MAC x The Simpsons ★ Lipglass, Eye Shadow Quad & Powder Blush Swatches

The Simpsons is not one of those shows that I am crazy obsess with, but I also don't dislike it. It's one of those shows that I don't mind watching if it comes on the TV and even thou if I have already seen the episode that is showing, I would still watch again and find it funny.

When I heard news of MAC Cosmetics releasing a Simpsons collection, I was both excited and not impressed... Is that even possible?! I was excited because it's a Limited Edition collection (yeah I have an obsessions with LE products) and I was not impressed because there is no lipsticks in this collection. I love all types of lips products, lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balms, lip conditioners... you name it! But I would always pick lipsticks over lip gloss, so I was kind of disappointed.

MAC x The Simpsons Collection contains two eye shadows quad, one pair of false lashes, one pack of nail stickers, four lipglass and two blushes. I was not surprised that this collection didn't sold out within ten minutes, after all, not everyone is crazy about The Simpsons, and/or Marge.

Anyway, I got a few things ~

MAC x The Simpsons: Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad
MAC x The Simpsons: Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad
MAC Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad // $44
"Bold eyes in out loud shades of light baby pink and electric blue violet. The highly pigmented powder formula applies evenly, blends and builds beautifully."

Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad contains four eye shadows:
★ Harpooned Heart, a light baby pink in Lustre finish; and
★ Sexy PB & J, a midtone bright violet in Veluxe Pearl finish; and
★ Beehive Blue, a midtone bright blue in Veluxe Pearl finish; and
★ Vivacious Vacuum Cleaner Bag, a deep navy in Frost finish.

LOL all these eye shadows names are so cute ^-^ and the packaging is kawaii too ~ I didn't buy this eye shadow quad just so I could take a picture pretending to be Marge *above*... Okay maybe I did... I am no pro at MAC eye shadows, just starting to get into them and I really like the colors from this quad, chose this over the "That Trillion Dollar Look" quad as I think this will bring out my brown eyes more.

MAC x The Simpsons: Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad
MAC x The Simpsons: Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad Swatches
MAC x The Simpsons: Pink Sprinkles & Sideshow You
MAC x The Simpsons: Pink Sprinkles & Sideshow You
MAC Sideshow You Powder Blush is described as a light peach coral.

MAC Pink Sprinkles Powder Blush is described as a cute blue pink.

MAC The Simpsons Powder Blush // $24 each
"Embossed shades of powder blush in bright pink and coral inspired by The Simpsons".

So this collection mainly focus on Marge, but I don't remember Marge going around with bright pink or coral cheek?! Maybe a yellow blush with a hint of coral would make more sense, don't you think? I love these powder blush anyway! The packaging is... pretty much the same as any other from this collection; still cute and amazing to keep for my collection. ^-^

MAC The Simpson Tinted Lipglass // $16.50 each
"Vibrant shades of bright yellow, orange, fuchsia and violet inspired by The Simpsons in MAC's much loved Lipglass formula. Wear it alone or with a Lipstick."

There are four lipglass from the MAC x The Simpsons collection, I first picked up two then I felt the need of collecting all to complete my collection. Everyone is probably sick of seeing Marge! But I don't care! LOL, I love these, the colors are all beautiful, even thou I don't think the yellow one is wearable, for me.

MAC Nacho Cheese Explosion Lipglass is described as a bright neon lime yellow.

MAC Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy Lipglass is described as a electric blue violet.

MAC Red Blazer Lipglass is described as a bright fucshia.

MAC Grand Pumpkin Lipglass is described as a bright creamy orange.

I must say thou, the designer of this collection is very creative, the packaging may look all the same, with Marge's sexy stare and half of her face hanging on each product; each product's name is super creative and cute, it's got that Simpsons spirit and I love that ~

Are you a Simpsons fan? Did you pick up anything from this collection?


  1. Wow! these are amazing, I love the colours and the packaging :D

  2. love the emboss on the powder blush
    so cute !
    and the coral one looks pretty !!


  3. I felt the SAME way about this collection! I skipped it, but then they restocked!!! So after seeing several reviews I purchased pink sprinkles and red blazer. I felt I just had to have something from this collection. I LOVE MAC COLLECTIONS! HAHAHA So glad you introduced yourself on my blog. We really have the same interests and that is refreshing. Love that eyeshadow surprisingly! Pretty pics!

    1. Awwh thanks Kim! I went a bit crazy I end up having the sale a few, grrr its like everytime MAC comes out with a new collection im broke assss hahahha xD btw love your blog!

  4. OOoo...I've enjoyed the simpsons but was never a die hard fan! I love the look of the quad but of everything you got I'd like a lipgloss, the red blazer shade! I've never bought anything from mac's many collections before but would die for the see me, hear me blush!

    1. OMG ♥ I would love to have everything from the Alluring Aquatic collection, I currently only own two lipsticks and a bronzer, the packaging is the best and that collection was the bestest MAC has released this year! Check out makeupemporium1 on eBay, she may have the see me, hear me blush ^^

  5. Red Blazer lip gloss is gorgeous! They had some nice nail strips in this collection, I really wanted those!

    1. I failed at nail strips so I skip that, but I wish I could do it myself, I saw some amazing pictures on IG ^^

  6. This was honestly such a great collection from MAC. Their limited edition collections are so awesome - I always want everything!

    Ivory Avenue


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