MAC PRO Lip Palette / 6 Preferred Pinks ♥ Swatches

It's FRIDAY! Whether you had a good week or a bad week, I hope this beautiful palette cheers you up ^^ I mean, just look at her, she is so damn gorgeous! ~

MAC Pro Lip Palette / 6 Preferred Pinks

There are five MAC Pro Lip Palettes available to purchase and I think these are designed for professional makeup artists; I am not a MUA, but I need these in my life anyway because 1) it is very convenience to use, 2) it is very pretty and 3) since I started my lip palettes obsession, it is kind of hard to say no to this. Hehe.

I own the MAC Pro Lip Palette / 6 Preferred Pinks and I am excited to share these arm swatches with you beauties! If anyone is interested in lip swatches, please let me know.

MAC Pro Lip Palette / 6 Preferred Pinks
MAC Pro Lip Palette / 6 Preferred Pinks
I love the packaging of the MAC Pro Lip Palette, it looks simple, it isn't very heavy, it has a magnetic closer and a clear lid. This palette includes six different MAC lipsticks from the pink color family.

I love that the palette isn't bulky and I can slide it in my handbag and take it everywhere with me; I do wish it comes with a lip brush though, it would make life so much easier when caring this around.

MAC Pro Lip Palette / 6 Preferred Pinks
MAC Pro Lip Palette / 6 Preferred Pinks

MAC Lipsticks Included:

image PRETTY PLEASE - pale pink pearl with a Lustre finish.

image PLEASE ME - muted rosy tinted pink with a Matte finish.

image LOVELORN - emotive blue pink with a Lustre finish.

image CREME DE LA FEMME - pink laced gold with a Frost finish.

image SHOW ORCHID - vivid hot pink with an Amplified Creme finish.

image VIOLETTA - bright clean violet purple with an Amplified Creme finish.

MAC Pro Lip Palettes is available to purchase on the MAC USA website (USD$40), it is not much of a bargain as this palette only contains 6g of lipsticks; but I think this palette is useful for those who likes to change their lip color quite frequently, or if you are new to MAC and you are wanting to try a few lipsticks before buying the full size, this could be very useful for you.

Overall, I love all the colors included and I adore the packaging. I would recommend it to whoever that is obsessed with lipsticks and does not mind using a lip brush to apply and also to one that is absolutely crazy about pink!

Have you tried any of the MAC lipsticks included in this palette?


  1. Very nice selection! Loving that orchid shade.

  2. Fleurdeforce used to rave about Snow Orchid and I see why! It's such a gorgeous hot pink.

    I keep wanting to buy lipstick sets, but I love the feeling of swiping lipstick bullets onto my lips (:

  3. OH MY! This palette is soooo stunning! I love pink and brown nude colors on the lips! At first I thought that the lighter pinks would be too cool toned but I love how they have that slight translucent glossy look, how gorgeous! The two darker shades are just divine! Totally would love to play with this palette! I haven't tried any of the shades individually before!

  4. I haven't tried any of these lipsticks or their lipstick palettes yet, but Please Me looks like such a gorgeous shade. Violetta is pretty too - I thought it'd be a brighter purple but if I ever get this palette, I'll be glad it's not!

    becky ♡ star violet

  5. Love the shades super vibrant and perfect for spring :)


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