Beauty Empties #1 ♡ ft. Chanel, ELF, 3CE + More [2014]

"I'm going to use all my old makeup before I buy new makeup" says no woman ever ~

I have never done a products empties post, because I have never actually finish a beauty product... until recently. Alright, I know it is such a bad habit, especially when you own a bunch of lipsticks, blush and/or eyeshadow palettes in the same color.

Someone (who is less interested in makeup) have recently asked "what is the point of buying so many lipsticks that are in the same shades?", well the point is, I love lipsticks and I love pink; when you love something so much, you just want to collect them all... Right? Right!

As much as I love to think that money grows on trees and buy as many lipsticks as I can, there's always the budget... *sigh* life isn't all easy like we have imagined. So lately I have been encouraging myself to use up products I have already opened and avoid buying too much and waste things.

I have been doing great using up opened products, I am actually proud of myself. ^-^

Today I am going to show you what I have used up and what I think of these products. Will I re-purchase? Did I enjoy the products? Well... I don't know :)... Let's find out!

LJH Doctor's Care Facial Mask Sheet TeaTree - buy it here
I have received three packs of these from one my Memebox, which was the Superbox #1. I did enjoy using the mask sheet, I like how it made my face super soft and it smells amazeball! I probably would not buy it just because I am not much of a sheet mask person.

Benefit Fake Up Concealer - buy it here
I have tried both medium and light, I would re-purchase as it really does the job, covers my dark circle and puffy eyes. I am NC25 in MAC and the medium one is a bit too dark on me. The light one brightens up my eyes and I used it as a highlight.

Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream - buy it here
I am pretty sure I have received the sample of this night cream from one of the Sample Bar boxes?! (Sample Bar was a NZ beauty subscription box service but they no longer operates). Anyway, I absolutely adore this product! The little foil pack of sample lasted me four nights and on the nights I have used this, the morning after I wake up, I could feel my face being so soft and the night cream smells fresh and yummy! I would definitely purchase the 60 ml full size despite how expensive it is!

Missha Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Visible Deep Cleanser - buy it here
This is a foam type facial cleanser, I didn't notice any good it has done on my skin?! I have only tried two foil packs of this cleanser and that is probably why I can't comment much on this product. Usually it would take at least a week of usage for a cleanser for me to decide if I like it or not.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation - buy it here
I had a foil pack of the color beige (3) and it match my NC25 skin tone very nicely. Obviously I can't decide if this is a good product for me or not just by using one foil pack, but I can tell you it is a bit oily on me (I have combination to oily skin) and it kind of made my eyes stints a little bit around the inner corner.

Skin Food Egg White Pore Foams - buy it here
The thought of applying egg white on my face is... scary :/ and I would always avoid having to apply egg white on my face if making DIY face mask etc. I had decided to use the Skin Food egg white pore foams anyway, just because... I actually really enjoyed using this because it smells really yummy!

Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes - buy it here
As you can see, I am crazy about the Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes! It's my absolute favourite and I always make sure I have back ups of this even thou it's quite expensive. I buy them from Countdown (our local supermarkets) and a lot of the time I pick up a bunch when they go on sale. :p I love how these smells so fresh just like cucumbers, they don't stints like the Yes to Grapefruit one and they removes makeup and all dirts on my face. After each use my face would feel very clean and fresh!

Johnson's Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes - buy it from your local supermarkets
Occasionally I buy a random pack of facial wipes when the Yes to Cucumbers ones are out of stock. The Johnson's facial cleaning wipes is the 'random pick' and I would re-purchase, it does removes makeup and clean my face; but it's not a must have for me. This can be purchase from your local supermarkets.

Avene Gental Gel Cleanser - not sure where to purchase this?!
I have received a sample of this in my April's Violet Box. I love the travel size bottle, it's nice to take it with me everywhere, fits in my makeup bag nicely and I can just wash my face anywhere I want! LOl! I love the gel like texture and the smells is super nice :"). This cleanser would leave my face feeling clean and fresh after each use.

Nivea Pure & Natural Cleasing Toner - buy it here
I use this cleansing toner to fully clean my face after I remove my makeup with a facial wipe. I purchased it from my local supermarket and yes I admit, this is the first and only bottle of toner I have ever used in my life. Well this may sound bad but I don't see the point in using a toner, this bottle lasted me more than a year and I don't plan on re-purchase.

The Body Shop Body Butter - buy it here
Do you ever buy a product just because you're bored, then you tried it at home and you're like "what the @&*%^# is this?", and then you start to develop this strong feelings for this product after a few uses, and finally you admit you love it so so much, you went out and re-purchase it over and over again? YES! That's me with the Body Shop body butter! I have tried the pink grapefruit one and at first I hated how strong it smells and that it's so sticky! But as soon as I used up the whole body butter, I start to panic a bit, I then realized I actually love it! I went out and re-purchase a few in other flavours. ^-^

Yes to Carrots Repairing Night Cream - buy it from your local supermarkets
I love everything (except the smell) about this night cream even thou it's most suitable for dry skin peeps (I have combination to oily skin). It smells awful >.< blahh! I got used to it after awhile thou ~ After each use I would wake up with a smooth, soft, baby face; I love how moisturising it is.

3 Concept Eyes Nail Remover Tissue - buy it here
When I did my first 3 Concept Eyes ordered, I have received a pack of nail remover tissue. I had a look on their website, but they don't sell the remover tissue, so I am guessing this is just a sample gift product. You can purchase the liquid bottle from the link above, I haven't tried the liquid one, but I am sure it is just as good as the remover tissue. I love love loveeeee this! Each nail remover tissue comes in a little foil pack and each tissue is approx the size of a small rectangle chewing gum size. One tissue can remove all 10 fingers and they don't have a crazy nasty smell. I definitely prefer using a nail remover tissue than using a cotton pad to remove the nail polishes with a bottle of liquid nail polish remover.

Chanel Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer - buy it from Farmers or Smith & Caugheys
Man ~ why is it so expensive?! If it isn't so expensive, I would probably own like ten of them now! I absolutely love this Chanel concealer. It's one of the best concealer I have ever used, it is natural looking with high coverage, it isn't thick and it applies smoothly, it doesn't crease and it's just very nice! I used it under my eyes and around the nose area, applied with the concealer wand and dab in with my finger.

ELF Mineral Infused Primer - buy it here
I was lucky enough to received the ELF mineral infused primer to try from one of my USA beauty swaps, which you can read here. This is another products which I love everything about except the smell, I had the "tone adjusting green" bottle which is ideal for minimise redness. A lot of times I would wake up with redness around my nose area and if my skin tone is un-even, then I would apply this primer and BAM! Redness gone! If interested, you can read my review here :)

Nivea Repair & Protection Lip Balm - buy it from your local supermarkets
I have never, ever, EVER! Finish a lip balm in my life until I met the Nivea repair & protection lip balm ^^ I think it was love at first sight! I am usually one to collect all lips products that has nice fruity scents in it, this one is unscented, not even a single drop of moisturiser / lip balm taste and that's probably the reason why I love it so much. It is very moisturising, I wear it at night times, day times, under lipsticks, lip gloss and any time of the day; I also make sure I always have back-ups of this! Obsessed **

Benefit Porefessional Primer - buy it here (US) or here (NZ)
Almost everyone I know raves about Benefit Porefessional and sometimes you're just curious to know why. :) I purchased a sample size of 7.5 ml along with other few samples from the Benefit US site, I have used this little tube of sample for more than a month now and I use it on a daily basis. I love this primer, it is easy to apply, goes on my face smoothly and my foundation &/or BB cream stays on all day! I also love that it's got a orangey smell. I will definitely purchase the full size.

♡  Chanel Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette - buy it from Farmers or Smith & Caugheys
I was given a 1 ml sample when I purchase a Chanel lipstick from the Chanel counter at Farmers. The 1ml lasted me 10 sprays and it smells nice. Well as you can see, I suck at explaining a perfume scent, so I may just skip that and I can't review a perfume after just 10 spray use. Anyway, during my use of this perfume, I like it, the scent is very subtle and it's nice for a daily office wear.


  1. Omg, I love seeing what other people use up! Those towelettes must be real good! I use make up remover wipes on lazy days or times where I just need the make up off my face after such a long long day! I've never been a fan of body shop body butters but I just bought one recently as I'm going to be in cold weather soon! Thanks for sharing! Love the mini shopping trolley!

    1. Really? :o Glad you likey ~ I was getting worried no one is interested in my empties products haha xD Those towelettes are amazing! My favs x

  2. You've reminded me of all the samples I need to use. I am a sample hoarder and don't ever seem to use them for some reason lol
    Also this has nothing to do with your empties but I love your mini trolley! So cute!!

    1. :O same here! I have a whole draw of samples that companies gifted me when I buy cosmetics online ~ Thank you ^^

  3. Wow looks like I must try those Yes to Cucumber wipes lol

    1. You should Jasmine ^^ I think it's amazing x

  4. Wow you've done so well to use so many things! I love the little trolley :D I do love TBS Body Butters, they're all so lovely xx

    Gemma //

    1. Thank you Gemma :) Iam proud of myself for finishing stuff hehe x

  5. I had one of those mini trolleys! Gave a goodie basket to my friend in it. So cute.

    Love a good empties post. I recently got that Chanel concealer but it's a tad too dark for me at the moment.

    1. Awwh cute! I love these trolleys hehehe collected all sizes x

  6. Empties are one of my favourite kind of posts, because if someone has used something up then they must definitely have a clear opinion on it!

    Lena |

    1. Oh that is true Lena ~ I have never thought of it this way :) Thank you for reminding me x

  7. Oh man! That little cart is the cutest way to display your products! I'm trying to do a project pan thing because I have sooo many products right now. So far... I'm done with one black liner that was only deluxe sized and a brow pencil. hahaha

    Hao | haodoyoungo


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