MEMEBOX ♥ Superbox #9 Tony Moly Korea Beauty Boxes

MemeBox Superbox #9 Tony Moly arrived at my door nearly two weeks ago and I am so impressed with this box! So excited, can't wait to share with you all what I received~ 

Just in case you're new to MemeBox, this is not a monthly beauty subscription box service. It's more like they create random beauty boxes for you to purchase at random times. MemeBox's products and pricing are amazing, they are the reason why I cancelled all my other beauty boxes. Shipping time was very fast, took only three working days to deliver to me.

Last time I talked about MemeBox, I have mentioned they no longer ship internationally and I have also emailed to confirm; but few weeks ago, they have announce international shipping is available again! YAYY ~

Today I will be showing you what I have received in my newest MemeBox, Tony Moly edition. I have always been a huge Tony Moly fan as I am a sucker for cute packagings, their products can be purchased via eBay for an affordable price and the brand has always offered great products.

MemeBox Tony Moly edition includes seven full size products for only USD $39.00, I have also used most of my meme points available which gave me a lot of discount. You can earn meme points from purchasing the beauty boxes.

Below are the seven products which came in my MemeBox Tony Moly edition.

Tony Moly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack 80g
Enriched with fresh tomatoes and pearl powders, Tomatox Magic Massage Pack brings you a multi-functional facial care, providing double effects of both a massage cream and a wash-off pack. Its soft creamy texture will gently remove any residues on your skin, leaving it  deeply energized and brightened.

How to use:
Dry your skin after cleansing and spread the massage pack evenly over your face. Wait for 1 - 2 minutes; then gently massage with your fingers and wait for another 5 - 10 minutes before washing it off. Use warm water to wash off and use the towel to softly dab, not rub, away the remaining water on your face.

My thoughts:
I have added the Tony Moly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack to my eBay cart for a long long time, but I have always been on a "shopping ban" so I never really get a chance to buy it. I am just impressed MemeBox have included this in the Tony Moly box and it's a full size product too! So excited and can't wait to try it!

Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm 20g
This balm type primer gives you a smooth, silky skin tone & texture by tightening the enlarged pores and meticulously filing in the fine lines and acne scars on your skin.

How to use:
Spread a small proportion of the product over areas with enlarged pores and/or any other visible facial blemishes.

My thoughts:
This is also another product which I have added to my eBay cart for a long time but just never get a chance to buy it. It's not like I need another primer, I have too many! But I would buy this just for the super cute egg packaging!

Tony Moly Mr. Smile Patch 10g
With this hydro-gel type cooling patch, you won't ever have to worry about those folds along your smile lines from the side of your nose down towards the end of your lips. The black secret complex consisting of black bean extracts, blueberry extracts, black sesame extracts, and mulberry extracts will help nullify the thick creases that may hold you back from smiling to your heart's content.

How to use:
Dry after cleansing and place the patch over your smile lines. Wait for 20 - 30 minutes, take off the patch, and let the remaining essence absorb into your skin.

My thoughts:
Well I definitely don't have to worry about any smile lines, cause I don't have any... yet! I am most looking forward to using this in a kawaii selfie! LOl.

** Excuse the bad quality picture, for some reason it turns out black / grey-ish**

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist 60ml
If you feel your face gradually becoming shinier from facial oil not long after finishing your makeup in the morning, this sleek mist would be just what you're looking for. With extracts from cabbage , pineapple and lemon, it will quickly soothe and re-adjust your skin to look nice and silky again.

How to use:
Close your eyes, spray the mist evenly from 20 - 30cm away, and let it absorb into your skin.

My thoughts:
There's two types of Tony Moly pocket bunny mist available, one for dry skin and another for oily skin. I have received the one for oily skin *yayy* seems like MemeBox knows me well ;) This is also another product which I have been wanting for a long time, the packaging is so adorable and from what the description says, I think you can use this as a makeup setting spray?! If yes then great! Cause I am running out of my Urban Decay all-nighter spray!

Tony Moly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar - Juicy Cherry 2g
Lipstick and lip gloss combined together in the form of a creamy lip crayon, the Petit Bunny Gloss Bar softly melts onto your lips for a long-lasting rosy look. It's easy to use and easy to apply whenever and wherever your lips need a little bit of color or hydration.

How to use:
It can be applied on bare lips or on top of lip balm andor other lip products.

My thoughts:
I already have this in peach and  I absolutely adore it, the packaging is so kawaii, each Petit Bunny Gloss Bar has its own facial expression and the shade is beautiful.

Tony Moly Floria Nutra-Energy 100 Hours Cream 45ml
This ultimate facial cream is packed with femented extracts from argan oily, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil, calendula flower oily, and borage il to provide intense hydration that will last for up to 100 hours. By deeply nourishing and filing up each layer of your skin with resilient, moisturizing energy, Nutra-Energy Cream soothes, hydrates and maintains your skin's full potential all day long.

How to use:
Apply ample amount at the end of your skincare procedure.

My thoughts:
This is the only products which I am not-that-interested in the Tony Moly edition box. I am not much a skin care person, but I will give this a try ~

Tony Moly Nail Foundation Kit 7ml x 3ea
This gentle nail polish kit contains no chemical composition and is consisted of three nude colors - #1 Pale Beige, #2 Classic Beige and #3 Camel Beige - perfect for a basic, feminine look.

How to use:
Apply evenly over a base coat and finish off with a top coat.

My thought:
Below swatches on a nail wheel, the shades are gorgeous nudes, suitable for office lady ^^

Overall I love the MemeBox Superbox #9 Tony Moly edition. They have included in most of the products I have been eyeing up for a long time, it's like they can read my mind from miles away ~ I am impressed ;)

I have another MemeBox coming soon which I am very excited to receive and share with you all. It's the MemeBox makeup eidtion! Hopefully they pack it with loads of lips products, that's all I care about ^^ hehe.

Have you tried MemeBox? What came in your recent MemeBox? Did you like what you received?


  1. Those products are so beautiful and pretty :) I haven't tried any makeup subscription box yet but I might one day in the future.

  2. Yay for shipping internationally! I have heard lots of great things about tony moly and I can find it here locally but I find that half of their skincare products to me just seem cute but not very effective. That aside I totally want some of those bunny lip bars!!

    1. Lucky you! So jelly! heheh would be so nice if we can get Tony Moly locally too :p Oh but, that'd be bad for my wallet haha x


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