MAC Coral Bliss Lipstick ♥ Review + Swatches

MAC Lipstick

Can we all just take a moment to admire this beautiful lipstick. ♥ :") 

I have been wearing MAC Coral Bliss almost everyday since I purchased it off Nordstrom and now I can call it one of my favourites. 

MAC Coral Bliss was first released in the MAC Cremesheen + Pearl collection in 2012 with seven other lipsticks, it has been a permanent lipstick since the start. Coral Bliss is a gorgeous summery pink coral shade with a cremesheen finish. MAC have described it as a frosted light coral, I am not sure how MAC came up with the 'frosted' name as it is no where near shimmery or frosty.

Coral Bliss is a cremesheen finish which is a creme-based lipstick that offers bright full color with a soft shine. I wouldn't say this is very pigmented, but I like that the color is buildable, it can be worn as sheer with a hint of coral and a little glossy look or you can swipe the lipstick a few times to build an opaque coverage. With it being a creme-based lipstick, it is very easy to apply and glides on smoothly; for some reason, I can't seem to apply Coral Bliss evenly on my lips, maybe my lipstick-applying-skill is not good enough haha ~

I must be really missing the summer season, right now I totally envy the Americans in togs haha ~ That explains why I have been crazy obsessed with coral shades these past few months.

I absolutely adore MAC Coral Bliss, it's a beautiful everyday wear natural looking lipstick. But the downside is, it only wore max two hours for me. *boo hoo* I would get so annoyed if I work a busy retail job and having to re-apply every two hours.

Swatch of MAC Coral Bliss

In the above picture of the swatch on my lips, I have swiped MAC Coral Bliss across a few times to create the opaque look. As you can see it is showing as a beautiful pink coral with soft shine. I think Coral Bliss would look good on light to medium skin tones, I am NC25.

Anyway, Coral Bliss lipstick can be purchased from MAC Cosmetics (USD $16.00) / Nordstrom (USD $16.00) - both sites have to use YouShop or any mail forwarding companies if you live in New Zealand or outside of US. New Zealanders can also purchase over any MAC counters throughout NZ (NZD $40.00).

So... Do you own MAC Coral Bliss? Are you a coral lipstick fan?

Drop a comment below and share your thoughts with me. ^-^


  1. That color looks gorgeous on you! Coral Bliss was my first MAC lipstick and has a place of honor in my makeup collection, but it doesn't complement my skin tone now that I have a tan. I prefer darker coral-y colors like Crosswires.


  2. This lipstick is such a pretty colour ^O^
    In the tube it looks like such a bold red colour but when it's actually on your lips it's such a gorgeous coral colour!! This review makes me want to buy this lipstick omg haha !


  3. Oh that shade is totally unexpected! I thought it would be a straight up super bright coral but I love how creamy and peachy it is on your lips! I totally need to try a couple lipsticks from mac, I own none!

  4. Oh this is so much sheerer than I expected from just looking at the lipstick bullet. Not bad though, so very natural ;)

  5. Love your reviews and blog posts! Hope you don't mind if I follow! ^___^

    1. Thank you Nenia :) I appreciate your follow x

  6. Lovely color! It suits you very well. I'm listing all the MAC lipsticks that I would like to try and I guess this one will be included. <3

  7. Beautiful color! I'd love to have a MAC lipstick one day, but I find them just to be so expensive! x


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