Pure Smile ツ Choosy Lip Mask

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Pure Smile Choosy Lip Mask 
I spotted these in the Japanese store at my local Westfield mall few days ago and at first I had no idea what it is, I mean I know it's a lip product but everything is written in Japanese and that's all too confusing to understand. I then searched it up on Google and found out that it's a lip gel mask! How awesome is that?! Google fix all your problems!
Pure Smile Choosy Lip Mask contains Vitamin E Collagen and Hayluronic Acid which reduces fine lines and leaves your lips moisturized. (These informations were found from Amazon / eBay, cause you know, I can't read Japanese =.=). It is recommend to use once per gel mask but my mother and I don't like to waste product so she uses one side and I use another side ;) These lip gel mask are also recommended to use on your ( . )( . ) <--- you know what that is? *see picture below*, the mask will keep them moisturized when they gets dry.
Purse Smile Choosy Lip Mask is made in Korea and there are five flavours to choose from: peach, milk, fruit, herb and honey. I bought a peach flavour and a honey flavour and so far I have used the honey one and my gawsh it smells amazeball! Just like honey ~ I have purchased these for NZD$7.00, pretty pricey but you can also get them for cheaper price from eBay / Amazon / Imomoko etc...
The instruction at the back recommended to use these for at least 5 - 30 minutes, I have tried mine with 30 minutes and the result was fabulous! This lip mask is very gel like so you will have to be-careful not to rip it, cause I did! I didn't expect it to be so soft and fragile!
This is me, bare face :P I thought it'd be uncomfortable to wear makeup and a lip mask at the same time. Now you see the girl behind that cake face! Joke Joke ~ I love makeup ♥

Below is a before, during and after picture; as you can see the result was amazing! After 30 minutes use my lips feels so soft and smooth and it smell so good, just like honey.

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  1. I want to try it now :D


  2. I wish they sold these in the UK, and btw I think you look good without any makeup on :)


    1. Oh thank you so much for the compliment Mikaela ^^ you can purchase these from Asian online stores x


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