Lime Crime Babette ☆ 6th Anniversary Lipstick Review

Lime Crime Babette Lipstick

Today I am reviewing the Lime Crime Babette lipstick in the Limited Edition 6th anniversary packaging. I have previously purchased Babette from a fellow blogger from the UK and it's one of those products that I tried so hard to make it work for me, but the color just seems too pale and it doesn't suit me.

So I end up selling the old one, and one day I decided to re-purchase it again, mainly for the limited edition packaging. ^^ I know Babette doesn't suit me and I can't pull it off no matter what I do, but the packaging is too pretty not to have!

Lime Crime Babette Lipstick
Lime Crime Babette Lipstick

Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick is described as bold, opaque and recklessly loaded with pigment; and there are nineteen colors to choose from in this range. I already own three of these lipsticks in the original packaging and I absolutely love them! My all-time favourite shades are Countessa Flourescent and Chinchilla.

Lime Crime has re-packaged a few of their lipsticks to the Limited Edition 6th Anniversary packaging; as you know, I am a sucker for cute packaging beauty products, I had to have this! The lipstick is packed in the same purple tube as the original packaging, on the cap it has two unicorn heads and a few stars printed around the unicorn. On the bottom it has 'Lime Crime' logo printed on with a few more stars around it.

I reckon the packaging of the box is much more prettier, don't you think? Anyway, Lime Crime has done an amazing job! I can't decided if I like the original packaging more or the 6th anniversary one, both are gorgeous, totally girly and very creative!

Lime Crime Babette Lipstick
Lime Crime Babette Lipstick

Lime Crime Babette is described as a pinky-nude, it looks like a beautiful pale pink-nude shade in their promo pictures; but when worn on myself, it looks off, bleh. I think this would look beautiful on people with a pale skin tone. When swatch on my hand, it is showing as a pretty coral pink shade, I don't understand the color change?!

Babette is opaque, the pigmentation is just as amazing as the other Unicorn Lipsticks; but the application was not easy, I couldn't apply it evenly, like... it's quite streaky... I heard a few people were experiencing the same thing, a few said the application improves only when apply with a lip brush.

I wasn't expecting a long-wearing time for Babette and it didn't seem to want to impress me anyway ~ The lipstick lasted approximately two hours before I have to re-apply again, which I didn't even bother to re-apply. I mean, I did tried to re-apply, but it's very drying and if I wanted to re-apply I had to remove whatever there's left on my lips, do the whole exfoliate and apply lip balm process all over again. It's just a hassle, especially when I forgot to carry a lip scrub with me on the day I wear Babette, the whole thing would just stay patchy. :s

Lime Crime Babette Lipstick
Lime Crime Babette Lipstick swatch
Lime Crime Babette Lipstick lip swatch

Not sure what went wrong with the making of Lime Crime Babette? First, the color made me looked pale as a sick person :/, then it is very drying! Unlike the other lipsticks from this range, the ones I have tried are all very pigmented, opaque, full coverage, long wearing and very moisturizing!

sooo cute ♥ & adorable
amazing pigmentation, opaque & full coverage
patchy & uneven
swatch on hand = pretty / worn in person = pale & looked sick
lasted two hours

Are you a Babette fan?


  1. OOh this is a lovely shade, perfect for someone like me to hasn't quite yet got enough oomph to try a bold colour x

  2. I love Lime Crime lipsticks, this shade looks great on you.


  3. Awww, I'm sorry to hear about the color and the dryness! I own one lipstick from them, the nude shade but on it's own I'm a dead zombie but it's a perfect shade to mix a pink or brown with for a custom nude color. Yes, I've heard now from a few people that they've found some of their lipsticks to be a bit inconsistent! It's strange. I do love the LE packaging though!

  4. Cute pictures! This colour wouldn't suit me but I really want to try a Lime Crime lipstick xxx

  5. This shade has got many good reviews, suites you so well :)

  6. The packaging of this is super cute <3 and the color looks stunning on you! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  7. This is SO pretty, you look gorgeous! x

  8. This is such a pretty shade, what a shame it doesn't work for you! The packaging is super cute as well <3

    Jess xo

  9. such a pretty coral shade... shade i love ...

    Shumaila Jaffer
    Beauty Redefined

  10. I love this colour! I don't own any lime crime lipsticks although I really want to pick a few up x

  11. I love this shade on you, adore the packaging but it would be way too light for my skin tone!

  12. okay this will be an OOT comment but I just can't refrain myself to do so. i am in loveeee with the way you do your eyeliner meeeeeep >3<


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