NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss ♥ Sugar Pie, Salsa & Gold Pink Swatches + Mini Reviews

Last Friday I have blogged about these gorgeous NYX Roll On Shimmers which I was lucky enough to grab them at such bargain price during the Makeup NZ overstocked sale back in June. Today I am showing some NYX glosses swatches which I also grabbed at a pretty good price during the Makeup NZ sale.

Slowly going through all my shopping and showing you what I bought during my crazy shopping month. ^-^ I used to love blogging about huge collective hauls and/or just hauls in general and I am changing this habit because I tend to blog this huge haul and as soon as I finish that haul, I store these products in a safe place, too safe that I just totally forgets about them. Now that I am doing swatches and blogging individual products, I find it better for me and my makeup hoarding as I actually get to use these new products and see if I like them or not.

Anyone else have this crazy habit of blogging about some new hauls and just totally forgets about them? I am sure I am not the only one heheh. ~

Anyway, recently I was asked what do I think of NYX products?! All I will say is I absolutely adore NYX and I would consider it one of my favourite drugstore brand. It may seems like I don't blog much about NYX products and that is because NYX is expensive in New Zealand, we don't have these in-stores, or even if we have, it is still double the price as the American pricing. So instead of spending the ten dollars on one lip gloss, I would rather spend it on food. I think that is a good enough reason?! :) I can always buy NYX products on Beauty Joint or Cherry Culture etc... But their shipping is always expensive unless if you buy bulk lots, so... You guys know I am lazy and I like to save $$, the only times I would buy NYX products is when a NZ based online boutique goes on a huge sale!

Enough with the blabbing ~ Here are three new (well not really new, I have had them store in my makeup stash for so long!) NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses I want to show you guys today, *scroll down* to last picture to see the swatches. ^-^

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - Sugar Pie
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - ♥ Sugar Pie


You guys know how I feel about a beauty products made in China >.< I totally didn't know when I bought this. While I absolutely adore Sugar Pie, it's such a gorgeous nude, I couldn't keep it. I ended up selling this and I was not sad to let it go hahah ~

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - Salsa
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - ♥ Salsa

Salsa is a beautiful pale pink with a glittery texture, I love the sparkles in it as it gives your lips that plump and juicy look. Made in Taiwan :) and I am glad, cause it is such a wearable girly girl color. Salsa can be added on top of a lipstick, goes perfectly with MAC Snob (my favourite) ^-^ or you can wear it alone.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - Gold Pink
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - ♥ Gold Pink

Think of pretty pink shimmery Barbie! (I think it's a quote from Bring It On: All or Nothing, heheh I love that movie). Gold Pink has a same texture as Salsa, it is full of shimmering glitters and it also gives your lips that pouty look. The color is a bit darker than Salsa, it's more of a rosy pink and it looks soooo pretty when wearing alone as the gloss is already very pigmented.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - Sugar Pie, Salsa & Gold Pink

NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses are available in 39 shades and they are described as moisturizing lip gloss that delivers shine and softness to the lips, NYX have described the finish of the glosses as creamy and I agree. ^-^ These gloss are very pigmented and shimmery, but the wearing time doesn't last long; after all it's lip gloss, right?! ~ 

Each Mega Shine Lip Gloss comes packaged in a long plastic transparent tube, I love a lip gloss that comes in a transparent packaging as that allows me to see how much product is left in a tube. There's a pretty cute 3D bow on top of the tube, which adds an extra cuteness to simple packaging. The gloss comes in a doe-foot applicator which makes application so much easier, the only downside is, the spongey doe-foot seems to suck in a lot of product, but that doesn't bother me at all. Have you ever seen me rave about a FINISHED lip gloss?! Hardly! So... These lip gloss doe-foot wand can suck in all the products like I care ~ hahah. 

I am a lip gloss lover and I don't mind the re-applying during the days. Plus, I have been a fan of the NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses since my teenage years, so it's safe to say, I highly recommend these! 

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - Sugar Pie, Salsa & Gold Pink swatches

Have you tried NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses? Are you a fan of these?



  1. I really like NYX products. I agree glosses don't stay that long on the lips, but it's nice when they are pigmented.

    1. Awh me too Barbie ;) I think these glosses are worth the price x

  2. Ohh the lipglosses look so glossy and sparkly! ^ 3 ^


  3. I've only tried the NYX butter glosses, not these type of glosses - I love them, they smell so great. Why don't you like products made in China?

    Lena | LenaTalksBeauty.com

    1. NYX Butter Glosses are next on my list :p Im dying to try them cause so many people have recommend it! I don't use beauty products made in China because I'm originally from China and growing up I have been told not to use them as they are toxic, it doesn't matter what ingredients the products claims it used, the Chinese always think its not safe. We see on the news everyday about China making this and that fake, even when people shopping for grocery they have to be extra careful, we have a family friend visited us in NZ from China just about a month ago and this friend told us that it's getting crazier in China these days, it's not how it is as we have left 10 years ago, there's people selling dead rats kebab on the street, (my absolutely favourite junk food - Jelly) is made out of people's stinky old shoes and the gel parts that they sticks the shoes together >.< eww they just killed my childhood grr, some noodles are made out of human hair :o and lots more. You don't know what these people could come up with next, if they are faking food, no doubt they would be faking cosmetics. I guess it's just how people sees and believes these news on the TV etc, Im not trying to trash my people but I just have this very gross feeling about cosmetics made in China. P.S I know for a fact those $1 liquid lipsticks people are buying from Alliexpress & eBay are not safe, because it's made in my hometown and my hometown is not known for making cosmetics, we are well known for a few of our traditional dishes :p some people would travel all the way there just to get a taste of our food.

  4. i'm a lipgloss lover too !!
    all of them is so pigmented
    want to try the gold pink one


    1. Me too! I love lipgloss and surprising, I'm the kind that goes for the sticky type :p

  5. I never wear lip gloss but Gold Pink looks so pretty! Lovely reviews & swatches :)

    Jess xo

  6. I can't get a hold of these very easily in the netherlands but they look fabulous!!!!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  7. I like NYX products but am not a fan of the lip glosses, I find them quite sticky x

  8. I find these to be quite sticky which is something I am not too big a fan of x

  9. Love the nyx mega shine glosses they are so creamy and the shine is lovely.x

  10. It's tough for me to pick a favorite out of these, all 3 are gorgeous. :)

  11. Great review look like lovely shades! I love NYX makeup.


  12. I love NYX mega shine glosses, my favourite is beige! x

  13. I've never tried anything by NYX! I hear such good things about them too, I realy should give them a try! I especially like the look of Gold Pink :)

  14. I love NYX lip sticks but I can't stand glosses in general! I hate feeling the product on my lips but its good to hear that these are super pigmented. Maybe then we can use less product and it'll feel less gloopy. Super helpful review :)

  15. I need more nyx in my life! I have never tried their glosses! (yep, shocking!)


  16. Really wanna give some products from NYX a go, believe it or not I actually don't own anything from the brand! 39 shades is gonna be a lot to choose from!


  17. I feel the same way as you about stuff made in China.... :S I think one year some stuff from Tarte's holiday set was made in china and I was kind of turned off by that


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