Impulse Cosmetics Haul ♥ Lipstick Samples, Loose Eyeshadow & Cosmetic Glitter

I was searching for indie cosmetics brands when Impulse Cosmetics pops up, I have heard a little about this brand but I don't know much about this company. All I know is that people raves about this brand and it's one of those well-known indie cosmetics brands.

Trying out new products and buying from a new company (a company that is new to me) is probably one of my favourite things to do, I love discovering new beauty brands and all that; but I was pretty skeptical at first, you know it's that feeling when you have decided you want to take your first step with this company and you're not sure if they're really as good as what everyone says?

Impulse Cosmetics' website were down for awhile, I remember they were revamping the website? and that gave me some time to decide if I want to go ahead and place an order. So... while looking up Impulse Cosmetics' swatches and reviews, I came across some gorgeous lipsticks swatches on Lani's blog (*thumb up* to Lani's beautiful pictures which had me sold on these products!).

In Lani's blog, she has mentioned Demure (the lipstick) has been discontinued by Impulse Cosmetics and only clamshell sizes are left on their website, I assume once these clamshell sizes are sold out, Demure will be forever gone?! This is like the same situation as when I hear something is 'Limited Edition', even thou I have never tried the brand or the product, when something is limited edition or it is being discontinued, I have to get my hands on it!

Anyway, enough with the stories ~ I have end up placing my first order with Impulse Cosmetics when the company re-launched their website, everything in the picture above is what I got in my first order and below I am going to go through each products and swatches.

First things that caught my eyes on their website is the cosmetics glitters, I have been wanting to try the cut crease glitter eyes look ever since I watched LuxtreLux's tutorial. So inspiring right?! I love her videos! I bought an Impulse Cosmetics cosmetic glitter in "Nectar", it's a Halloween Limtied Edition :p and I also got a loose eyeshadow jar in Esmeralda.

Both cosmetics glitter and the loose eyeshadow comes in a full size 5 gram jar with a sealed sifter, each jar contains roughly 1/2 tsp of product. I am not a smart person when it involves maths stuff, so of course I was confused by the whole grams and kilograms thing; I have imagined these to be much bigger jars, but they have arrived in a tiny jar, I am not complaining ;) cause these jars are so cute!

Impulse Cosmetics - Cosmetic Glitter Eyeshadow "Nectar" - USD $3.99
Nectar is described as a bright orange duochrome glitter that shifts into aqua and lime green. There are over 28 shades of cosmetics glitter to choose from and I picked up Nectar as I have been loving orange shades lately. ^-^

Impulse Cosmetics have suggested to use the cosmetics glitter over a tacky base for a funky eyeshadow or eyeliner, these can also be mixed into lipgloss and/or use to decorate nails.

Impulse Cosmetics - Loose Eyeshadow "Esmeralda" - USD $3.99
Esmeralda is described as a blushy pink with a gold duochrome, it is vegan friendly and lip safe. The swatch shown on the right side was taken indoor with flash on.

Impulse Cosmetics - Mattifying Lip Powder - USD $2.99
This is a full size of mattifying lip powder in a 5 gram jar and it contains approximately 1/2 tsp of product. Impulse Cosmetics have stated this multi-purchase mattifying powder takes away the glossy shine and transforms any lipstick into a completely matte work of art, it is vegan friendly. Simply dab a little of the mattifying powder on top of any lipstick to create the matte look.

Last but not least, lipsticks samples! I bought seven sample sizes of Impulse Cosmetics lipsticks, I figure these would be better for me as I already have 5647521536 x lips products in my makeup collection and it's a good way to test out products without wasting money.

Each sample comes in a clamshell jar with approximately 1/4 tsp of product.

I got the opaque matte lipsticks samples in shades: Platonic, Ecstasy, Witches Brew, Space Cadet, Cliff Hanger, Demure and a metaluxe lipstick sample in shade Thrill.

Space Cadet (semi-glossy matte) - pastel, violet purple with a blue undertone.

Ecstasy (semi-glossy matte) - bright, almost fluorescent pink with a blue undertone.

Demure (semi-glossy matte) - light, bright purple with pink undertone.

Thril (metallic) - metallic coral pink.

Swatches of Space Cadet, Ecstasy, Demure and Thril in-door with flash on
Swatches of Space Cadet, Ecstasy, Demure and Thril in-door without flash on

Witches Brew (semi-glossy matte) - dark grass green with yellow undertone.

Cliff Hanger (semi-glossy matte) - warm brown with strong orange tone.

Platonic (semi-glossy matte) - light neutral nude pink.

Swatches of Witches Brew, Cliff Hanger and Platonic in-door with flash on
Swatches of Witches Brew, Cliff Hanger and Platonic in-door without flash on
Swatches of Impulse Cosmetics Platonic lipstick on lips

I am wearing Platonic on my lips today and I love the color ♥ It's a gorgeous barely-there nude-ish pink shade. I apply with a Real Techniques lip brush and it applies smoothly but not evenly, I had to dip my brush in five to six times to get some colors on my lips. After two hours the semi-glossy look is gone, but the matte nude pink look is still there. I have applied lip balm before I applied Platonic and after an hour it starts to feel very drying.

I think having to dip my brush in the sample a couple of times to get an even look is because Platonic is a nude pink shade, if it's more a pigmented color like Ecstasy, I probably wouldn't have to dip the brush in so many times.

The lipsticks samples are only USD $2.33 - $2.45 per clamshell jar. All their prices are not like crazy expensive, they are very affordable and shipping cost was USD $9.76 for all the products I have shown in this haul. Impulse Cosmetics took 9 days to prepare my order and it arrived in 10 days, from the date they sent me an order shipped confirmation and tracking number. Overall they have excellent service!

Have you tried Impulse Cosmetics? What do you think of my haul? :p


  1. I have heard of Impulse Cosmetics but never tried anything from them. To be honest the packaging is not my cup of tea. The lip swatch looks very pretty on you! I know that I would be too lazy to use a clamshell sample though hehe.

    1. Hmmm the packagings are great for an indie brand, I mean they make everything from scratch (well not the pots) but I mean their labels etc... I quite like it ^^ Thank you for the compliment Kim x

  2. OOO..I've never heard of this line but I'm totally loving the sample sizes! I've ordered samples of pigment but they came in small baggies not little pots which would have been nice! Love that pink pigment and soft pink shade on your lips!

  3. never heard of this brand but i love the lips swatch on you
    pretty !


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