Beauty Empties #4 ♡ ft. LUSH, Tosowoong, Banila. Co + More [2014]

Let me guess, you are probably wondering why I am putting up a November & December beauty empties post in the middle of the month? Don't we all post up one of these at the end of the month? Yes, but December is different, or I think so anyway.

I totally forgot about my November beauty empties post and since December is the last month of the year, I don't want to just end this year with some boring empties post... Don't get me wrong, I love these kind of posts, I love reading others beauty empties to see what have they enjoyed using and it also keep myself away from wasting products.

Anyway, I have better thing coming for the end of the year ;) **watch this space**... Now, let's continue with the November & December empties, I have finished up a few great products from Lush that you may be interested to hear my thoughts on.

LUSH Shower Gel L-R: Hot Toddy, Rose Jam & So White

LUSH Hot Toddy Shower Gel
I am not a fan of cinnamon scented items >.< I still wanted to try it anyway, cause you will never know what the product is like until you have tried it yourself, right? I don't regret buying this shower gel, but at the same time I can never imagine myself re-purchasing this, ever again!

I have previously used the Philosophy Cinnamon Bun Shower Gel and that one is a lot different compare to LUSH Hot Toddy, it is much sweeter and it has a coconut scent. Hot Toddy has a more spicy, plain cinnamon smell; and the shower gel is filled with loads of pretty gold sparkles.

I love: red shower gel with gold sparkles.
I dislike: strong cinnamon scent, smells like Chinese medicine.
Re-purchase?: NO!

LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel
This may be the next best thing to Snow Fairy, ♥ not only does it look so girly and pretty in the bottle, Rose Jam smells amazeball! Like flora, sweet scent; it smells just like roses!

I love: pretty shower gel & beautiful roses scent.
I dislike: nothing.
Re-purchase?: definitely! stocking up on Rose Jam before it all sells out!

LUSH So White Shower Gel
I have just finished up So White not long ago and I am currently un-decided about this product. I have enjoyed using this shower gel but then I was glad I have finally finished it. Reason for not liking this is, it smells so weird! A lot of people says they love the crisp apple smell, but to me it just smells like a bunch of fruit thrown together in the blender that result in a can't be described scent.

The consistency of this product is kind of watery and it's not thick like other shower gel. Like I have mentioned before, it smells like a bunch of fruit thrown together, and it feels like water mix with a crunch of leftover crushed fruits from the blender.

I love: nothing.
I dislike: smells weird & feels weird.
Re-purchase?: probably not.

LUSH Celebrate Body Lotion

LUSH Celebrate Body Lotion
The smell of this body lotion brings back so many childhood memories, Celebrate has a sweet, fresh orange scent; I couldn't figure out the smell when I first started using this body lotion, I remembered walking around thinking... "I know this smell"... "It smells so familiar"... heheh ~ I later realized it's the exact same smell of Starburst lollipop, the orange flavor, it used to be my favourite!

LUSH Celebrate has a thick, creamy texture; it feels greasy when first applied then once the product has absorb into my skin, it feels soft and non-sticky. This body lotion really does an amazing job at fixing dry area on the body, I have seen amazing result after using this body lotion, my legs are no longer cracky looking and/or dry and flaky.

I love: the sweet orange scent & the smooth and soft result.
I dislike: the price... $34.90 / 225g... *cringe*
Re-purchase?: definitely!

LUSH Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

LUSH Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
This was my first time trying out the LUSH Rub Rub Rub shower scrub, and I am super impressed with this product! I love how I can scrub it on my body before shower on dry skin for a tough scrub or I can just use it as a normal shower product for that gentle scrub.

The texture is quite liquidy, a little scoop of shower scrub goes a long way, leaving my skin feeling very soft and smooth after. This product doesn't smell too bad, nor amazing; obviously it doesn't have a special smell that left me wanting more hahah. I actually can't remember what it smells like... but I know it wasn't bad!

Rub Rub Rub shower scrub reminds me of blueberry slushies, hehe one of my favourite drinks during my high school years.

I love: smooth & soft skin after use.
I dislike: too liquidy, I wish the texture was a bit thicker.
Re-purchase?: hmmm, maybe.

Tosowoong Morocco Argan Hair Oil

TOSOWOONG Morocco Argan Hair Oil
If you have been a long time reader of my blog, you know I am not a hair products fan, I hardly use any hair products and I never review any hair products, unless if it's heavenly amazing. So when I do review and/or mention a hair product, you know it must be a gawd damn amazing product!

I have been a long-time fan of the Tosowoong Morocco Argan hair oil, I love how it made my hair so soft and smooth and it smells olive delicious! This hair oil isn't greasy upon application and it doesn't turn my hair oily and greasy the day after. I have naturally straight hair and sometimes it goes frizzy when it's windy outside, after applying this hair oil, it hardly ever gets frizzy or messy unless if the weather is very bad.

Love everything about this product except the pump lol... The texture is like oil, oil and pumps just doesn't work togehter. Every time I push the pump, instead of having the hair oil come out like normal, it drips down the bottle and made the bottle all sticky and icky. I have also tried the hair oil with a spray type of bottle, it didn't work aswell :/ hmmm so what kind of applicator will work with a hair oil???

Anyway, highly recommend this product for those with dry, flaky hair, or even if your hair is coming to an end with loads of split ends, the Tosowoong Morocco Argan hair will help cure your damage hair! Also works amazing on those with perfectly fine hair, like me ;) I used it to soften my hair.

P.S I only apply this after I washed my hair, while my hair is still wet; apply after I towel dried my hair.

I love: olive scent, smooth & soft hair, cure split ends, flaky, dry & damaged hair.
I dislike: the pump, when pushed the pump, it drips hair oil down the bottle. 
Re-purchase?: Yes!

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

BANILA CO. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm
I received a little sample pot of the Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm in my latest Banila Co. Memebox, along with a full size of the same product. I have been using the sample pot and so far I am loving the product. This cleansing balm can remove all makeup and dirt on my face, it even removes waterproof products like eyeliner and mascara!

The texture of this cleansing balm is like butter, it felt like warming butter on my face then it goes greasy lol! I have made sure to keep it away from my eyes, but sometimes things does not goes as planned; even if it goes in my eyes, it didn't stint or anything, it just blurred my version for a few minutes before I washed off the product.

The unique thing about this product is that after you have applied the cleansing balm on your face, you do not need to rinse off with water. All you have to do is remove the cleansing balm with a cloth or a makeup pad... I am still not used to it, I always felt the need to rinse off the greasi-ness.

I love: remove dirt and waterproof makeup.
I dislike: feels like butter on my face, very oily and greasy.
Re-purchase?: probably not.

Bihada Ichizoku Rumiko Brightening Mask Sheet

BIHADA ICHIZOKU Rumiko Brightening Mask Sheet
I have tried a few Bihada Ichizoku face mask and I feel like non of them have given some kind of effect to my skin. Usually I can't tell if a mask sheet is amazing or not until I have tried a bunch of them, maybe that's why I can't see any benefit yet. I am mostly attract to these mask sheet for its packaging. :P

Bihada Ichizoku is a well-known skincare brand in Japan, I found these mask sheet in Ippondo and they are also available in any Japanese store that stocks beauty and skincare products.

The Rumiko Brightening mask sheet is suitable for all skin type, and it has benefits like anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and whitening.

I love: cute packaging.
I dislike: nothing.
Re-purchase?: always!

Pure Smile Essence Mask Sheet L-R: Green Tea & Pearl

PURE SMILE Green Tea & Pearl Essence Mask Sheet
I got both of these face masks from Memebox and again, I just don't see any difference the products made on my skin when it comes to face masks... Unless if it's magic like instant poreless! Then you know I would definitely notice lol... So far I haven't come across anything magical like that anyway.

Pure Smile is definitely one of my favourite skincare brand, I have enjoyed using their lip scrub and I am a huge fan of their lip masks! Even thou the mask sheet has done nothing to really impress me at the moment, I still really enjoyed those time using them. I love Pure Smile!

Pure Smile Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet helps to nourish skin, while Pure Smile Pearl Essence Mask Sheet helps brighten skin tone.

I love: I am a huge fan of the brand.
I dislike: nothing.
Re-purchase?: always!

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

AVEENO Daily Moisturising Lotion
Someone posted a link in Beauty Review of Aveeno's Facebook page which you can request for a sample of their moisturizing lotion to try, of course you never say no to freebies ;) lol I requested for this sample and it arrived within a week.

I have never tried Aveeno's lotion before, so a sample is very useful. Also, the sample includes a $5 off voucher for your next purchase of any Aveeno moisturising lotion.

Aveeno claims this moisturising lotion will improve the health of dry skin in one day with significant improvement in two weeks. It helps prevents and protects dry skin for a full 24 hours, leaves skin feeling smooth and soft.

After finishing up this sample packet, I went ahead and purchase a full size with the $5 off. So far it's doing the job, it does leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. The texture of the first few pump is liquidy then it turns into a thick texture, it doesn't feel greasy or sticky and it smells like oatmeal.

I love: soft & smooth skin.
I dislike: oatmeal scent.
Re-purchase?: no.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?


  1. Rose Jam has such a sweet scent! ^ w ^

  2. Ooo...great stuff! I've been keeping empties photos from products I've used the last two plus months for one big post! The sound of the rose jam and so white shower gels are sooo enticing!!!! I'm dying to get something rose scented and anything to do with fruits that is fresh and light makes me happy!

  3. i always find it so interesting to see what kind of products other girls really like:) and even more if it's about lush products:) would love to try out the rose jam shower gel! sounds nice <3

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  4. I am currently using the So White shower gel and I agree, it does smell weird! But I find that after the shower my skin smells all lovely and appley. It is watery though. x

  5. I just took a chance and placed a bid for TOSOWOONG's Morocco Argan Hair Oil on eBay. Thanks to your review, I feel good about getting it. I hope I win! Thank you for the review! :-)


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