Etude House Lock n' Summer Color Lips Fit ☆ OR205 Color Fit Coral / Review + Swatches

Remember the Etude House Lock n' Summer Collection that I used to rave about last year? Well, most of its products I purchased from this collection turns out to be a disappointment, especially the eyeliner (which I have not reviewed yet) dries out before I get a chance to use it.

Today I am reviewing the Etude House Lock n' Summer Color Lips Fit, looks and sounds familiar? This is exactly the same as the original Color Lips Fit, except they have changed the packaging to match the collection. There are five shades available from this collection and I only have one (OR205 Love Fit Coral) to share.

Etude House Lock n' Summer Color Lips Fit // OR205 Love Fit Coral

Etude House Lock n' Summer Color Lips Fit is described as a "New and Unique Magic Water Lipstick", it offers vivid colors and an innovative airy fit texture that turns from liquid to a powder. Etude House claims this lip product will apply like air, which I assume they means it applies smoothly and feels very lightweight on?!

Etude House Lock n' Summer Color Lips Fit // OR205 Love Fit Coral
Lock n' Summer Color Lips Fit comes packaged in a plastic transparent tube with stars and stripes design printed all around it. I personally thinks the packaging does not fit in with the whole summer theme, stars and stripes does not symbolize summer. However, I adore the packaging, I like the transparent tube, it allows me to see how much product is left and also what color it is inside. I love the stars and stripes design when you don't try and fit it into the Lock n' Summer theme, I must say this packaging looks 10 times better than the original.

The size of the packaging is small, it is convenient to carry it in your purse or your pockets, but it get frustrating when you have that little gap left in your small handbag and it just sits on top of everything because it's so fat and rounded, it won't fit it.

Etude House Lock n' Summer Color Lips Fit // OR205 Love Fit Coral
Etude House Lock n' Summer Color Lips Fits features a doe foot applicator with a short handle, application is easy, it glides on the lips airy, just as Etude House claims. The feeling is very hard to describe, hmm... The lightweight texture makes it feels like applying lips color with a marshmallow, soft and smooth.

Lock n' Summer Color Lips Fit has a nice fruity grape scent, the smell is not too strong to the fact that is not acceptable; it is actually quite subtle and the smell goes away once the liquid lip product sets into a powdery texture. I love-love grape smelling lips products, so of course I am a huge fan of this!

The formula of the Lock n' Summer Color Lips Fit is like any other liquid lipsticks, it applies liquidy, wet and glossy, then it sets into a powdery texture, it is drying, very drying, I can't wear without packaging on loads of layers of lip balms and it does emphasis lines and shows obvious patches if you have dry lips and you don't exfoliate beforehand.

It is no surprise for a liquid lipstick to be drying though, I didn't have high expectation for this, so I was not disappointed.

Etude House Lock n' Summer Color Lips Fit // OR205 Love Fit Coral
There are five colors available to purchase from the Etude House Lock n' Summer collection, and again I am going to point out that the colors doesn't fit in with the summer theme. There is a bright red, a bright orange, a bright pink, a plum shade and I think the one I own represents the most summer out of all.

I have the color OR205 Color Fit Coral, it looks like a bright orange from the tube and my swatch above, but in real life, it's more of a sheer summery coral shade that can be build up to a more intense coral.

It must be the powdery texture, I am disappointed the Etude House Lock n' Summer Color Lip Fit only worn well for two hours max on me and every single time I have exfoliate, pack on the lip balms and prep for my dry lips before applying this lip color.

Maybe my color choice is the reason why it didn't last too long? I have OR205 Color Fit Coral which is the lightest of all and I often like to wear one layer for that pastel coral color.

Etude House Lock n' Summer Color Lips Fit // OR205 Love Fit Coral

Overall, OR205 Color Fit Coral is the first and only Color Lips Fit I own from Etude House, I haven't tried the original one, so I can't comment on that; but I wondered if this is the same as the original? I love the design of the packaging, not so much of the plastic tube though; I adore the lightweight feeling during application, it applies wet and glossy first, but it wasn't messy to work with, it is easy to apply and when the liquid sets into a soft powder texture, it feels smooth and smells like grape!

imageI LIKE...
creative design on the packaging
easy, not messy, soft and smooth application
lovely fruity grape scent
liquid to powder very lightweight texture
buildable sheer to intense coral shade
affordable and limited edition packaging

imageI DISLIKE...
very drying, emphasis dry and patchy lips
not long lasting, worn for two hours max

Sorry, not a huge fan ~ image

Have you tried Etude House Color Lips Fit? What are your thoughts on this product?


  1. Not exactly sure if my comment went through because my chrome and blogger account freaked out for a bit.

    Here's my comment again! hahaha It's so unfortunately that the color is drying and didn't last that long on you. The color looks great on you though!

  2. I remember that entire collection! You were so excited to try it out but that's a shame so many things turned out to be BLEH. I thought initially that the company was just trying to earn a buck on this whole 'cushion' craze but for me, an eyeshadow, eyeliner should just not be in a cushion as they are so much more likely to dry up so quickly and the packaging I find to be too bulky! I'm glad you're honest about how they went, the color looks great on you so it's a shame that it doesn't last and gets dry and patchy! UGH, I hate anything that dries out my lips, let a lone looks patchy, I suffer from dryer lips so I always stay away from matte dry finishes. Thanks for the review!

    1. Haha totally don't recommend this to you Sharlynn! The dryness will drive you crazy :p Thanks for dropping by x

  3. Nothing in the lock n summer collection appealed to me at all. Drying lip products are my pet peeve, so this one would be a definite no go for me. Thanks for reviewing.

  4. Oh definitely don't think I'll like these. It doesn't look that drying from your hand swatch but drying is not something I can tolerate :P


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