MEMEBOX Unboxing ♡ Princess Edition #6 Cinderella + Initial Thoughts

Memebox Princess Edition #6 Cinderella
imageMEMEBOX Princess Edition #6 Cinderella
It's a modern Cinderella makeup! Poor Cinderella was covered in a cinder and dust, and was so busy that she had no time for beauty! But with a little bit of bibbity bobbity boo, a Fairy Godmother, and a glass slipper, she was able to recreate a whole new look (and also snag her prince hubby!) But, get real. We're real women, with real problems, and most importantly, we don't have a Fairy Godmother. So how do we achieve this Cinderella-esque transformation? Memebox has put together a Cinderella box with all the hair, makeup and skincare essentials that will instantly transform your look into a princess.

SHIPPING: $6.99 - Free upgrade with express shipping when purchase a value set.


A week or two ago I did an unboxing of Memebox Princess Edition #5 Tinkerbell, did you enjoy that? I have purchased this Cinderella box in a value set which includes Ariel, Cinderella and Tinkerbell; and I also paid for a free upgrade to express shipping which only took 1 day to arrived. ^^ ~

As mentioned in my Tinkerbell unboxing, I will not be writing an unboxing post for the Ariel box, as I am gifting some of the products from The Little Mermaid box to a friend and I was told she reads my blog quite often. I don't want to spoil the surprise. 

imageECLAIRE Color-Blast Blusher: Santtorini Coral // 3.5g
Full size product: 3.5g ($32)

Product Description: A soft and sheer coral, pressed powder blush. Designed to be worn alone or layered together for more depth, it'll bring out the healthy, peachy glow from any skin tone.

How to Use: Use a brush to apply the blusher and gently blend in. 

Initial Thoughts: This blush comes with two parts, it's like a build it yourself kind of thing. It comes with a blush case and the blush. I like the design of the case, it's small and handy, but too bad I am not a fan of this overall. I found it really hard to put the blush pan into the case and it was even harder to take out the blush, I have tried and I failed! So I gave up ~ 

The blush itself is a really nice buttery and soft texture, it isn't powdery, but it does applies a bit chalky. Santtorini Coral is a beautiful color, it may show up better on people with tan skin as it hardly show up on my NC25 skin tone.

imageANIS Double Act Curling Essence // 200g
Full size product: 200g ($6)

Product Description: Enriched with grape seed oil and various natural moisturizers, this Double Act Curling Essence not only delivers moisture surge, nourishment, and firmness to hair but also work as a hair styler for strengthening your curls and holding them in place all day long.

How to Use: Apply directly over towel-dried hair. Re-apply after blow drying hair to give a moist, lustrous finish to your locks.

Initial Thoughts: GRRR >.< More hair product!

imageTONYMOLY BCDation All Master SPF30 PA++ // 20g
Full size product: 50g ($24)

Production Description: This multi-funtional BCDation from Tonymoly is a makeup base, a BB cream, a CC cream and a foundation all in one. It not only correct, blur, and balance out the skin tone but also moisturizes, lifts, and adds extra volume for a silky smooth 3D complexion.

How to Use: Apply a pearl-sized amount evenly over the face. Apply more onto T-zone and under eye area for a highlighting effect. Follow with your powder application.

Initial Thoughts: I already own one of these BCDation thing and I have tried this numerous time. I like how it covers my imperfections like a foundation does, but it looks pale on me. I have waited for the color to set as Memebox mentioned it aims to balance out the skin tone, so far no luck. Maybe I am doing something wrong here...

imageLADYKIN At The Party Long 7 Perm Mascara // 8ml
Full size product: 8ml ($10)

Product Description: A smart dual brush mascara with two different types of brush attached for a 24 hour long, voluminous lashes. The round, ball-like brush works as a 2nd step volumizer which allows you too create varieties of look by adding extra curl and volume to different parts of your lashes.

How to Use: Use the stick part of the brush to curl up lashes. Then take the rounded part of the brush to accentuate and fill in either upper, lower, or full lashes.

Initial Thoughts: I haven't tried this yet, but I am in love with the brush wand, have never seen anything like this before! 

imageMACQUEEN Concealer Dual Veil // 8g
Full size product: 8g ($14)

Product Description: This dual concealer consists of a cover stick on one end for erasing red spots and blemish scars and a liquid concealer on the other for evening out unbalanced skin tone or highlighting T-zone and under eye area.

How to Use: Apply small amounts of each concealer over areas with darkened spots or signs of fine wrinkles.

Initial Thoughts: I love this concealer dual, it's concealer stick on one side and liquid concealer on the other. I wish Memebox has chose the lighter shade for me thou, it's a bit too dark. The annoying thing is that, it's too dark to conceal blemishes but it's way too light to use as a bronzer stick... LOl, what am I going to do?

imageECLAIRE Color-Blast Lip Cream with Matte Finish // 5ml
Full size product: 5ml ($29)

Product Description: Sophisticated and vivid in color, completely waterproof and long-lasting, and leaving a silky matte finish, the color-Blast Lip Cream is a must-have for lovers of all lip products! Its vegetable oil based formula is gentle and moisturizing, and its prevents dehydration of your lips by creating a moisture lock-in layer. Plus, it's free of paraben, benzophenoone, alcohol, mineral oil and phenoxyethanol.

How to Use: Apply a layer of lip cream for a natural pigmentation. For more volume and gloss, apply multiple layers or a lip gloss over lip cream to add extra shimmer.

Initial Thoughts: Creamy, bright and girly! I will be writing a review on this sometimes soon ^^

imageCOLOR WORLD Setting Powder // 30g
Full size product: 30g ($24)

Product Description: An extremely lightweight, sheer setting powder which is silky and fine in texture and leaves skin with a flawless finish. Smooth away fine lines and imperfections as it sets your makeup in place for the whole day. Add a velvety finish to any makeup or for the extra color and coverage when applied alone.

How to Use: Wear the powder over BB cream or foundation to set in makeup or wear it alone on bare skin.

Initial Thoughts: This is truly an amazing setting powder! I have received the shade 'Lavender' which is pretty much a translucent powder. I wear this on top of BB cream and sometimes foundation, my makeup really, I mean REALLY LAST ALL DAY! Without having to touch up during lunch time or use a blotting paper etc. I have combo / oily skin and I usually use the MAC blot powder to set my makeup, MAC does keep my makeup in place, but during summer, in hot office environment, my face tends to turn into a disco-ball and my makeup tends to slides off. When using the Color World Setting Powder, my makeup really just stay put the whole day, super impressed, especially when little bit of the product is needed to cover the whole face. I am already thinking of buying extras for back-up haha!


When the Cinderella box first arrived, I was very impressed; I mean I still am, but just not as amazed at the products as I was when I first opened it. Now that I had some time to test out the products, I find not all of them works for me... I wish the concealer was lighter and the blush was deeper etc, but overall it's a great box anyway. I have been loving the Color World setting powder! It now has a permanent spot in my daily makeup routine. ^^

Anyway, did you get any of the Princess Edition boxes?


  1. I haven't tried it yet, but this meme box looks nice! :) Great review!

  2. ughhh I've always been tempted to try buying beauty boxes, but everytime I visit memebox, all the boxes that looks interesting are always sold out T^T the setting powder sounds really good! >3<

    1. Haha I know right! Subscribe to their mailing list is best I think! This way you never miss out on any of their boxes ~

  3. What an interesting box! I like almost everything in there but I think they should've included false lashes instead of a mascara though! I love most of the products and would love to try the tonymoly base, the setting powder and that lip product! You've unboxed so many memeboxes! I love seeing your posts!

    1. Thanks Sharlynn & I did hahah I am on a Memebox ban now, still have one more box to unbox this week then I am done for the year! Yeah totally! I wish they had included falsies instead, cause most mascaras doesn't curl and holds up my stubborn short lashes haha


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