♥ Lip Monthly August 2014 Unbagging

So glad to have finally received my Lip Monthly! I thought I got scammed as I have signed up and paid for my first subscription early July and I have just received my August bag yesterday, 04 September 2014.

Lip Monthly is a new subscription service, there is not a lot of information on their website. When I signed into my account, it doesn't show which day I have signed up and paid nor does it show when my order have sent out. Even thou a majority of Lip Monthly reviews are negative, I was just so curious, I had to experience it myself to see why a lot of people dislike it.

From previous reviews I have read and/or watched on youtube, Lip Monthly gave me this very cheap feeling with their miniature cardboard box packaging which most of the ones I have seen doesn't fit all the products that came with. You may be wondering, if it looks cheap, why did I decided to try it anyways? Well, I was watching Coffee Break with Dani and she received a Stila lip pencil! Stila was still very new to me, I didn't know some of their lips products are made in China as I didn't own any Stila makeup at the time. So when I saw that I was very excited! Plus, I had a great discount (I can't remember how much as I can't find any information anywhere >.<) for my first box, so I thought... well it's so affordable, why not give it a try?

I was impressed when I opened my parcel yesterday, I was impressed because they have changed their cheap icky looking cardboard box to a makeup purse instead. The makeup purse is a dark blue-ish teal color, it's a medium size purse which can hold a lot of daily essentials, it would be great to carry while travelling. There's Lip Monthly's logo printed all over the purse and it feels like it's made out of those waterproof materials, I am sure ~ not a fabric expert here haha...

The products inside unfortunately was not as impressive. Lip Monthly August 2014 bag came with five full size products, four of them being lip products and one is a "monthly mix up", I got an eyeshadow pen, some people might have received a hand cream or something else.

I am not impressed with the products in it because they all look and feel very cheap, like those cheap as makeup you can purchase in the $2 dollar store. No offense to the people who buys Jordana lipsticks from the dollar stores...

Like all other subscription services, Lip Monthly includes a little information card in the subscription purse that includes all the products information and prices etc... Well, to be exact, there's no information on each product apart from the brand name, product name and the price. It would be nice if they could at least type in some information about the brand and where they are made in and stuff like that. Not trying to be all negative and hating on this company, but I have never heard of Jesse's Girl Cometics or City Color Cosmetics, have I been living under a rock?!

Lip Monthly August 2014 Products:

City Color Cosmetics - Lip Balm - Retail $2.99

City Color Cosmetics - Lip Balm // Retail: $2.99
City Color Cosmetics have stated their lip balm is packed with Vitamin E which leaves your lips feeling ultra smooth with a hint of color, there is 16 color available in this range that will glide on your lips with ease and add moisture for a deep hydration. Since there is no information on the packaging nor on their website, I would assume these are made in China >.<

City Color Cosmetics - Be Matte Lipstick - Phoebe - Retail $3.99

City Color Cosmeitcs - Be Matte Lipstick - Phoebe // Retail: $3.99
There is no information on the packaging nor on the information card Lip Monthly have included in this subscription bag, except that by the barcode on the matte to gloss duo, it states that this product is made in China >.< now I am 99% sure everything City Color Cosmetics sells is made in China :( So sad! I actually like the Be Matte Lipstick! Both the lipstick and lip gloss are such gorgeous colors!

City Color Cosmetics Magic Balm - Retail $3.99

City Color Cosmetics - Magic Balm // Retail: $3.99
& Again, no information at all on the packaging, I had to grab some information from the City Color Cosmetics website. These Magic Balm comes in a cute little fat tube packaging, the actual lipstick is so pretty as well ~ Too bad I won't use any cosmetics that is made in China... City Color Cosmetics have stated the Magic Balm will add a light pink tint and it is formulated to hydrate lips.

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics - Lip Gloss - Lip Lock - Retail $4.99

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics - Lip Gloss - Lip Lock // Retail: $4.99
I can't find any information :(

Pixi by Petra - Lid Last Shadow Pen - Retail $18

Monthly Mix Up - Pixi by Petra - Lid Last Shadow Pen // Retail: $18
I have recently purchased some Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balms and I absolutely adore them! So far the brand is giving me such great impressions and I am glad Lip Monthly have throw this in my August subscription baggie ^-^ ~ Pixi by Petra have stated these chubby crayon is for multi-purchase use, it can be used as an eyeshadow, liner and/or highlighter depending on the color chosen. I have received the shade "Gentle Gold", pretty sure this would look great for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes and the brow bone etc...

Lip Monthly August 2014 products swatches

- "You get what you paid for" ($10 + shipping) per month.
- I have un-subscribed and I won't purchase again.
- I don't want to recommend something that looks so cheap.
- I can't stand the long waiting time for these parcels to arrive.
- I like the makeup purse from the August baggie.

Have you tried Lip Monthly? What do you think of this subscription service? Sorry if I have spoiled it for you x-x, I know some people are still waiting for their July box :/



  1. The color of City Color Cosmeitcs - Be Matte Lipstick - Phoebe is really pretty ♡


  2. The Pixi shadow looks super pretty, shame about the rest of the box! I guess it's true that you get what you pay for though :S

    Jess xo

    1. Yeahhh :( At least there's one item I like from this bag or else I'd be kicking myself for signing up hahah

  3. Ah it's a shame it didn't work out as its such a nice colour!

  4. too bad for this! It seem that with all the hype around monthly subscriptions people think they can make easy money..sad..
    thanks for the review!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

    1. Yeah I see the hype around this subscription and I also see people getting all disappointed cause it's cheap x

  5. The first one (City Color Balm) is my fave, what a gorgeous color!

  6. The shades look lovely. Too bad you didn't like it :(

    Pink frenzy

  7. Oh that Liquid Glass Lip Gloss looks cute. The colour *0*

    恵美より ♥

  8. Can't believe how long this took to arrive, total joke and that alone would be make me unsub! Shame these weren't good but the bag is cute! x

    1. I am glad I wasn't charged the month's afters bag before receiving the current month, a lot of people here are complaining that Lip Monthly charged them Septembers and they haven't even received their Julys :/

  9. Thanks for being so honest! I've been dying to order some subscription boxes especially Memebox and I've never heard of this one. If this was a really good and legitimate lip product box it would sell and have an awesome following. That's too bad that the products are so cheap and the information that should come with it doesn't!

    1. Im glad you enjoy reading my honest opinions :) I have un-sub from all other monthly subscription services except for Memebox, memebox just left me with great impression everytime! I am so happy with memebox and I highly recommend it x

  10. I've heard of all those brands. I like Jesse's Girl, they have some really good products. I wouldn't use Lip Monthly though because I don't see the point in a subscription of products you could easily buy yourself. I get subscriptions to try more higher priced things so I know if I like them before paying full price. Plus they sent too much stuff from 1 brand, they should mix it up more. At least the colors al look pretty.

    1. Sadly we can't get any of these products in store over here but after receiving my bag I was not thrilled... everything just looks cheap. It's not like I have super high standard or that I was expecting the bag to be pack with MAC, NARS, CHANEL etc... but everything in the bag just gave me that really nasty feel. :s Im someone who would avoid Jordana lipsticks even thou it's been highly recommend by many people, I don't like makeup that you can buy from dollar stores :(


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