April Violet Box Review ♡

Violet Box is an Australian monthly beauty box service which have recently travelled its way to New Zealand and launched it's first beauty box in April. Violet Box have stated each beauty box includes 5 + beauty samples / full size products at the cost of only $25.00 + $4.50 postage (NZD).

Seeing as a lot of people over in Australia received amazing products in their boxes, I thought why not?! It's only $25.00 a month! So I tried.

My first Violet Box was shipped to me directly from Australia, it arrived just two days before the end of April and it was delivered without signature confirmation. I got it delivered to my work's PO box just fine. ^^

When I opened the April Violet Box, the first thing I see is an April introduction card that says "sneak peek into the April Violet Box! Introducting CK One Color Gloss Eyecolor", I am pretty sure it's a mistake cause I see no Calvin Klein products in this box; and when you flip the card around, there's all the products' descriptions, products that came in the April box.

In my April Violet Box I have received six products.

1. St Tropes Bronzing Mouse (RRP $44.95 120ml / $65.95 240ml)
The card says: This award winning self tan bronzing mousse is a super-lightweight, easy to apply, velvety mousse that delivers an ultra-even tan. Infused with aloe vera and long lasting colour, it will leave you with a natural-looking, healthy bronze glow.

I have received a 50ml size bottle and my first thought was "not this again". Tanning products are probably my least favourite products. This remidns me of why I cancelled my subscriptions at Sample Bar and Goodie Box.

2. ModelCo SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss (RRP $19.80)
The card says: A relective, shimmering lip gloss that creates a glamorous, lacquered effect for the lips. Non-sticky formula glides on evenly, leaving your lips with a luscious, long lasting shine and lustre. Super sleek and super slender, SHINE Ultra lip gloss' tall thin bottle fits into the slimmest of evening bags and comes handy with a smart inbuilt mirror.

I have received a 4.2 ml size tube in shade "Strip Tease", it's such a gorgeous nude-ish pink shade with a bit shimmer, can almost pass as a clear gloss when apply on lips. I guess this is a full size tube, cause it's pretty long and the inbuilt mirror is very nice, very handy.

This lip gloss is my favourite product received in my April Violet Box, I love lip products and I love the candy smell. "non-sticky formula" false advertising lol, it's very thick and sticky.

3. Catalina Geo Long and Deep Mascara (RRP $34.50)
The card says: Eyes and Brow long and deep mascara is lengthening to the lashes and water resistant, but comes off with ease when cleansed. Particularly suitable for sensitive eyes. Comes with a bonus refill.

I have receieved 2 x 7 g size tubes, one is a bonus refill. "Eyes and Brow"? Does it mean this can be used on your brows too? I have heard a few Australian girls raves about this product but I doubt that it will work on my super straight, short, down pointing Asian eyelashes. No mascara seems to work for my eyelashes except for Maybelline falsies range.

4. MOR Essentials Collection Hand Cream (RRP $16.95)
The card says: An everyday hand cream that has a symphony of shea butter, coconut oil, glycerin & aloe vera which is easily absorbed to soothe dry hands, leaving them feeling pampered, restored and beautifully fragrant.

I have receieved 2 foil packs, one is "Black Currant Iris" and another is "Basil & Grape". I have one of these full size hand creams and I love the smell ^^ so I am very excited to try these.

5. Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser (RRP $26.95 200ml)
The card says: The Avene gental gel cleanser, has been specifically formulated for normal to combination sensitive skin. Based on only extra-gental cleansing agents, it removes all traces of make-up from the face, eyes and lips, leaving skin soft and supple. It's also soap free and hypoallergenic.

I have received a 12 ml size bottle, so tiny and kawaii ~ I have combination to oily skin so I am not sure if this will work for my skin but I am so looking forward to taking the bottle with me when travelling, it's very cute.

6. Bodyography Oxyplex Powder (RRP $65.00)
The card says: Oxyplex loose powder provides a healthy radiance and soft coverage to blend uneven skin tones and perfect the look f your skin. Oxyplex pressed powder provides a natural coverage to even out the skin tone and cover blemishes while leaving your skin looking natural.

I have received 27 g of Oxyplex loose complextion powder in shade "Almond", so I am guessing it's a full size?! It looks big enough to me. I wear MAC NC25 and "Almond" is quite matchy for me, it appears to be a little bit tan on my skin.

Oo I like it's made in USA! I don't ever wear loose powders but I have recently been wanting to get my hands on one to try out the powder before foundation trick. Lucky me ~ I received one in my first Violet Box. ;)

Overall I like my first Violet Box, but I have requested to unsubscribe my monthly Violet Box (they haven't got back to me yet). I am unsubscribbing because I just never get this satisfation feel of these beauty boxes I get compare to the American ones I often watch on Youtube. Americans often gets brand such as Urban Decay and here in New Zealand all we get is fake tan products. *smh* Not for me. I am not dissing Violet Box by the way, the box is just too "meh" for me. Spending $25.00 on a box full of goodies that are not much my taste isn't worth it.

So I want to unscribe and I hope they confirm my cancellation soon! I want to unscribe and save the $25.00 a month for something else that I will actually use and/or something that I enjoy.

Anyways, what do you think of this month's Violet Box? Did you get yours? Do you like it? Share your thoughts with me. ^^



  1. I got the exact same products, even the loose powder is in the same color!:) I hate modelco things though, I sent them an email to unsubscribe quite a while ago too and the haven't got back to me yet either...:S

    1. They have replied me on Facebook saying their un-subscribe confirmation goes out between the 7th and 10th each month so let's wait and see ^^ ModelCo is hmmm.. okay, in every single New Zealand beauty boxes they seem to include modelco.. and I don't hate it, but it's annoying.

  2. Oh wow, there are so many beauty boxes available these days I can't even keep up with the trend - glossybox, memebox, Bellabox and now violet box >_< It's dissapointing how there aren't many well known brands included in the box, i always feel like america always have better products than what Australia and New Zealand will always have :'( Thanks for sharing though!!!


    1. Awwh not in New Zealand Fifi ~ I wish we have all the ones you guys have in Australia! We first had Sample Bar but it closed down then we have Goodie Box which is rather expensive (in my opinion), then we now have Violet Box. I am sure we have other boxes for jewellery etc but people have experienced and hated it so Im not keen to try. *sigh* I wish we have more boxes and better products here.


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