Monday, May 12, 2014

Benefit Big Easy Swatches ♥

I received a sample of the Benefit Big Easy bb cream in my last Benefit order, the sample includes a small amount of product for each shade. It's nice, I like it when companies does this.

So instead of companies giving you a sample of one shade to try for a product like foundations and bb cream etc... and/or sometimes giving you a color chart thing so you can try and "match" your foundation shade. Pffft that never works for me! I like it that they give you a sample of all the colors they have for this product, this way it's much easier to match your perfect shade and decide on which one is best to purchase.

I have been eyeing up on the Benefit Big Easy for a long time but the colors on their website is no help, so this sample came in handy ;) and plus, so many bloggers raves about Big Easy so I am guessing it's a must-try product!

There are six shades available for Benefit Big Easy: fair, light, light / medium, medium, beige and deep beige. Above the samples, there are six faces of girls in different nationality and skin tone; which gives you an idea of what bb cream shade might suit you before trying the samples.

Below I have done swatches for all six shades.

Still hard to choose my perfect Benefit Big Easy shade, I have come down to either medium or beige (swatches below). The swatches may look a bit dark in the picture, in real-life, medium looks a bit too light on me and beige (which shown above, suits Asian skin tone) looks a bit too dark. Can't decide =.=

I am NC25 for MAC foundations, so which shades of Big Easy do you reckon suits NC25? Have you tried Benefit Big Easy? Do you recommend this product?

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