N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tints ♥ Review + Swatches

I purchased a Memebox makeup edition box back in June this year and I have received a full size product of a N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tints in a gorgeous bright pink color.

N.S.M stands for New Sense Makeup and I am guessing it's a Korean brand, can't seem to find any information on the internet except for other bloggers' brief reviews of their Memebox. There's also a website link printed on the tube, but when I tried to go on the site, it's pretty much just black with a song playing. *Confused and not sure if this brand even exist as I have never heard of it*.

Anyway, today I am going to review this pretty little N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tint as I have had plenty of time trying it out and I actually really really like it! Since I can't find any information of this brand or lip tint on the internet, I am going to re-use the information from my Memebox makeup edition post.

N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tints
N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tints
N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tints
image Packaging:
N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tint comes packaged in a 5g black and green shimmer tube with a red bow printed / wrapped around the centre. The brand name and product name are both printed on one side of the tube in English, "Made in Korea", a website link (which doesn't work/exist) and some other Korean characters are printed on the other side of the tube. There is a sticker on the bottom of the tube stating the color of this tinted gloss and some other Korean characters.

This is the moment when I wish I can read and understand Korean =.=; I totally trust Korean cosmetics, so I am not worried what is in it etc... Unlike beauty products that are made in China, I would try and avoid as much as I can.

N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tints
N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tints

According to Memebox, there's two types of N.S.M tints; there is a Cooling Tint and a ReBorn Sorbet Tint. Whatever you have received in your makeup edition box was randomly selected by Memebox and I have 'randomly' received the reborn sorbet one.

Re-use information from my makeup edition Memebox post
"Product Description: The Reborn Sorbet Melting Tint Gloss create a bio-film over your lips to protect and maintain moisture and nutrition within. What makes this lip product so much more special is the texture; the moment you apply it, it will instantly melt into your lips with a smoothing and cooling feeling without being to glossy or sticky."

Wahhhh ~ I feel so silly reviewing a product that I don't know anything about and that I can't find any information on! Please excuse the lack of knowledge.

N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tints
image Pigmentation:
I have received a gorgeous shade of bright pink for this tinted gloss and I absolutely adore the color and its pigmentation. Memebox has mentioned a full size (5g) is $21, :o even more expensive than MAC! In my opinion it's totally worth the money and I would purchase it at that price if this current one ever runs out. The pigmentation is amazing ~ From the pictures you can see the pink looks super vivid from the doe-foot applicator and the swatches shown below also shows how bright the color is once applied on skin.

These pictures were taken at night time with flash, so they do appear to be quite bright. Without flash in natural day-lights, it is still as vivid as the pictures shown.

Since this tinted gloss is very pigmented, I only need one swipe to cover my whole lips; so that saves me a lot of times in the morning getting ready.

N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tints swatches on hand
image Application:
The N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tints comes in one of those hairy tear drop shape doe-foot applicator which allows me to apply the product on my lips smoothly, I especially enjoy using the top bit to apply around the corners so it doesn't look as if some part of my lips is missing out.

Within the first few minutes of applying the lip tint, I can feel this cooling effect on my lips as if I just had a mentos. It's a very nice, fresh, minty feeling, but it disappear after a few minutes.

image Longevity
N.S.M Reborn Sorbet Tints wore well on me and it usually lasted me four hours before it fades away.

While everything seems so amazing about the N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tints, I wish it is more moisturizing while wearing it. After about one hour of applying this tinted gloss, the glossy look is no longer there and my lips feel very dry.

N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tints swatched on lips

Overall rating: 3/5

Have you tried the N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Tint? Or have you heard of the brand?



  1. Such an interesting tint! I'm not a fan of tints because my lips are constantly dry. There is such a special glowing look after you've applied this, you really pull of baby pinks really well!

    1. Thank you Sharlynn! I have been loving lip tints lately ~ I have dry lips too, but I'm pretty lucky, only matte liquid lipsticks dries out my lips x

  2. never heard the brand before but the color is quite pretty



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