MEMEBOX ♥ Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics Unboxing + Initial Thoughts

By now I have cancelled all other beauty subscription services and I only purchase from Memebox from now on, can't get enough of their never-ending surprises!

I have tried Sample Bar (which has been closed down), Goodie Box, Violet Box and Lip Monthly; not trying to be negative and a sulky here, but I never liked any of those boxes because it's just not worth your $30! Many of these boxes claims to contains deluxe sample sizes of products, but most of the times they only gives you foil pack to try... Umm hello?! Foil packs you can get them for free! Besides the foil packs, these companies are like obsessed with fake tan mousse, I just don't get it?

Memebox is so much better! They are not a monthly subscription thing, they don't take money out of your bank monthly and delivers a box of beauty goodies to your door by the end of the month. Instead they have many different themes of boxes available on their website which you can purchase anytime you like, they don't deliver straight away, sometimes you purchase a box now and in their description they would state the box would send out in December or something, overall they just never disappoints you! Plus, all the products in the boxes are all full size and their customer service is amazing! If you have a problem, email them and they replies within 24 hours!

Anyway, I went a bit Memebox craze awhile ago and recently I have received an email saying I am now a VIP at Memebox! Woohoo ~ LOL, I didn't even know this things exist! Last week I have received two boxes I ordered awhile ago, I will talk through one of them today. ^^

If you are like me, who loves reading subscription boxes unboxings and initial thoughts, then I assure you won't be disappointed at my blog hehe cause I still have loads more Memebox coming on the way ;) So obsessed and I can't help it!

~ Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics ~

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MEMEBOX • Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics
Charcoal, volcanic ash and mud all work together to draw out dirt and excess oil to extract stubborn impurities from deep within pores! Mineral rich marine energy works as the step 2 treatment for refining pores and replenishing moisture to the skin. The Earth & Sea Cosmetics box brings the nature's clean-up crew to clear the way for cleaner and brighter skin.

Price per box: $29.00
Shipping cost: $6.00

All prices are in USD, shipping time took approximately five days to arrive in NZ.

Shara Shara Black Charocoal Mask Purifying 23g
Full size product: 23g ($2)

Product Description: 
Shara Shara's Black Charcoal Mask contains high concentrates of charcoal powder and volcanic ash complex for clearing your skin of dirt, impurities and sebum clogging up your pores. It also works to soothe and protect sensitive skin with its wine and aloe vera leaf formula.

How to use:
Place the mask over your face and rest for 15~30 minutes. Remove and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbance.

Have I tried it?: Yes.
 LOL that cool ass hair style!

My thoughts: I can't comment on one sheet of mask.

Elizavecca Elastic Pore Mask Cleansing Foam 120ml
Full size product: 120ml ($29)

Product Description: 
Made from 6,000mg of charcoal, 3,000mg of collagen from pig skin (WHAT?!), and spider extracts (I'M SHITTING MYSELF! I DON'T LIKE SPIDERS!), the Elastic Pore Mask Cleansing Foam is a mask and a facial cleanser all in one. As weird as the combination of charcoal, collagen and spider extracts sounds, this black ash penetrate deep into your pores, clearing away all dead skin cells and blackheads with bubbles as fine as spider web. A quick 5 minutes every day is all you ever need to treat enlarged pores and excess skin impurities!

How to use:
Spread the Mask Cleansing Foam evenly over dry face. Then, wet it with a little bit of water and gently roll your fingers thoroughly over your face for 5~15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Have I tried it?: Yes.

My thoughts: Collagen from pig skin sounds eeky and spider extracts just gives me goosebumps and that very heavy feeling, like when you're scared or nervous. The thought of applying spider extracts product on your face is as scary as a snake massage. I have tried this over the weekend and while applying the mask cleanser, I had to either look down or close my eyes, I couldn't bring myself to look at the mirror and it sounds silly! So I first apply the mask cleansing foam to my dry face, it smells weird and it goes on black; then I jump in the shower five minutes later, I avoid getting water in my face, but still see black water dripping LOl it's like dripping black ink from my face! After I am nearly done with shower, I then clean off the mask cleansing foam while massaging my face. The result came out pretty good, it made my face super smooth like a baby bum!

P.S During the application, my face felt very tingly.

Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing Refreshing Mist 100ml
Full size product: 100ml ($18)

Product Description: 
Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing Refreshing Mist is made from pure spa water extracted straight from Belgium rich in minerals and various amino acids. The Mist works to deliver an instant replenishment into your skin, creating a moisture barrier for preventing any dehydration for all day long. It can also be used as a booting serum for enhancing absorbance of other skincare products.

How to use:
Spray the mist 30cm away from your face and gently pat it in for full absorbance. Apply after cleansing as th efirst stage of skincare routine or whenever your skin feels dehydrated.

Have I tried it?: Yes.

My thoughts: This is one of my favourite products from this box! I like to spray all over my face after cleansing and sometimes spray before applying makeup, it makes my face feels very refreshing and it smells so nice and relaxing!

Dewytree Mineral Heahty Sun Cut Loose Powder SPF36 PA++ 10g
Full size product: 10g ($34)

Product Description: 
Dewytree's loose powder is enriched with natural minerals and essential oil for maintaining your skin's moisture level and leaving a long-lasting silky finish to your makeup. Plus, it has a UV protection level of SPF36 PA++ and uses an air pocket puff that does not clog the pores with powder application.

How to use:
Directly pat on the air pocket powder over your face at the last stage of your makeup routine or in throughout the day for quick fix-ups.

Have I tried it?: Yes.
On my face: Hourglass Veil Mineral Powder > MAC Pro Longwear Foundation > Dewytree Mineral Loose Powder

My thoughts: Before trying this I thought the powder shade is a bit too pale for me, turns out this is a translucent powder, ones that you set your makeup with. So I tried it yesterday and I nearly had a chocking attack! The powder comes with one of those screwey sponge which you are suppose to pat it on your face and then blend either with your fingers or the sponge. The powder does made my face look flawless, but during the application, the powder seems to go everywhere and made me feel all chocky! Pretty sure I ate a lot of those powders yesterday, cause during dinner last night, I was coughing really hard :( felt as if my throat is having a smoke attack and I can taste the powder, taste sweet and smells like Chinese medicine. I think the spongey applicator is not practical, maybe use a powder brush next time.

Tosowoong Super Aqua Cooling Gel 80g
Full size product: 80g ($34)

Product Description: 
The Super Aqua Cooling Gel is an ultra-cooling cream gel that provides long-lasting freshness and comfort to the face and body. Full of minerals and nutrients from glacier waters, this gel is deal for cooling overheated skin and relieving irritated skin. Deep sea minerals also strengthen and moisturize skin so that you can have firm and supple skin all day long.

How to use:
Evenly distribute a penny sized amount onto skin and massage until fully absorbed. Use daily morning and night after toning the skin.

Have I tried it?: Yes.

My thoughts: First of all, I love the packaging and the color of the gel! I have only tried this once, so I can't comment much; but I can say right now is that this cooling gel is very moisturizing, I have used once before I go to bed and the next morning I would wake up with a very smooth face.

Secret Nature Volcanic Ash Pore Pack 100g
Full size product: 100g ($36)

Product Description: 
Enriched with organic Jeju complex and mineral rich volcanic ash, charcoal, green tea and pine needle extracts, this Volcanic Ash Pore Pack works wonders for controlling excess sebum and tightening enlarged pores. Plus, it's free of paraben, artificial fragrance and artificial coloring, suitable for all skin types.

How to use:
After toner application, spread out the pack evenly over your face and rest for 10~15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Have I tried it?: Yes.

My thoughts: This is the main reason I bought the Earth & Sea Cosmetics box! Memebox often does a unboxing sneakpeek ^^ ~ I have been eyeing up a volcanic mask for a long time, the brand didn't matter to me but I just wanted to see if volcanic ash really can help with pore and acne. This works amazing on me! It goes on black and dries dark grey ish, after about 15 minutes it hardens up then you gotta rinse off with warm water. After that my face feels instantly smooth ass! I love it! Honestly, if I didn't purchase the Earth & Sea box, I would definitely order this on eBay!

Overall Thoughts
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I always get really excited when I receive a Memebox skincare box cause I know they will always impress me with their amazing selections! I have always wondered about volcanic ash and charcoal products, I've wondered if it's really that good for your skin and or if it's really as amazing as what everyone says, been so curious! So instead of going on eBay and deciding what item would suit me or what I would buy, also the struggle of considering if I will spend $20 on one product, it's really nice to just get a box, with a mixture of products that has been on my wishlist for a long time for me to finally be able to try.

The Earth & Sea Cosmetics box is worth $153, I have tried a majority of the products and I enjoy most of them, so it's already very worth it in my opinion!

Have you tried any of the products mentioned? What are your thoughts?


  1. Ohh sea products are so refreshing~ ^ u ^
    I want to try the Ariul Spa Water! ^ v ^

  2. really want to try the Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing Refreshing Mist 100ml
    sounds great !


    1. Heheh that's what everyone's saying :p it's really good product x

  3. hehe I'm so jelly!! I'm yet to buy myself a memebox!!
    The products you got seem really great~
    btw, I'd like to invite you to my giveaway where you could win $90 worth of korean cosmetics!
    I Hope you'll check it out & join~
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Kara Youngji Day&Night Makeup Tutorial || Korean Cosmetics Giveaway

    1. Definitely hun, you should start with the memebox cause they're soo good!


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