MAC x Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Collection ♥ Peaches & Cream Blush + Dodgy Girl Lipstick

MAC x Sharon & Kelly Osbourne collections was sold out just like that! I didn't even get a chance to grab a few items off Nordstorm *cries*, by the time I woke up and jump on Nordstorm, all the lipsticks were gone and of course the only blush I had my eyes on was sold out as well.

I was lucky enough to grab the MAC Peaches & Cream blush and the MAC Dodgy Girl lipstick off a trustworthy seller on TradeMe, and of course, I bought them at a much expensive price.

I often buy MAC products from shezza108 on TradeMe, she sells guarantee authentic MAC products, super fast delivering and the most amazing customer service that will melt your heart ^-^. I buy from her at times when I feel lazy to buy from all these US websites, cause y'know, the whole freight forwarding services is just too much, sometimes I like things to go the simple way.

MAC x Sharon Osbourne comes packaged in a limited edition bright red packaging with Sharon Osbourne's signature in lilac writing. I may be a crazy pink obsessed, but red is also one of my favourite colours and I absolutely love the Sharon Osbourne packaging.

MAC Peaches and Cream Blush
I bought the Peaches and Cream blush for NZD $43.00 and it may seems like a rip-off price from the American's point of views, since it only cost USD $22.00, but I am very happy with it; it's well worth what I paid for ^-^. Just look at how gorgeous it is!

MAC Peaches and Cream Blush is described as a mid-tone rose with a satin finish.

There's four new and limited edition shades of lipstick from the MAC x Kelly Osbourne collection and I only bought Dodgy Girl. I wanted to get Kelly Yum Yum as well, but since it's very similar to Candy Yum Yum and I already have that, I didn't think it was necessary to own one.

MAC x Kelly Osbourne comes packaged in a lilac color tube with Kelly Osbourne's signature in red writing. Purple have recently become my new favourite color and I love the light lilac shade of the tube, but compare to MAC Sharon Osbourne's packaging, it's not as wow amazing looking to me.

Love that the shade of Dodgy Girl matches the shade of the lipstick tube. :p

MAC Dodgy Girl Lipstick
First of all, I love the name of the lipstick ~ "Dodgy Girl" heheh, all other three Kelly Osbourne lipsticks also have cute names. I bought the Dodgy Girl lipstick for NZD $50.00 and again some people may thinks I am crazy! The Kelly Osbourne lipsticks will be selling at NZD $44.00 when it's available in New Zealand, but the collection won't be launching here until August 4th. So... For someone who doesn't like waiting, like me; I would be happy to buy it at a much expensive price.

MAC Dodgy Girl Lipstick is described as a light lavender with matte finish.

Anyway, did you grab anything from the MAC x Sharon & Kelly Osbourne collection?


  1. love MAC x Sharon Osbourne packaging !
    its red !

  2. very pretty but not my cup of tea

  3. Love the look of the blush! I've never bought things from any of mac LE collections although I'd love it. They aren't actually that pricey here in singapore but are quite a bit marked up from US prices, I've always loved a purple tone to my hot pinks and red lipsticks but lilac won't be good on me! Can't wait to see it on you!

  4. Oh~ I love the blush! Im really not into blush but since it's mac then i might as well try it. but of course I have to wait for this collection to be available in our country first. :)

  5. The blush looks lovely! I really like Dodgy Girl, too, it's a pretty colour but I don't think I could wear it!

    Jess xo

  6. the blush is amazing!!!! the lipstick intimidates me though :p
    nice purchases!!!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness


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