Etude House Minnie Wink Lash

In early November last year, I showed you guys the kawaii Etude House xoxo Minnie Mouse collection and since then I have tried most of the products from this collection. I have tried the Minnie Kissing Lips Lipsticks, the Minnie touch highlighter and touch blusher which I absolutely love! I have also tried the eyeshadows which I am not much a fan of :( too much shimmer, I prefer matte eyeshadows, well, right now at least and last weekend I tried the eyelashes ~

Falsies are probably one of my most favourite makeup items besides lipsticks. I have really short, straight, Asian eyelashes so I often look up to those with naturally long curl lashes. SO JELLY! 

I tried both the top and bottom eyelashes but the bottom one looked totally awkward on me so I threw it away and here is a picture of me wearing the top lashes with one coat of waterproof mascara.

They are very long, soft and natural looking. I like the feel of these and they aren't too expensive, only cost around USD$5. I probably wouldn't purchase these again cause they're just too fancy for me lol... I still prefer those falsies from the Japanese mart in the mall.

These can be purchased from beautynetkorea.

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  1. Nice! They don't look so dramatic. (:


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