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Lately I have been thinking of creating another blog where I will only blog in Chinese but then I kept on changing my mind, I can't decide! At first I wanted to blog about Chinese / Taiwanese TV shows, but I always end up loosing interest; and then I thought about blogging in Chinese for Asian celebrities inspired makeup looks and outfits ideas, but it's such a hassle having to go back and forth... Hmmm at last, I have decided to blog everything on here! I've seen people blog in both English and their own language. ^^ Hopefully this is my final decision! Please do let me know if you're not 100% :) with this idea.

A month ago I have finished watching a Chinese drama "A servant of two masters / 一仆二主", I wouldn't say it's my type of shows as I much prefer either idol dramas or history shows; but I have to admit I really enjoyed "A servant of two masters / 一仆二主" because it's funny and the character's fashion styles are so ah-mazing!

After watching "A servant of two masters / 一仆二主", I have been so inspired to recreate one of the main characters outfit and makeup look. The main character I have chosen is Claire / 唐总, in the show she is known as the boss of an elderly diaper company and she is super rich, so buying a few Celine bags is absolutely no problem for her! *so jealous*. From my observation, the character Claire / 唐总 enjoys wearing minimal makeup and bright lips color, she likes to wear her hair in a tiny bun for that professional office lady look and she always go for bright, colorful outfits.

Here is a makeup look inspired by Claire / 唐总 ♥

Below is an outfit idea inspired by Claire / 唐总 ♥

Oops. I have forgot to jot down the details for this makeup look again! Basically I have used products I always use in my other inspired makeup blog posts. I will make sure to remember the products I have used in my next post! I promise~ 

自从本姑娘开始喜欢看国内和台湾连续剧的那一刻,同时也喜欢开始追星!我本来想创建一个新的博客来写有关于看过,还有喜欢的连续剧评论;但是每一次都是看完了才想到:哦!我还没写评论呢!然后又出了一个主意,想要从新创造明星的扮装等。哎哟~ 想来想去太复杂了!还是有什么都写在同一个博客就好,希望我的英文读者不介意哦!^^


上面的两张照片是我从新创造的唐总扮装~ 希望你们喜欢 :)


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