Beauty Empties #2 ♡ ft. The Body Shop, Philosophy, Pure Smile + More [2014]

Happy October everyone! Time flies huh?!

I have received some good feedback from my last beauty empties post, I was surprised to see people actually enjoys reading about beauty products that I have used up; so that really encourage me to finish up the products that I have already opened, instead buying lots of products, different brands and end up throwing away expired products and wasting money.

THE BODY SHOP Tea Tree Facial Wash
This product is clinically proven to give clear-looking skin and it helps to remove impurities. I purchased the 250ml size (I think that's the only size available) around March this year and I used it everyday, morning and night and I have just recently finished the bottle. Can't remember the exact price, pretty sure it's just under NZD $20.00; so the 250ml bottle last me five months! Very impressive ^^ and it's not expensive when I think of all those other facial cleanser I bought that never works.

I don't have blemish skin now that I am way past that teenage break-outs phase, but I would get pimple once in awhile if using dirty makeup brushes... (yeahhh I'm lazy okay) or when it's that time of the month, I get break outs like crazy. So ever since I dropped all other facial cleansers and started using The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash, I hardly get any break outs even when mother nature visited.

I remembered so clearly the first few times I tried the Tea Tree facial wash, the smell scared the ajsd;afskdl out of me! LOL, who else dislike the smell of freshly cut grass?! I hate that! After using the facial wash a few times, I got used to it and now I love it so much, I love how refreshing it smells and how refreshing it feels on my skin, it would always wake me up in the morning!

WILL I RE-PURCHASE?: I already have!

♦ I LOVE... RASPBERRY & BLACKBERRY Moisturising Body Lotion
I love... Cosmetics can be purchase from any pharmacies in New Zealand, pretty sure the brand is still available, the last time I purchase mine is like a year ago; and things in NZ likes to comes and go without giving notice lol...

Last time I checked, there is not a lot of favor selections to choose from; I have tried most of the favors available to purchase, I have tried Strawberry & Cream, Mango & Papaya, Coconut & Cream and Raspberry & Blackberry. I love the brand and their products, but I don't think their products are worth the price, especially when it's quite expensive in NZ and out of my price range.

I Love... Raspberry & Blackberry Moisturising Body Lotion smells amazeball and it made my skin feels very soft. I Love... Cosmetics has mentioned their products are paraben free and the lotions includes coconut oil and shea butter to help leave skin feelings gorgeously nourished and fabulously smooth with a burst of yummy raspberry and delicious blackberry smell.

WILL I RE-PURCHASE?: Probably not... I have turned my love towards The Body Shop body butters.

NEUTROGENA Deep Clean Revitalising Pink Grapefruit Foam Cleanser
Mom offered to buy me a new facial cleanser, I saw the pink bottle and I thought this is it! I want this for the cute packaging, plus I have never tried a foam type facial cleanser before.

Not every pretty packaging is load with great product LOl, the foam style facial cleanser is pretty cool, but after using it after awhile I got bored of it, it didn't do anything, didn't made me feel refreshing and I didn't see any changes to my skin. The pink grapefruit smells nice thou ~ At the end, I got really frustrated at the bottle, when it nearly finishes and the pump got stuck.

Neutrogena deep clean range can be purchased from any supermarkets.


PHILOSOPHY Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath
Besides LUSH's Snow Fairy shower gels, the Philosophy ones are probably my seconds favourite smelling bathing products! Philosophy is not available in New Zealand, I have purchased mine from Nordstrom and used YouShop (NZ post's mail forwarding service) to get them deliver to NZ.

These can be used as shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath; I have used them as shampoo and shower gel and I find that it didn't work aswell for a shampoo as it wasn't THAT smoothing and it works perfect, smells amazing as a shower gel.

I have seen so many positive reviews on the Cinnamon Bun one and thought I'd give it a go. Not much a cinnamon person, but this one smells not-cinnamon at all, it smells more like coconut. The Pink Melon Sorbet and Mango Sorbet came from a set, can't remember which one it was; there's another one from the set which I am currently using.

WILL I RE-PURCHASE?: Yes, definitely! I wish it's available in New Zealand, cause shipping fees for the set of three and the full size Cinnamon Bun was crazy =.=

Okay I am a total noob when it comes to hair stuff, I have super straight, healthy, shiny Asian hair; I only get split ends once in awhile and the only hair products I ever used / tried are the Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioners range and Batiste dry shampoos.

So I don't even know what this thing is =.= I have used it anyways and pretty sure I didn't use it correctly thou; I have received this tiny bottle of BC Repair Rescue from... I think it was the July Goodie Box?! I think it is suppose to repair damage hair and you're suppose to wash your hair as normal, then apply this and wait for like 10 minutes or something then rinse off.

LOL I'm not patient enough and the stuff smells like hospital...


Infused with Vitamins to cleanse and nourish hair making it more resilient to daily damage, keep hair looking and feeling healthy. Formulated with gentle cleansing agents, hair becomes more manageable and is left clean, soft and nourished.

I was sent a sample of this as a complimentary gift from Beauty Bay and I have used it when I ran out of my all-times shampoo, it left my hair soft and smells great; that's all I remember.

WILL I RE-PURCHASE?: AUD $23.90 for a tube of shampoo is a bit too expensive, don't you think?

PHILOSOPHY AMAZING GRACE Firming Body Emulsion & Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel
These little samples came as a complimentary gift set from when I purchase the Cinnamon Bun shower gel and the other set of thing. I really love Philosophy's products, it's not just their skincare items, I also got a mini sample of perfume, eye cream and other things from this gift set and I absolutely adore them! Smells amazing and works well.


THE FACE SHOP The Smim Radiating Moisturizing Cream
I use this moisturizing cream before primer and foundation to give that natural glowy effect.

WILL I RE-PURCHASE?: I received the sample from when I shop from roseroseshop, beautynetkorea and/or any Korean eBay store, I won't purchase the full size of this product.

TONY MOLY I'm Real Aloe Soothing Lotion
Mild & moisturising aloe soothing lotion, contains aloe extracts and aloe vera leaves extracts; also contains plenty of moisturising contents. My face flush and gets hot easily and every time I flush I would get a headache, so when I do, I would apply the Tony Moly Aloe soothing lotion, as soon as I do it feels really relaxing and refreshing.

WILL I RE-PURCHASE?: I will buy the full size, sometimes...

I have received a sheet of Shara Shara black charcoal mask to try from the Earth & Sea memebox, one sheet of mask can't really make me decide if I like it or not, or if it works for me or not.

WILL I RE-PURCHASE?: Probably not.

One of my absolutely favourites skincare lips products! I purchase these from Ippondo, they were having a buy 10 packs for $15.00 promo ~ ^^ I have dry and chapped lips all the time and I exfoliate and apply lips balms before applying any lipsticks, I do take care of my lips very well but it still gets cracky once in awhile; I have been using the Choosy lip mask for many times now and I love how moisturizing they are, they also smells amazball and feels really soft afterward.

WILL I RE-PURCHASE?: Always will!


Have you tried any of the products mentioned?


  1. I've used up three bottles of the body shop tea tree toner in my life time and need to repurchase a new one in a month or so! It's amazing for the oily skin week and when I want super pore tightening action! Those philosophy washes sound amazing! Melon sorbet? Mango? Ahhh I would love to have those!

    1. Ooh I should try the tea tree toner next time, I am currently using some Korean brands ones I received from one of my memebox ^^ I have heard great things about the tea tree toner x

  2. "I love" smells great - you can get it cheaper at The Warehouse now, and Uncle Bills (seriously addictive cheap store if you've got one near you!) -

    And StrawberryNet and Fresh Cosmetics have Philosophy (, so does Fishpond ( ...still not cheap though! :(

    1. Thank you for letting me know ^^ I haven't seen it at my nearest Warehouse yet and we don't have Uncle Bills in Auckland I don't think :( I have never heard of that and I have always thought it's a person until someone mentioned on FB that it's a store lol x

  3. Wow that was a lot of products! I actually really like these posts. The Philosophy products are so tempting, but for some reason I always buy LUSH and end up hoarding bath products from there. Oh you should try the Neutrogena foaming fresh cleanser- it's all I use to remove make up! It works a treat ;)

    Now I want to try the Body shop cleanser! I LOVE the tea tree smell!

    1. I have been trying a few of LUSH's bathing products and I currently use the shower jellie Whoosh, it's so much fun and smells amazing!

  4. Wow lots of empties. I am a big fan of the Philosophy range too x

    1. Im hoping it'd become available in NZ soon x

  5. I love the body shop's tea tree range, smells amazing!! You've finished loads this month :)

    Jess xo

    1. Oh yes hehe I tried to use up all opened ones before I open more products.

  6. Philosophy is an awesome brand!

  7. Great empties Hun I love body shop :)


  8. So many empties! After reading your post I wanna try some of the products you used up :) Thanks for sharing! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  9. Wow, you've got through loads this month! :) I really want to try the cinnamon buns philosophy stuff, it sounds lovely!

  10. Great empties! Love the philosophy products x


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