Mini MAC Haul ♥

"I'm on a shopping ban!!!" LOL AS IF!

I wanted to stop myself from buying things that I don't need but I couldn't resist cause I really wanted something from the MAC A Fantasy of Flowers collection. So I went on Nordstrom, had a little browse and end up with these lot.

MAC Coral Bliss Lipstick (USD$16.00) from the MAC Cremesheen + Pearl collection, it's a gorgeous pink coral shade.

MAC Heroine Lipstick (USD$16.00) according to Temptalia, MAC Heroine have recently been added to the permanent range; it was previous a limited edition product from the MAC Reel Sexy collection from 2012. I have heard a lot of people raving about this lipstick, I had to have it in my collection ~ This is a bright purple shade.

MAC Rose Lily Lipstick (USD$16.00) from the MAC A Fantasy of Flowers collection, it's a beautiful pastel pink shade.

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation (USD$31.00) I picked up NC25, despite the fact I have never been matched over a MAC counter. I did a few research on the color before the purchase, I looked up on Google for most suitable MAC foundation shades for Asian and the result shows NC25 & NC30. I wanted to be more on the safe side, if I get a lighter shade, I can always throw on some bronzer so I went with NC25 and the shade suits me perfectly! *big smile*

MAC Blot Powder/Pressed (USD$25.00) I picked up Medium Dark and again, I did a lot of research and this was the best result shown! I have been using it everyday since I received it and love it so much! My face is no longer shinning like a disco ball by the end of work each day~

MAC Pro Longwear Blush (USD$25.00) I picked up the shade "Stay Pretty", it's a wearable pink shade suitable for day look.

I hardly hit pan on any of my makeup products, so from now on I will force myself to use up the ones I have and buy ONLY products I NEED! Well, let's see if this new shopping ban can last?! I currently am saving for the MAC Kelly & Sharon Osbourne collection which I think it's launching in June 2014, arghhh so excited! Are you looking forward to the fabulous mother-daughter duo?


  1. Lovely haul! I want everything here! Except the foundation, MAC foundations seem to break me out. :( But the blush and the coral bliss lipstick are absolutely beautiful! XD

    1. I have recently tried the foundation but I still not sure why everyone raves about it... hmmm? Coral Bliss is such a gorgeous color! perfect summer shade ~ but it's winter here soon owww.. thank you for your sweet comment x

  2. Great haul Kay! I've just purchased mac blot powder too but haven't tried it yet. I saw so many amazing reviews on the powder so I bought it on a whim haha but fortunately it seems you like it too ^^ hopefully it'll work on me as well :) I want to try the prolongwear blush for the longest time! Looking for the detailed reviews ^^

    1. I am pretty sure you will liek the MAC blot powder ^^ it's such a good product! I am looking forward to using the prolongwear blush so I will definitely write a review on that when the time is right :) thank you for dropping by my blog x


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