I Spoiled Myself Some Juicy Couture Goodies ♡

During the Christmas and New Years holiday, Juicy Couture had a 50% off winter sale (which I think it is still going on right now), I decided to take advantage of this amazeball sale and treat myself to some of their jewellery that I have been eyeing up for a long time.

In total, I ordered two pieces of necklace, one piece of bracelet and two charms. Usually I would order from Juicy and get directly deliver to my house but because Juicy is not able to deliver those two charms to international addresses so the only way I could get those items is to use mail forwarding companies.

I have never used mail forwarding companies before because I always have this feeling that they are such hassle and they cost a lot, which is true, probably cause I chose the wrong company; but because it was my first time buying via a mail forwarding company, I wanted to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Since it is quite an expensive order, I was being extra paranoid. So I chose NZpost's YouShop which has been recommended by a good friend and it is also a very trustworthy company, just very expensive.

Juicy Couture always has amazing packaging and that is one of the reasons why I love them so so much! Their qualities are also very worth the money, a bonus if you get items on sale and not to mention their style is just speechless...

So I went on the Juicy Couture website just for a casual browse and I came across this Limited Edition Year of The Horse charm, as soon as I came across the horse charm, being as dramatic as always I was like I need to have that in my life! So I added it to my cart and then...

See how gorgeous the horse charm looks ^^ sadly I was abit disappointed of the packaging for this charm. The Limited Edition Year of The Horse charm comes in a gold Juicy packaging box, the box looks kind of like those gift boxes you can get from $2 shops :( Just the feel of it is kinda cheap but other than that this charm is perfect.

I also got a 2013 Limited Edition Candy Cane Martini Charm which I absolutely adore. When I placed this order, it was already close to New Years, but because 2013 has been amazing year for me, I wanted something amazing to remember by so I chose this.
Next I got these Pave Heart Chain Link Bracelet and Pave Heart Chain Link Necklace, I have been eyeing these up for the longest time and today I finally have them ~~ *soo happy omg*
And last piece I got is a starter charm link necklace in gold.
So out of these five pieces of jewellery, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comment ye?! ^^



  1. Those accessories are GORGEOUS! OMG ! I just love all of it! from the charms to the bracelet. I love the chunky chain detail as well <3 great post girly!
    p.s. I love your youtube name. hehe


    1. Thank you Evelyn ^^ me too I love the chunky chains, they seems like the latest style ;) hehe x

  2. omg all the items are so cute!

    tzeyien89.blogspot.co.uk xxx

  3. They're so cute, the heart bracelets have to be my favourite! :) xx


  4. lovely items!


  5. Happy New year :)
    mind to follow each other?
    Pls let me know ^^

  6. That necklace!!! Love it! I don't own any juicy couture........might have to purchase something now.


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