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I have something super amazeball to share with you lovlies tonight ^-^

It's not beauty related, but it is just as good as makeup!

Taaaa Daaaaaa! It's a Candysan haul!

Candysan is a Japan based online sweets, snacks, chocolates and cuisine store. They sell some of the most popular candies that are being sold in Japan right now.

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you would probably know that I am obsessed with Asian brands... everything?! Well mostly makeup and a lot times I buy all these Asian brands makeup just because of its packaging.

Japanese cosmetics brand Canmake is one of my favourite beauty brands, I love it because of its good quality as well as its kawaii pacakging. Well, Japanese candies and food is no difference to its makeup etc, not only are their packagings so eye-catching and adorable, their food, drinks and candies are also very tasty.

Let's just say, I am a huge fan of everything Japan! Hopefully one day I get to travel to Japan and explore the beautiful country. 

Anyway, right now let's get onto this amazing haul ~

When I first started my blog I did a Japanese DIY candy post where I show you a step by step of how to make your own Japanese candy using one of these cool DIY candy packs shown above. I had so much fun writing that post and I am going to do the same thing by posting a step by step guide post to all the items shown in the above picture. If you are interested to see one of these DIYs, leave me a comment and let me know which one you would like to see first. ^-^

Oh, I am most excited about that toilet candy... LOl! I have seen so many YouTube tutorial and it seems so much fun, yet so gross. I mean, how did the Japanese came up with the idea of mixing sweets in a mini toilet and drinking from it? Hahah eww ~

Now you kind of get the idea of why I love Japanese stuff so much?! Even a pack of chips have the cutest packaging!

There are over 25 flavours of snack for the above product, on the Candysan website, it says it's called 'Petit', but I am not so sure if it's the brand name or the product name. These snack looks so yummy, I have the choco chips (tiny green tea cookies filled with milk chocolate chips) and fried snack (tiny spicy fried snack).

Ummm, hello?! Raspberry M&M! This is so amazing! We don't have such cool things in NZ.

The Mario Kart candy pack in the picture above is just a toy with one hard candy and when I opened it I thought it was the strangest thing ever. Just one candy?? Have I mentioned everything in this haul is made in Japan, except for that little toy there, it's made in China.

Awwh so many pikachu sweets ~

These Hi-Chew candies are my absolute favourite! The Asian stores in the mall sells them, but there's not a lot of yummy flavours available, so it is very nice to be able to try a new flavour, which is melon.

Another clever thing Japanese came up with, these are called Torotto and they are small baked chocolate cubes filled with chocolate cream. There's three flavours available and when I first saw these, I thought they look like small fried tofu.

Soy source pretz?! These are so yummy! OMG! If you are a fan of anything salty, you will love this.

Pokemon ramen! LOL, so cool!

& Last but not lease, Candysan sent me a pack of pocket tissues with a cute packaging.

Okay, now onto the important part. You can purchase everything shown above from Candysan, everything on their website is very affordable, snacks are as cheap as only a few cents. They ship internationally and my package arrive within one week. Everything came packed well in a box, nothing came broken.

Overall I am impressed with their customer service and most importantly, their food! Nothing was expired and everything was packed carefully.

So, did you enjoy my Candysan haul? ^-^ Now I am off to munch of these yummy stuff.


  1. OMG, so much amazing snacks! I'm a huge fan of anything ramen and anything with green tea! The japanese really take everything to the next level!

    1. OMG I know right! I am hoping they would make Sailor Moon ramen haha xD


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