I would definitely go back and buy myself an iPhone 4s case :p soon ~~

Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/YYKawaii
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/YY-Kawaii/274291349305716
Instagram: http://instagram.com/yykawaii

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