Tosowoong Makeon Little Mermaid Eyeliner Sets ♥ Swatches

Recently a reader of mine have requested to see some swatches of the Tosowoong Makeon Little Mermaid Eyeliner sets and that got me really excited because this is the first time someone have requested for something on my blog, so this means my blog is moving forward right? Like, you guys actually enjoy reading my blog? I hope so :p

I have used these Little Mermaid Eyeliner sets a few times now and every time I use these, I really enjoy them as they glides on smoothly and they last a long time. Check out these swatches below ~

Makeon Princess Limited Edition Season 1 - Femme Fatale, The Mermaid.

This set of eyeliners comes in a cute little pink tin case which is very handy to carry in handbags, inside the tin case it contains five different shades of gel eyeliners. 

[from left to right]

  • Pearl Black - contains silver and gold pearl to give that fancy glitter look
  • Brown - a chocolate brown shade suitable for those who wants a light smokey eye look
  • Burgundy - sexy burgundy shade for those who's trying out the vampire look
  • Gold - create bigger eyes with a touch of luxurious gold shade
  • Beige - either use a eyeshadow base or on waterline to create bigger eyes
Here's a swatches on the eyeliners on my arm, love how pigmented these are ~

Here is a picture to show these eyeliners are water-proof and smudge proof and below is a gif to show even when rubbing my arm, these eyeliners won't come off! The eyeliners are removable if removing with a makeup removing wipe, oil and /or cleanser, if you leave them as it is, they will last up to 24 hours before the colors starts fading.

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Makeon Princess Limited Edition Season 3 - Cleopatra Princess.

The Cleopatra Princess eyeliner sets also comes with a cute little tin case, this one is in gold shade and inside also contains five different shades of eyeliners. This set of eyeliners focus more on the bronze shades.

[from left to right]

  • Dark Brown - dark chocolate shade, perfect for those we enjoys dark colored liners
  • Glam Brown - brown shade with delicate gold pearls, perfect for daily natural makeup
  • Deep Bronze - perfect shade to either wear as natural day look or smoke it out for night time
  • Blonde - shiny gold shade suitable for both shadows and liner
  • Sun Shine - bright orange shade to use in a colorful makeup look

Here is a swatches of the eyeliners on my arm, and again ~ these are very pigmented even thou they're more a lighter shade than the first set shown above.

And again, I run these swatches under water to show these are water-proof and smudge-proof.

** If the below gif is not showing up or lags, you may have to refresh the page or right click --> open link in new window to see ~ Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please refer to this post for information of where and how much I got these eyeliner sets for ^^

Tosowoong stated these eyeliners does not have a turning part and you must use an eyeliner sharpener to sharpen it once you have used all that is available and/or broken it.

From the swatches above, you can see some of them are very shimmery and some are just perfect daily color; my favourite shade would have to be brown and burgundy from Season 1 ~ As mentioned above, the Tosowoong Makeon Little Mermaid Eyeliner sets are very pigmented. They glides on smoothly, when you first apply they appear to be a bit sticky, but the stickiness don't last long and they set very quickly. Once it's set, it's water-proof and smudge-proof unless you clean them with a makeup removing product. 

So, tell me, what do you think of these eyeliners? Love it or leave it? 


  1. Oh myy these are eyeliners look so good! I've never had much luck with gel and pencil liners because they always smudge on my eyes :'(
    But wow, that rub test - not even a bit of smudging! I must try these eyeliners out ♥
    I love your review, so in depth! Definitely a new follower ♥


    1. omg girl you have to try these ;) you can either smudge or use as liner and I love these eyeliners! even running water and rubbing them after they don't smudge at all! I am so impressed by the quality for its price!


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