Benefit Love At First Shine! Ultra Plush Lip Gloss Set ♡ Swatches

"Meet the gloss of your dreams! Six sexy shades of ultra plush gloss drench your lips in smooth & luscious color" - Benefit

I received this set of six ultra plush lip gloss from my recent Benefit Cosmetics purchase, click here to see my Benefit haul if you haven't. ;) The set contains 6 x 6.5 ml deluxe size lip gloss which value at $62.00 ~ Oofft if it was that expensive, I would pass! The Benefit love at first shine lip gloss set cost me $26.00. ^^

The packaging is quite simple, the little size tube made it super kawaii thou. Each lip gloss comes in a transparent tube which allows you to see how much products are left in the tube. I personally really like the deluxe size cause that means no wasting products or money and it's very handy to carry, it's small enough to carry in your pockets or... between your boobs ;) for the night out.

Benefit love at first shine set includes six ultra plush lip gloss:
♡ Fauxmance - soft berry
♡ Kiss You - clear fuchsia
♡ lollibop - hot pink
♡ A-lister - bubblegum pink
♡ Icebreaker - clear gloss
♡ Poutrageous- bright pink-coral

Swatches of Benefit ultra plush lip gloss set:
From left to right: A-Lister, Fauxmance, Kiss You, Lollibop, Poutrageous and Icebreaker.

I will do an in-depth review on each shade once I get a chance to wear them all.

I have been wearing "Fauxmance" and it's becoming one of my favourite lip gloss. It's got this very yummy, fruity, candy smell and the color is gorgeous! I will definitely be doing review on this but today is just to show the swatches of the set, it was requested on my Instagram ^^

Feel free to request something, a swatch or a review on my blog ~ I will do what I can to fulfil your dream ;)


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